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22 January 2016


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Ishmael Zechariah

Congratulations. They have not been able to silence at least one truth teller.
Congratulations also to all of the SST pilgrims to whom God's truth matters.
Ishmael Zechariah


Congratulations Colonel. You've created something interesting and worthwhile here.

sans racine

Congratulations! That last million didn't take so long at all, so - good! Keep on making a difference..!

Edward Goldstick

Congratulations with gratitude to you, Colonel Lang, and all who contribute here. Your already remarkable endeavor has been amplified by the thoughtful additions from your correspondents with personal experiences of all sorts...

... and perhaps that is what makes it so valuable to those of us with more limited exposure to the real world in both geographic and historical terms.

Merci mille fois pour tous ce que vous faites.


Mike C

As one of those with many questions and few answers, this site is a glittering gem in the morass of distorted Middle East news reporting. Congratulations on the 1st 13 million.


Hats off to you Colonel....for creating SST and all the discussion it inspires.

Forgive my informality, you and the space you created here are truly rare.


FB Ali

Congratulations, Col Lang, and thank you for all the effort you put into the blog.

Thanks also to the many who share their wisdom and insights on this website.


A couple of centuries ago another Catholic warrior set out to educate and train the policy makers of his day. For all our sakes I hope you manage to be not only a voice for sanity but a persuasive and influential one.


Col. sir,

What counts as 'favorites' for most folks is what is banal, inane or mundane (words I deem "politically-correct") or what I view as outright barbarous (not so PC words): the fodder of lowlifes.

Maybe you could attach UGLY nude photos of all the rihannas, miley cyruses, kardashians, etc., etc. & write concise posts on the housewives-of-whatever flavor of the month/season.

You'll definitely hit 13 billion.

But that would be outright Blasphemy & Sacrilege for the blog content you currently have here...

Mark Gaughan



I like that what you write is short and sweet, and right. I love military clarity.




Now if we only can crack the Borg and pour into the Borg's mind your Blog's cumulative knowledge, maybe their Borg collective mind will change for the betterment of our beloved U.S..

I still believe in miracles.

Congratulations again.


A Tip of the Hat to the big number of 13 million hits on top the many other accomplishments achieved by the good Colonel. As many others have expressed this site is a major education to those of us seeking an understanding in an area that few Americans truly understand. Enjoy the moment and hopefully the generator is primed & let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


Congratulations Sir.

I started reading SST regularly during the Israeli - Hezbollah war and saw the difference between Borg media and the SST reality zone. Your accurate forecasts blew me away and demonstrated with no shadow of doubt that the Borg is propaganda central.

I appreciate your point of view and that you are a true patriot of our republic. And also the collective impulse of SST correspondents although I am in the minority here on the philosophical spectrum on the basis of the last straw poll.

Thanks for creating and fostering this oasis.



I tried earlier to write this but it got lost somehow, maybe too much VG in the context of the blizzard. I learned early in life that you must have some kind of faith. I have tried to live by that. pl



You are an inspiration!

I admire and respect your courage in the face of the relentlessness of the Borg, at great personal sacrifice. That is a mark of a patriot in our best tradition.

My faith is restored with individuals like you who stand up for our constitutional heritage.


Bravo et merci.
Congratulations and many thanks.
" Keep your head low........!"
and God bless you.


I second your comment.



There were two countries when I was stationed in Sanaa. I was in N. Yemen. I know little of the Hadramaut other than what is available in library research. Oddly, I was asked several times in the Maghreb if I was from the Hadramaut. My Arabic was bright, shiny and in good repair then and people were trying to identify my accent as being native but from somewhere they had never been. pl

Kim Sky

Your site will become much more well known!!!

1. You yourself are well know, just read about you in a few books recently.
2. Way more people are interested in this type of analysis that you would imagine. As wars everywhere spread, awareness by the public to become informed in now underway.

ADVICE. When you come to your site, the first thing you see is advertisement for your latest books. Remove that, make a special link to your books. The fact that people have come to recognize your site, even though the first thing they see are the trilogy is almost a miracle. When WHY they come to the site is to read what you have most recently posted.

People judge a site because of the first thing they see. It is almost confusing.



kim sky

It will stay the way it is. pl

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