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09 December 2015


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Perhaps I should have written 'pro-Turkish-money Kurds!


I've seen a lot of deceit in American politics especially since Bush Cheney but there is usually a gut visceral response from the average American that fights that manipulators of public trust back down. I have never met an American that was willing to go to war for Exxon.

Babak Makkinejad

Ishmael Zechariah:

My guess is that both in 2010, when Erdogan & Silva negotiated a deal with Iran over her enriched uranium , and at the start of Syrian Civil War certain things were promised to Erdogan by US, Gulfies, and others (perhaps in EU).

Those promises were broken or not fulfilled - in the Iranian case he was hung out to dry.

Very likely he feels betrayed, stabled in the back, slighted

So, here he is, exacting his retribution; he is gone off the reservation and causing mischief not only just to retaliate but to show that his retaliations causes real pain.

NATO states and Gulfies have no choice but him; the Shia Crescent is not available to them as an alternative.

Iranians cannot do anything serious against him since they are under sanctions and Turkey is one of the few outlets of trade and commerce left to them.

He can and will continue to milk this situation for all its worth.

His only mistake, so far, has been his attack on that Russian plane.


thanks bth.. in fairness to those people who long for a return to sanity- i am sure that is true... even if they hold exxon stocks in their mutual fund portfolios.. pardon me for being cynical..



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