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23 December 2015


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Col Lang, I'm trying out the send button now.
Simon and I wish you and your wife a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.


Didn't notice any problems.

What I noticed was a discussion about the tool tracing the location of people around at the site. I somewhat liked the tool up there. I would assume in my case it did not always register Cologne but nearby smaller towns lately occasionally Bonn too, if I recall correctly. I always assumed that was a technical issue, having to do with the technical routes used by my provider. If I am down in the Blackforest a town shows up that is quite far from the pace I stay, but constantly shows up down there. Around here the region is much more busy. ...

Finally discovered the new search too above your email down on the right hand.

Take care Pat and the best to family and friends.



"the tool tracing the location of people around at the site" What tool is that? pl

robt willmann

Concerning the 'search' function, it works when the web browser is a fairly current version of the Firefox browser. However, on an older version (5.+) of the Apple Safari browser, the cursor will not display in the searching blank, and if you type in a word to search for, such as 'syria', the word you type will not show. But if you click the mouse on the magnifying glass at the left of the search field, it will display the word in a little window below. If you click 'search' or press 'enter/return' it will search for the word and show the same results as the newer Firefox browser. Also, you cannot delete the word you typed in to search for in the Safari browser by pressing the delete key, probably because the cursor does not register, but if you click on the 'x' to the right of the search field, it will delete the word you typed and you can type another one.

I have noticed over the last several months that some websites will not even let you display a page unless you have a "newer" version of a web browser or even a specific browser.

However, on the older Safari browser, you can type in and send a comment as always. It is apparently just the way the search function is written and coded that results in this issue.

The Twisted Genius


The "tracking data" that appears in the Live Traffic Feed is based on whatever information your internet provider decides to put out there. It is not a geo-locator on your computer or smart phone. My info locates me as forty miles from where I live because that's what Verizon does. They're not trying to hide me or locate me. As long as they can bill me, they're happy. Go to whatismyip.com for more information on this. If this still creeps you out, you can use the Torbrowser application which does a damned good job of hiding your location.


Seems you caught me (again?), unfortunately I did not ever consider to keep the name of the tool in mind, as non-blogger or non-typepad blogger, after all it may have been a template you used that had it integrated. In other words I am maybe wrongly assuming you can switch it on or off and it could have disappeared in the context of the search tool integration.

The only thing I recall is that it used to be lower on the right years ago and lately showed up on top. I have to admit I liked that. I more specifically liked it up there. But as a longtime reader I am not sure if my opinion matters. ;)

Not that it was any "useful" information. I simply liked it see what destinations were around. More recently Switzerland popped up. In earlier times I rarely scrolled down and checked.


Col. Lang wishy you and your family Marry Christmas and a great new year, lots and lots of snow here in Utah, getting it nicely ready for tomorrow.

Norbert M. Salamon

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to the Colonel and the esteemed bloggers herein


TTG, it did never creep me out, but I noticed some around here discussed that it was imprecise. I didn't look closer into the debate. I never really worried about that. Quite the opposite it thought me about my provider who cooperates, that I knew longer with a Spanish phone company active here in Germany.

Thanks, that was it. Live Traffic somewhat liked it, admittedly. ;)


may I simply follow you on that, dear Norbert M. Salamon?


Ditto. But I have latest Safari and the cursor isn't working in the window. It does work as you say: invisibly.


Hi Pat,
Yes I had problems a few days ago and could not post comments.
The send button was not "active".



I only have trouble posting from my phone but that is likely to be the OS system I'm using rather than the blog.



Did you do anything specific to fix it, or did it go away, seemingly by itself? I just switched back from Firefox to Micrsoft Internet Explorer. If you can read this, it must have worked.


PS: I presume I caused this entry, because I send a mail to the Colonel via "Email me" button. So I suppose it's my own Settings which cause the problem. Hopefully someone out there has got a clue and can enlighten the rest of us.



Kerim, I had peculiar troubles on Firefox too in this context years ago. I don't recall details, I do distinctively recall it was pretty hard to find others on the web that encountered the same troubles, I suppose the Mozilla tech database cleared matters up at the time. The more easy option is a new Firefox installation, it feels.

Switching browsers to check is always the first thing I do too.

Never happened again since I use the automatic update function for Firefox and additionally the free Secunia software to keep all software on my PC updated. Meanwhile troubles of whatever kind make me check there first and/or the respective options in my security software.

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