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12 December 2015


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Son of a FAC

Thank you Sir.

Mark Gaughan

So true


Thanks for this one, TTG.

William R. Cumming


On that basis many so-called RELIGIONS seem to fail.

Rescuing those animals including humans who have lost their way or been lost seems the best basis on which to operate.

Happy Holidays to P.L. and ALL involved in SST including nonbelievers.

Thanks for I have learned and continue to learn on SST!

Peace on Earth!


YAY TTG. Indignation is nature's way of saying "get off your ass."

Bill H

Nice, I enjoyed reading that.

"The right thing to do becomes the only thing to do." Yes. It becomes instinctive. There are places in our society where that still prevails. We don't hear about them because they don't brag about it, they just do it. Evil brags; goodness knows it does not need to justify itself.

Medicine Man

Merry Christmas TTG.


TTG, Steal my heart with a good dog story; all my dogs have been loyal,
brave, wonderful companions. When I think back on the ones that have gone
on I force myself to believe they'll be waiting to greet me on "the rainbow
bridge." Ditto a couple of kitties too.

I agree about the need for strong communities. Recently read a story that
caused me much concern: "HUD will choose your neighbors through a massive
social engineering rule." Julian Castro, the Director of HUD, may very
well become Hillary's running mate. It's all part of the administrations
plan to "fundamentally change America". This type of engineering is already
taken place not far from where I live primarily in apartments & condominium
situations & it's granting section 8 vouchers even in more upscale single family detached neighborhoods. Sometimes it appears to work out until
it becomes predominate. It's difficult to have cohesiveness with people
you have little in common with.

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