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03 December 2015


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I wouldn't have been any use as I live 3,000 miles away from there. Citizen United is an issue of campaign finance reform and frankly not much of an impact to the driving forces of this type of terrorism.



Give it time.



Ahahaha you can't be serious. "Hopeless" - guy was a civil servant making 70k-80k and just had a kid. You're out of your effing tree.


Denial of what? Our predicament, i.e., deep shit? CorpsMedia agitprop and disinformation?

Babak Makkinejad

Brookings Institution's analysts (as well as those of Carnegie Foundation for International War) have been consistently wrong on Russia, Iran, Iraq, War in Palestine.

Every course of action that they had recommended (or opposed) when adopted has led to more catastrophes.

And yet they can neither be held accountable nor do they issue a public apology.

At a minimum, I would hope that they could refrain from making any more policy recommendations.

Maximally, may be they can be send to upper Midwest in US to learn from farmers how to milk cows and plant potatoes.

Patrick Bahzad

I'll second that, and would suggest we start this new policy with Brookings' Doha Center and their so-called experts, like that Charles Lister fellow, author of a comprehensive book about ISIS, but unable to speak a single word of Arabic ! Go figure ...


Call me paranoid, but the increasing number of "mass murders" on US soil seems to me an attempt to push through gun control. Can't believe the surveillance state is so helpless to prevent them

The 1% do not want armed plebs



Just try the moves. Very effective and protective of the joints

i chose this video just to demonstrate that isometrics is not girlie


you have a lot of these folks kidding themselves.

With all that swaggering about my enemy’s enemy being my friend when he targets the "near nemy" – incidentally some dude I want to see killed/regime changed – unlike that other enemy of my enemy who is also my enemy because he sees me as the "far enemy", unless of course he’s distracted by Assad and 9000km away so I can pretend I won’t see him, which means he is moderate …

If one thinks such contortions are satirical just take this pice by the irrepressible Tom Friedman:

"Now I despise ISIS as much as anyone, but let me just toss out a different question: Should we be arming ISIS? Or let me ask that differently: Why are we, for the third time since 9/11, fighting a war on behalf of Iran?
In 2002, we destroyed Iran’s main Sunni foe in Afghanistan (the Taliban regime). In 2003, we destroyed Iran’s main Sunni foe in the Arab world (Saddam Hussein). But because we failed to erect a self-sustaining pluralistic order, which could have been a durable counterbalance to Iran, we created a vacuum in both Iraq and the wider Sunni Arab world. That is why Tehran’s proxies now indirectly dominate four Arab capitals: Beirut, Damascus, Sana and Baghdad.

ISIS, with all its awfulness, emerged as the homegrown Sunni Arab response to this crushing defeat of Sunni Arabism — mixing old pro-Saddam Baathists with medieval Sunni religious fanatics with a collection of ideologues, misfits and adventure-seekers from around the Sunni Muslim world. Obviously, I abhor ISIS and don’t want to see it spread or take over Iraq. I simply raise this question rhetorically because no one else is: Why is it in our interest to destroy the last Sunni bulwark to a total Iranian takeover of Iraq? Because the Shiite militias now leading the fight against ISIS will rule better? Really?"


It’s worth recalling that for a Salafist – irrespective of him fighting for IS, Al Nusra or Ansar al-Sham or whatever other group – HOSTILITY towards ALL unbelievers (yes that includes Americans and, yes, it includes Israelis) is seen as a religious command and one which is by all accounts being followed with zeal. With the Tafkiri flavour that expressly includes all Muslims who don’t share their particular persuasion.

It doesn’t get much more overtly hostile towards outsiders than that.

In that context, a Jihadi’s decision of whether to attack in some place in the Middle East or in Europe or the US of attacks is a mere question of opportunity and momentary utility.

Ah, but why bother. They're so useful as a crowbar to break Assad, Ghaddafi, Russia, Iran etc pp!

It is always that sort of momentary expediency trumping these concerns for some too-clever-by-half with ambition and delusions of being the next Macchiavelli.


I have not touched a gun since 1972 when I left the USMC after spending two years as a weapons instructor at Marine Officer's Basic School. Taking your post more seriously, I am now thinking about re-aquainting myself with a hand gun and wonder if Tyler, etc. have suggestions. I was a pretty good shot with the M1911, but am clueless about today's evolution of such.


A country where a mass shooting "might not be terrorism" (and is clearly not a shoot-out between criminal gangs) is in a really sorry state, even if its citizens determinedly try not to acknowledge this. The San Bernardino shooting might turn out to be terrorist; but the other 354 cases in 2015 in the US of gun incidents with 4+ casualties were not terrorist attacks. These are so routine that only the very worst of them makes the national news.

But we should admit that if God did not want us to have guns, He wouldn't have let them been invented; if God did not want people to be injured by firearms, He would have made people bullet-proof; and if God wanted people to be sensible, He would not have made them stupid.

Babak Makkinejad

I wonder what the impact of such reports as the one in Independent are on the Foreign Ministries of Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

Would the Iranian Ambassador to UK send a memorandum to Tehran that UK press were openly reporting on collusion between NATO states and Gulfies to destroy the Shia?

Would the Syrian and Iraqi Ambassadors also draft similar memoranda?

Because if that were to be the case, government leaders across 3 countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria) and Shia politico-religious leaders across 11 additional countries (Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Bangladesh, Turkey and Yemen) might conclude that they are facing a serious threat of extinction and thus react accordingly.

(There was an attack against the Shia in Bangladesh claimed by ISIS yesterday.)

Will Reks

Everyone ignores gang-related killings because its mostly black/Hispanics killing each other. These are mostly a series of one-off killings, not typically multiple homicides in a single event. The media speculation was driven by early reports, as usual, that the shooters where white. If they had been reported to be dark, swarthy Middle Eastern types then the media would have run with that too.


I agree with Tyler about the 'hopeless' comment and Patrick about not knowing whats in the families minds.

The guy had a good job, all of his surviving coworkers who were publicly interviewed said he didn't appear to have problems, they even threw him and his wife a baby shower not long ago.

we don't know the nature of the 'dispute' or 'argument' that was alleged to have occured earlier that morning at the party, but it's not reasonable to think that someone gets mad, goes home, whips up a few pipe bombs, grabs the guns and just says 'hey honey, that jerk at the office was a jerk again, let's go shoot the place up!'
There must be a powerful motivating reason, even if it's stupid - maybe the guy was secretly nuts, but how many women abandon their new baby to join their husbands nuttery?


"On Wednesday morning, a group of doctors in white coats arrived on Capitol Hill to deliver a petition to Congress. Signed by more than 2,000 physicians around the country, it pleads with lawmakers to lift a restriction that for nearly two decades has essentially blocked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from conducting research on gun violence."

God forbid that the CDC find something useful about how to reduce gun violence!
This much we know:

USA: Deaths from firearms injuries - Percentage that were homicides - derived # of homicides

1997 - 32,436 - 41.7% - 13,526 [1]
1998 - 30,708 - 39.4% - 12,099 [2]
1999 - 28,874 - 37.5% - 10,828 [3]
2000 - 28,663 - 37.7% - 10,806 [4]
2001 - 29,573 - 38.4% - 11,356 [5]
2002 - 30,242 - 39.1% - 11,825 [6]
2003 - 30,136 - 39.6% - 11,934 [7]
2004 - 29,569 - 39.3% - 11,621 [8]
2005 - 30,694 - 40.2% - 12,339 [9]
2006 - 30,896 - 41.4% - 12,791 [10]
2007 - 31,224 - 40.5% - 12,646 [11]
2008 - 31,593 - 38.5% - 12,163 [12]
2009 - 31,347 - 36.7% - 11,504 [13]
2010 - 31,672 - 35.0% - 11,805 [14]
2011 - 32,351 - 34.2% - 11,064 [15]
2012 - 33,563 - 34.6% - 11,613 [16]
2013 - forthcoming

Each of the reports below is titled "Deaths: Final Data for YYYY" (YYYY = year)
The main page is here: http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/products/nvsr.htm
[1] CDC National Vital Statistics Reports, Volume 47, Number 19
[2] CDC National Vital Statistics Reports, Volume 48, Number 11
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[16] CDC National Vital Statistics Reports, Volume 63, Number 9



For concealed carry or home defense? I have some for each role plus a .20 gauge coach gun. pl

Will Reks


Good stuff as always. I've bought into your analysis on this from the beginning. This was always the nightmare scenario compared to the refugee situation as these folks are already here.

The weapons in the Paris attacks were smuggled from the Balkans, if I'm correct. They don't need the black market here in the US to have access to some potent firepower.



"Couple who massacred 14 at San Bernardino holiday party seemed to be living the 'American Dream'"
So said the LA Times in the "jump to conclusions" printing (around 2 am) - well before the facts come in tradition. Because young married couples "living the American dream" all go to Saudi Arabia on vacation. It's the new millennial generation vacation mecca.

Will Reks


I would appreciate some suggestions for a good concealed carry piece. I've carried a knife for some years but that's not not enough these days.

John Minnerath

Just caught a truncated press meeting of POTUS.
He allows it's "possible" there was a terrorist connection.
Then in the same breath says maybe a case of "work place violence"!
Look for another press conference later today to put the spin on tighter gun control as the answer!

Patrick Bahzad


That's correct yes. Smuggled in from the Balkans and bought on the black market, in Belgium mostly.

The European example also shows that any tightening of gun legislation in the US, which is claimed to be the answer to all Evil, would not be sufficient to prevent mass-shootings, especially not of this kind.

There are already millions of illegal guns in the US and, with Mexico South of the border, arms dealers and smugglers (linked to drug cartels) would make even more money selling their gear.

I'm not saying gun legislation should or should not be tightened, but the political debate about this issue needs to be honest and transparent.


Probably home defense, might graduate later to concealed carry



You may be right. I don't want ANY armed jihadists...Muslim, Christian, amoral gangbangers, enough!
I'm sick to death of any fanatics destroying this planet. Thoughts and prayers my ass!! Something has to be done curtail this violence. Who on here at SST things that someone on the Terrorist Watchlist should be able to purchase a weapon?
If anyone has anything info about the wife of this recent terrorist, please share.


No deaths, but plenty of trauma - and hardly a peep in the news.


The President has now said that the shooting "may be terror-related.


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