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20 January 2016


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William Fitzgerald

Pat Lang,

Francis Parkman's "France and England in North America" had a good account of the battle, including the forces present on both sides and names of individuals, as I recall. Also, I'm sure there must be archives in Quebec which would identify the Quebecois who were there. I believe the correct Parkman volume is titled "A Half Century of Conflict".


Cameron Kelley

Col., I hope I'm not duplicating sources you already have, but the website http://earlyamericanists.com/ is where historians of early America post on a variety of topics. They listed David Preston's book Braddock's Defeat there as a recommended read, so I'm guessing that at least one of them has more detailed knowledge of the French & Indian War. I'm afraid my own experience of the battle consists of driving by the site marker on the way to my aunt's home.


Col. Lang -

Not sure if you've already used it, but the references and bibliography section of the topic in wikipedia lists some sources that might be helpful -


Tom Streckert

Col., Random ideas: I am sure you and your wife are curious about where the soldiers were mustered in New France or France itself. Some French surnames indicate region of birth. Records of Baptism were the usual norm in North America and in France. It might be a good reason to visit church archives in Quebec and Montreal. Pray and ask St. Andre Bessette to help you. Perhaps the History Department at the University of Notre Dame and their Touch Down Jesus library can be of assistance. The Congregation of Holy Cross, who founded ND has French roots. Be well.

The Twisted Genius

Found a page that listed the French order of battle and a reference that may go into the manning. I have no idea about its availability.

Lévis, Chevalier de: Journal of the Campaigns of the Chevalier De Levis In Canada from 1756 to 1760, translated by James Mitchell, Seven Years War Association Journal Vol. IX No. 4

The OB is as follows:
Commander: Captain Daniel-Hyacinthe-Marie Liénard de Beaujeu
Compagnies Franches de la Marine (108 regulars: 36 officers and cadets and 72 soldiers )
Canadian militia (146 men)
Indians (637)


Another good book on the battle is "Braddock's March" by Thomas E. Crocker. An excellent source for the battle. The author might be able to give you some nautical steers to further documentation. He is a partner in a D.C. law firm. Bon chance.

William R. Cumming

Perhaps a hint may be found in the working papers of Laurence Henry Gipson who wrote a 10 volume history THE BRITISH EMPIRE IN NORTH AMERICA while in the history department at Lehigh University in Bethlehem by contacting the reference librarians.


Braddock's Defeat by David L Preston, contents page vii, appendix C shows the Frenck officers and cadets at the battle, or so it seems since google books doesn't show the page it refers to.



The footnote on pp. 231-232 of the following source lists the French officers and cadets:


The following pulls together some of the French material on the battle:


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