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05 December 2015


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Did not actually see your comment till just now. Male. Not meaning to preach anything. As said before, if you think I shouldn't comment since never infantry (as I gather from your comment before this one), I will shut up. Your blog, your call. That's why I led my first comment with "not in military so feel free to discount" and why I almost never comment here. Didn't mean to take up this much space (or spend this much time) now. No hard feelings, this is good place for information, I enjoy reading it, and it is one of the only places where I make more than a very sporadic effort to glance at the comments, etc. I tried to make a case, y'all disagreed, it happens. Wish I'd done a better job because I think some of the women going into this will surprise a lot of people in a good way. I hope the new regulations work out better than you expect.


Fred82, thank you for expressing what i meant way better than i ever could!

a shahid whose ass has been kicked by a tiny girl would never hear the end of it by his salafist buddies. And fear of such humilliation would spread like wildfire and affect morale

the question is indeed two-fold:

- does the West still have healthy fit human materiel?
maybe tiny, tough-as-nails Latinas, the street gan type can do it (or maybe i've seen too many van Diesel movies...:)).

in my experience the human who is shorter than his peers is the most fierce adversary (ref. Napoleon, Wu Zetian, Zenobia...)

- can the military establishment train them attuned to female strenghts, not try turning them into semi-males.
nanotechnology may help with the weight issue highlighted by Chris above maybe?
all female units is the way to go, as Seamus Padraig stressed. That way our side won't be sabotaged by adrenaline released hormonal storms (cough, cough)

A major psycological advantage could be gained. if handled just right


My ignorance truly has no bounds! Thank you for pointing out the error of my ways

To think that 'Go, tell the Spartans, stranger passing by' is a favorite of mine. Go figure


Human nature knows no modernity

change a few names in Xenophon, and he would be taken for a contemporary


(maybe the hero in the Recruiting sergeant fell prey to his beer belly. is it true that there are McDonald's on Afghani bases?)


Hear, hear!


'understand and accept'

Bruce Jenner or king Leonidas, Mr Bahzad?

Our current policy results in meterosexual Count Hasimir Fenrings, with the voices of castrates and moobs

Patrick Bahzad

Not gonna engage into a contest about sexuality in the classic world. Again, analysing things with ideologically tainted looking glass is what's wrong with such a description of the old world.

The Romans had a different colour system, didn't describe them in the same way. Doesn't mean they were colour blind.

That's it for me on this topic.


Besides the obvious cultural differences between the modern day US and the steppe nomads (Among other things, the steppe nomads were known to drink out of skulls, make towels and washcloths out of human scalps, and had to present heads of killed enemies to receive shares of loot), the cases of women in combat mentioned previously tended to be motivated by necessity.

Could such a project be justified without a clear need in a time of shrinking defense budgets? I don't think so.

Of course, the US political class's current M.O. does not seem based on common sense and IMO, is designed to screw the military to score brownie points for the PC/Social justice crowd.


As one of the few (perhaps only?) registered Greens to regularly participate in this "Committee of Correspondence", I suspect that many of you would be surprised to hear me say that I'm rather skeptical of this.

I'm a semi-flabby 60 year-old male, but I could still carry more weight further & faster than most women (though there might be a bunch of young women who could kick my old butt). As a reality-based person, I recognize that there are real, biological differences between male & female bodies.

I coached young soccer teams. I saw that there were a few girls who could compete with the best of the boys... up until age 12. The boys then sprouted past the girls, and there was a good reason to have separate leagues after that.

Being optimistic, the possible - but unlikely - outcome is that the 1% (?) of women who can actually perform in top 5% of physical capacity will prove us skeptics wrong. That would be fine, as far as I'm concerned, but there's another side of this: the Unit Cohesion thing. So, for this to work (women in all combat positions), the men in combat positions would need to accept the women as squad members. Again, possible, but unlikely (yet?).

If our Secretary of Defense doesn't understand the importance of Unit Cohesion in combat - platoon/squad members fighting for each other, not some abstract principle - then that person (SecDef) should be fired. Part of the job (SecDef) would be to explain that to POTUS, who is NOT dumb. Military experience should NOT be a pre-requisite for the Presidency, nor even for SecDef, but both should understand this aspect of human behavior.

Now, if it came down to defending our "villages" (as discussed above), then, by all means, get the women involved (and old geeks like me, too!). Luckily, that is not our fate (Yay, oceans!).

As for women becoming Marines, or Rangers, well, perhaps I'm old-fashioned, but I don't really think that female bodies can perform at that level. Get real: women can't compete in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, nor even MLS. Perhaps I'm old-fashioned; perhaps I'm just realistic.

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