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03 December 2015


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William R. Cumming

Can a translation be provided?


Wow ! a pretty interesting essay of greeco-english cyphering, indeed... Is there some prize to win ? :)


watching the media coverage/interviews/editorials is like national rorschach test.


The rhetoric and hair splitting of the MSM has been disgusting with how they were blaming white conservatives. The ant hive mind pulling a u turn was amazing as the Narrative went from evil whites to "Workplace violence".

On the other hand, these fools have just ensured President Donald Trump, so there is that.


A man who was USA born, who traveled to the KSA. Off all the things I have heard this morning from the MSM, that point is the most arresting.

This man and his wife gave up raising their daughter, in this suicidal expression of rage. What ever journey they traveled, there does not appear to be any mental illness involved. If he had not been 'provoked' by a workplace dispute, would some other trigger have occurred? I think so. I think we will find these two were along the lines of the Columbine shooters, with the potential for radicalization thrown in to further add to their commitment to kill innocent citizens. What ever nihilistic final point they arrived at, I think it was inevitable that the would go out ala Bonnie and Clyde. What point did that finally tip over to a commitment? That, I believe, will be very instructive if we can discover when and how.


Looking forward to your upcoming "new SITREP", Patrick.
"terrorism 'in the traditional sense'", I have been wondering about my basic prejudice around left versus right wing terrorism during the last couple of years. Random attacks on crowds of ordinary people versus representatives of power. But I guess it never worked.

We are told in this case the target were disabled people???


But since my fingers are already on the keyboard, can anyone help me to understand WRC's and philippe's response above? Including either one of them. ;)


These were not the conservative white male Christian conservatives the usual msm/acitivists were looking for. Did you notice the list of "mass shootings" being bandied about doesn't highlight any gang related shooting in any of our urban areas?


I think that you put it well when you wrote of 'a mistaken sense of relative safety". The US attitude is that things like IS are someone else's problem in the Middle East and exposed Europe, but not in the US.

That does not mean they are safe. Babak posted an interesting article from Brookings recently, which suggested that the West has been all wrong about IS, and that it always, just like Al Qaeda, has had a streak that encouraged freelancing ops abroad as well:

"... it seems the perpetrators of the Paris attacks were affiliated with the Islamic State, and this operation may actually have been directed from the Islamic State’s top ranks. It is also possible that some or all of them received training in Iraq or Syria (though that has not been established definitively as of now). The degree to which the central leadership of the Islamic State was involved in the operation remains unclear, but if it turns out that they were involved beyond just inspiring the attackers, then I and many of my fellow terrorism analysts got it wrong when we downplayed the terrorism threat to the West emanating from Iraq and Syria.
we must also examine another possibility: that this has been their strategy all along, and we just missed it — after all, they have been calling for attacks in the West, and France in particular, for some time now. If that is the case, it is important that we, as analysts, perform an honest assessment of where we went wrong. Did we overestimate the strategic differences between al Qaeda and the Islamic State?"


Reading between the lines it becomes pretty obvious what the geniusses whose consensus the Brookings article describes were thinking - thus far, the idea seems to have ben that IS was supposedly local - unlike AQ - so they were assumed to be be safe as a surrogate because they would be localised. User-friendly jihadi surrogates. How handy! Was that Bandar's sales pitch?

At the same time when such IS sponsored or encouraged entrepreuneurial terrorism is an issue, the US have displayed no discernable compunction to watch their allies like Turkey, Qatar and the Saudis using Al-Qaedaite groups like IS, Al Nusra or Ansar al Sham as surrogates against their various enemies de jour in places like Libya, Syria and Yemen.

Just as one cannot have his cake and eat it, one cannot sponspor Jihadis outright, or allow them being sponsored by allies, and be safe from them. Rabid dogs are after all impelled to bite.

IS style freelance terrorism is manifest proof that one cannot switch these people on and off as Prince Bandar bragged he could.


Maybe offtopic.

With CitizenUnited at the helm, I - a midget European leftie - want Fred, Tyler, VietnamVet (& Co?) legally armed


please give isometrics a try along with weight-lifting. We need people like you as fit as possible

from 2:41 minute:


"But it is definitely terrorism."

Is it? Need some pejorative distinctions.

capitalization to distinguish Terrorism from terrorizing [in Terrorist drag]?

suffication: (adj.) terroristic terrorid, (n.) terrorite, terroraud ?

Patrick Bahzad

I'll give you as pass, because your post was funny. I'm sure Tyler et all will come up with an equally funny reply, no doubt :-)

Patrick Bahzad

Quod erat demonstrandum ... Denial is a powerful drug.

Patrick Bahzad

Agree, and think Babak would not have been fooled at any time by the PC narrative so many people are buying into. After all, it is more convenient to believe things are bound to happen elsewhere, preferably thousands of miles away.

We're seeing the same kind of misguided, plain dumbass excuses and truth spinning in some of the comments. A well known phenomenon, "denial" for the sake of a greater good, whatever that is.

John Minnerath

What a circle jerk distraction of PC Bull. While our touted Homeland Security, FBI, ya da ya da ignore the obvious with their heads buried, the connections to tracking down networks are disappearing.
Incomprehensible, I still can't believe what I'm seeing happen.

Patrick Bahzad

Seems there has been a problem with some of the fonts. Appeared in cyrillic characters on some readers screens ...

Patrick Bahzad


Hope the problem has been fixed now.

Kyle Pearson

Is there any evidence that these two were motivated by Islamist ideology?

So far, i haven't seen any.

It seems far more like a suicide pact between two hopeless people who happen to be Muslim - it's not as if we don't have people like Jim Jones and husband-and-wife serial killer teams to point to.

From what i've read, his family was totally blindsided by his behavior - if he had been espousing Islamist views, one would think they'd not be so surprised, right?

Patrick Bahzad

You're one of the unlucky ones to have experienced this problem. Hope it's been fixed now.

Took me a while to figure what you meant, sorry about that. Guess I've burnt a couple of brain-cells in the process !



Any insight into the ethic/national background of the two last names released - Farook and Malik?

Patrick Bahzad

I'm gonna start copy-pasting my replies now: "denial is a powerful drug".

I've been in this business for quite a while, heard all the explanations, excuses (and sometimes outright lies) time and again. The fact his family didn't know doesnt mean sh*t.

Generally (not referring to this case in particular) families who say they didn't know do so because they didn't want to know.

Also, maybe news for you, families or relatives might be lying, not because they are in on it, but for fear of embarassment and humiliation (again talking in general here).

Besides, if your explanation is the right one, why are officials calling this a case of "domestic terrorism" ? Makes no sense ...


No problem Patrick. It was a neuron's refreshing experience, kind of fun !
Anyway, thanks for your job here.


If only Fred, Tyler, VietnamVet could actively unite with kao_hsien_chih, rjj, Valissa

Patrick Bahzad

He was a US citizen of Pakistani extraction and had met his wife a few years back through an online dating site. She was from KSA and has been a legal resident ever since she arrived in the US.

Their status as husband and wife has not been totally clarified yet, as far as I know.

David Habakkuk


Back in July 2013, Patrick Cockburn reported on a speech by the former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove, in which he recalled some – somewhat bloodcurdling – remarks from Bandar about the fate awaiting the Shia.

A really interesting paragraph, however, was the following:

'Dearlove's explosive revelation about the prediction of a day of reckoning for the Shia by Prince Bandar, and the former head of MI6's view that Saudi Arabia is involved in the Isis-led Sunni rebellion, has attracted surprisingly little attention. Coverage of Dearlove's speech focused instead on his main theme that the threat from Isis to the West is being exaggerated because, unlike Bin Laden's al-Qa'ida, it is absorbed in a new conflict that "is essentially Muslim on Muslim". Unfortunately, Christians in areas captured by Isis are finding this is not true, as their churches are desecrated and they are forced to flee. A difference between al-Qa'ida and Isis is that the latter is much better organised; if it does attack Western targets the results are likely to be devastating.'

(See http://tinyurl.com/ltcmcjn .)

Of course Dearlove and people like him do not want to contemplate the possibility that the happy reassurances from Bandar that he and his like could control this particular scorpion so, as it were, it only bit those we don't like were BS. Acknowledging this would raise the question of whether a very great deal of what they and their like have done over the years has been fraught with potential for catastrophe.

For the same reason, one also finds many people in London absolutely desperate to believe that, if they talk nicely to the Saudis, and other Gulf Arabs – and also Erdogan – these people will stop supporting jihadists.

And all that the Saudis have to do to take in people like the editor of the 'FT' is to 'talk the talk' about 'modernising' the country, leaving the question of its involvement in sponsoring Wahabism to one side.

(See a recent long feature entitled 'Saudi Arabia: The wake-up call: 'Ensuring stability will be crucial for Riyadh’s power brokers as they face discontent and war' at http://tinyurl.com/ot9v2qc .)

As the comments on the article indicate, however, people are no longer ready to accept his kind of evasion. The long-term political implications of this are hard to assess, but may be seismic.



Fred and the Colonel are FB friends with me - they've seen my pictures and can vouch.

But I laughed all the same. I really can't add anything to that video ahaha.

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