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22 December 2015


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William R. Cumming

Many thanks!


It works! Thanks Degringolade.

Medicine Man

It works beautifully. Thank you Col.


Completely OT message to William R. Cumming,

Wasn't it you who recommended the book on "The Morgenthau Plan" by John Dietrich some threads back? [The new SEARCH field doesn’t accept my typing; probably my computer woes.] I ordered it on your recommendation--if it was yours and I think it was--because I want to expand my knowledge of Harry Dexter White, the creator of the IMF and the subsequent World Bank.* It has arrived, and I've just skimmed it. Yes! And thank you. Right up my alley at the moment; I've been in the process of correcting the paucity of my pricey education for the past 10 years since discovering everything I thought I was taught in the 20th C was BS. I will be seen on Christmas Day with spiked eggnog in hand buried in its pages, and ignoring all else. So thank you.

* Paul Davidson has written an absolutely wonderful Appendix in his 2009 book “The Keynes Solution: The Path to Global Economic Prosperity” called “Why Keynes’s Ideas Were Never Taught in American Universities.” An eye-opener. A NY-based commenter on Amazon called the Appendix 'delicious' iirc and said it was 'worth the price of the book alone'. In the meat of his book, Davidson discusses how Harry Dexter White disregarded Keynes’ suggestion at Bretton Woods, not knowing that back in DC Truman and Marshall were doing exactly what Keynes suggested to White, only making it $15 billion, not $10 billion, and it created the middle class.


Where is it? I don't see it.



Just above archives. pl


Thank you, and Merry Christmas.


Thanks...works perfect



CBS Overnight News is reporting that a member of the Presidential Protective Division left his id, weapon, and a thumb drive in a sack in his car parked outside their HQ. The news reported that the agent was inside for approximately 45 minutes and when he returned to his car, the sack containing those items were missing from his car. The news reported that the agent will face disciplinary charges.



One would hope so. pl

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