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22 January 2016


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Congratulations, Pat! Here's hoping that there will be many millions more on the road to sanity in our FP.


Congratulations, Pat. When I surfaced here, I hardly would have thought I'd stay here that long.

But yes, there was one thing I liked, and no, it wasn't the Libby anecdote. ;)

Take care. The very, very best to you, your wife, family and friends.


Is the flag a very old American one, or a modern idea of how the EU fits into an American world?

William Fitzgerald


Man your snow shovels!

Congratulations on 13,000,000.




It is the original Union flag of the US under the present constitution. It has 13 stars. pl


I have very little spare time, but I come here every day - indeed, often several times a day looking for a new post or comment by Patrick Lang or Patrick Bazhad or and even those not named Patrick.

I frequently forward a link to post and have recommended the blog widely.

It seems to me that the blog is doing a significant service and not only the USA. Perhaps this is the occasion to make another $ contribution to the site.


Jonathan House

S Wood

Col., you have a very interesting informative web site. One question, what is a lifetime view? Different viewers or hits on your web site?


Yes, seems a recurring events loads of snow on the East-coast. Maybe I didn't pay attention before?

Same to you, WPFIII


Congratulations on that. Richly deserved for running a first class site. Many more with each passing day.
Thank you so much for all the time and invested effort.

Nancy K

Col Lang, Congratulations and thank you for SST. I read your site daily and greatly value all of the insight from you and the other contributors.


S Wood

13 million page views over the lifetime of the blog. We started in 2005 at mid-year. The rate of visitation was slow the first year or so. If you look at the live traffic meter on the site you will see that there are a lot of people across the world who visit the site. We average about 5,000/day now and I do not anticipate much further growth. SST is not everyone's favorite daily reading and I do not think the pool of people who can be reached by it is likely to expand much. To let you read the daily and cumulative numbers I would have to give you the password for Typepad and I won't do that. pl

Bill H

I believe, colonel, that having found you to be highly reliable and truthful these past years I will decline your invitation to count them and will accept your word for it. Also tender my congratulations on offering a community of rare thoughtfulness and insight that attracts such attention.


Col. Lang congratulations to you and all those 13 million daily Pilgrims to the real world.


They said we (here in calif.) will have the El Nino rains this winter where we badly need it, but it seems you guys in the east coast got it. Don’t like the snows send them back.

The Beaver

Félicitations et merci Colonel Lang.
Learned a lot from reading it.

I was happy to read that some at Foggy Bottom do read your threads and hope that they appreciate the contents.

ex-PFC Chuck

It's the original, "Betsy Ross Flag," with thirteen stars representing the original states on or near the Atlantic seaboard.

ex-PFC Chuck

Congratulations. And thank you for all you do.


I remember when you posted that you had your first 1 million views. It seems such an astonishing number. Now 13 million is hugely impressive.

MSM as we have seen in recent years is trailing badly specialty sites like this and I can't help but wonder if posts on this blog are beginning to drive major news stories like the recent WaPo article on changing tides in Syria.

Charles Michael

Colonel, congratulations

Your site deserve much more followers; but quality is better than quantity. Maybe that's why I am reluctant to refer (promote) to your site amongst the French blogs and we do have real zombies there.

alba etie

alba etie
Congratulations Col Lang . I approach this website as a classroom & learn something new everyday !


Congratulations and thank you for keeping me sane through all the times when I thought the only way of staying sane was by going insane.

The Twisted Genius

That's a fair number of eyeballs there. Clearly SST is something worth a look... and some long, hard thinking. Thanks, Colonel Lang, for creating and maintaining such a fine establishment.


Col: Congratulations. Proving that hard-hearted empaths have a large audience. Although I think the more precise term should be "one who sees the world as it actually is not just as one wishes it to be."


Me too, alba! I think of SST as an ongoing graduate level seminar, taught by the illustrious Prof. Lang and his many wonderful "guest lecturers".

The thoughtfully moderated comment section adds another dimension of learning that I value just as highly. I've learned a great deal from the discussions and links provided in the comment section... my thanks and gratitude to all my fellow commenters at SST.

Thanks PL for all that you do to make SST what it is!


Congratulations Colonel.

Essential daily reading for me. But more than that it has been an education for me for the last decade. It has not only been informative but has shaped my thinking. Long may that continue and long may SST continue.

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