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01 December 2015


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ex-PFC Chuck

re: " . . and perhaps does not mind a Republican Congress . . "

The Democratic party DC establishment, when the Party has the presidency, not only doesn't mind a Republican Congress but I suspect also does not want full control of both houses. (In the case of the Senate, full control means a super-majority of 60 votes in the 100 member body.) When they do, as was the case during the first year of the Obama presidency, it was awkward trying to explain why they couldn't pass legislation that would benefit its grass roots base economically but would also, unfortunately, piss off their Wall Street paymasters. Thankfully that situation ended in January, 2010, when Republican Scott Brown won the Massachusetts special election to fill the Senate seat vacated by the death of Senator Ted Kennedy.

You may ask how the Obama Care act could have passed when the Dems no longer had full control. As with almost everything the Obama administration has has sold to its base, the benefits to that have proven to be largely illusory while at the same time the payoffs for industry have been huge. In the case of Obama Care it entrenched a massive rent stream to the health insurance industry.

The Democratic Party's base is wising up. The party's grass roots base was so disillusioned with Obama's first two year performance that millions of its voters didn't show up for the 2010 off year election. This enabled the Republicans to not only gain comfortable control of both the US House and Senate, but also full control of many state legislatures and governorships. This was a pivotal event because the US census is held every decadal year and following that census the US House of Representatives must be reapportioned to reflect the changes. Each state has its own laws on how that is done, but in almost all cases the legislatures and governors themselves are deeply involved. Their near sweep of state legislatures enabled the Republicans to gerrymander many states' districts in their favor. This was made apparent in the 2012 election. The total popular votes for Democratic candidates for the 435 seats in the US House of Representatives exceeded the total for Republican candidates by almost 1.5 million votes (1.2%) however the Republicans had a 33 seat majority (234 vs 231).

robt willmann

Here is a good, technical article by a U.S. pilot explaining that the story put out by Turkey about the Russian plane that was shot down is almost certainly false. For Turkey's story to fit its (impossible) time frame, the Russian plane would had to have been flying at quite a low speed, which raised the question of how fast the plane was moving and also the factor of the probable stall speed of the Russian plane at that time. If there is not enough lift generated by the moving air to get an airplane off the ground and keep it up in the air, it will "stall" and start heading to the ground, and if a pilot cannot recover the plane from its path downward, it will crash. The main issue is the probable speed of the plane when the event occurred--




"...Demons to control the American people."

You left out a few demons, like the ones the great community organizer is unleashing on America.

ex-PFC Chuck

Perhaps his condition goes by another name: sociopathy.


"Elucidation, please."

Page 3 of the NYT. The same climate poll shows 49% of Democrats oppose taxes to curb climate change. Republican opposition was even higher.

"...we've been able to lower our unemployment rate to 5 percent in the process. " followed up by "Nobody expected that the price of clean energy would fall as fast as it has, or that back in the United States, the solar industry would be creating jobs 10 times faster than the rest of the economy." and this:

"What gives me confidence that progress is possible is somebody like Bill Gates ... understands that tackling climate change is .... an opportunity."

I believe there's a bit of methane generating material in those comments from the President. What odds are you giving that one of the richest men in the history of Earth is not going to invest his own money at his own risk on inventing some new technology to "solve" this problem?

On Syria:

"The Russians now have been there for several weeks, over a month, and I think fair-minded reporters who looked at the situation would say that the situation hasn’t changed significantly. In the interim, Russia has lost a commercial passenger jet. You’ve seen another jet shot down. There have been losses in terms of Russian personnel."

ISIS has been driven out of one province, lost hundreds of personnel and the Russians, I believe, have lost two - due to NATO ally Turkey - not ISIS. Please elucidate how this is not off base, in your opinion?

"And with respect to Planned Parenthood, I think it’s clear -- I’ve said it before -- they provide health services to women all across the country. Have for generations. In many cases, it’s the only organization that provides health services to impoverished women. "... "I don’t think that’s something that is beyond the pale of our political discussion; I think it’s a serious, legitimate issue. How we talk about it -- making sure that we’re talking about it factually, accurately, and not demonizing organizations..."

Those are 100% political talking points. The last thing the left wants is honest discussion about what all those fetal body part videos show and there are plenty of organizations providing health services to impoverished women - and men, who the president has forgotten yet again.



I think Obama also has a deep seated emotional need to see his father as something other than a deadbeat who abandoned his wife and child to further his own career. (I think that sure fit the negative stereotype of black men in America of the '60s.)

different clue

Ishmael Zechariah,

The only two nomination-seekers I am aware of who might want to take America out of the Axis of Jihad would be Trump and Sanders. I hope that is the choice we are able to get for ourselves.

If Sanders is forced out before the Michigan Primary, I will crash the Republican's primary and vote for Trump. Maybe then at least the Rs might get a candidate willing to take America out of the Axis of Jihad.



"... US debt obligations..."

I don't think any Republicans have proposed defaulting on the debt. There are plenty of Cities heading in Detroit's direction and the State of Illinois and Commonwealth of Puerto Rico are not far behind. One thing they all have in common is Democratic leadership (and mismanagement) stretching back for decades.

different clue


If Bob Gates said this, that shows it goes much deeper than the various flavors of neo-neo and R2Peepers. Gates was part of the Elder Bush/ Baker establishment. He was sent by ElderBush/Baker over to the SecDef spot after
Rumsfeld was fired from there . . . in order to be Junior Bush's thinking-brain dog for the second term.

So why would Bob Gates want such a thing?

different clue


How much weed does it take to be massive amounts? Did he do it in high school or did he wait till college? I ask because I did what I consider to be less-than-massive amounts myself in late-college and early post-college, and weed left me in better shape than what it found me in.

Ishmael Zechariah

This is an insult to ward bosses. However, you have highlighted yet another indication that tayyip is a ziocon operation, with obama as his handler do jour. "president erdogan" of the free and democratic Turkish Republic, indeed. IMO Obama might have disclosed far more than he meant to. I am sure many are parsing his words, not just us pilgrims here.
Ishmael Zechariah

Mark Logan


I'm leaning towards BS. I believe he feels it would be counter productive to publicly admit being wrong about this. If true he may be well advised to learn the trick of saying the absolute minimum possible, a la his predecessors, when following this path.



US foreign policy is schizophrenic. The intention is to get rid of Vladimir Putin by getting Russia stuck in a quagmire fighting Sunni Arabs and perhaps Turkey along with the Ukraine Civil War and economic sanctions. Also, attrite Iran and Shiite militias for Israel. Topple Assad.

At the same time, the USA is escalating the bombing of Sunni Arabs in the Islamic State and is inserting more “special operators”. This assures the continued flow of money to military contractors. The White House intention remains to make War permanent and avoid a Russia victory against the Islamic State. This is a recipe for a gigantic SNAFU. Fallout is guaranteed. The only question is how deadly it will be when it hits North America.

Phil Cattar

The current Franjieh's father is the one who invited Hafez Asad to send the Syrian army into Lebanon 25 + years ago .Not sure that was a good move.It took forever to get the Syrians to leave.........The more things change the more they remain the same..................Saad al-Hariri has no use for Bashar Asad since he is most likely convinced Bashar had his father killed.....................To understand the relationship between Syria and Lebanon you have to accept the premise that the Syrians think they should own Lebanon.Lebanon is their little brother who they can use and manipulate as they please.....................Even though the Franjieh family is Marionite /Catholic and are buddies with the Asad family and invited the Syrians in years ago to supposedly help the Chiristian Lebanese in the civil war mess I know very few Christian Lebanese who want the Syrians in.....................

Will Reks

Bill, apart from the Su-24 speculation, the only thing I disagree with you on here is that Ebola was the primary factor the Democrats being wiped out in 2014. The Ebola scare was driven largely by media hysteria and its the President's job in such instances to calm the public and provide assurances that the "crisis" is being handled. Obama has proven incompetent in quite a few other areas but this was not one of them.


confusedponderer -

Obama may have decided to dump Assad five years ago, but the neocons have had their eyes on him since the 90s - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Clean_Break:_A_New_Strategy_for_Securing_the_Realm

We have a serious bi-partisan problem with our entire foreign policy apparatus, and absent a serious defeat I don't see anything that's going to change that. Certainly nothing as trivial as a new President.


mbrenner -

I disagree. To me this signals the complete capture of the American foreign policy apparatus by the neocons. It's a bi-partisan problem and it's been going on for decades. I don't see a solution, I don't think any of the candidates are willing to take them on. And frankly, it's not that much of a change, we've been in the funding rebels and deposing governments business for over a century now.


Look up "debt ceiling" and "Congress".


My remarks were with regard to this:

" US Politics. Paraphrasing - "I rely on the wisdom of the American people to insure the election of a Democrat as my successor." Remarkable. In 75 years I have not seen an American president inject party into discourse on foreign soil and at an international meeting. Remarkable."


LOL, the reefer madness meme lives! I did my fair share in high school and college, turned out alright. Obama's problems are many, and none of them are due to smoking weed. Guy is just an arrogant SOB who fell for his flunkies' BS that he is the smartest guy in any room. Whenever a hint of cognitive dissonance develops, which has been a lot lately, he becomes pissy and petulant. It ain't easy for the king to walk around naked all the time...

William R. Cumming

Is Syria now the 1936 Spain weapons testing location?

William R. Cumming


Chris Chuba

I am not endorsing the conclusion but thought you'd be interested in seeing the defense for the assertion that there are 70,000 moderate opposition fighters http://blogs.new.spectator.co.uk/2015/11/yes-there-are-70000-moderate-opposition-fighters-in-syria-heres-what-we-know-about-them/

Essentially, they get up to 45,000 counting FSA north and south, they then list another 20,000 in another batch of 10 groups that look like they fall into 'yes they are Silafists but they are nationalist Syrians' and then do some hand waving and say that there are dozens of smaller groups to bring it up to the required number. I certainly do not care if a Wahhabist (or Silafist) Sunni radical is a Syrian nationalist or not but that's me. However, they seem to think that it makes them 'moderately Islamic'.

Chris Chuba

I watched CNN regarding the topic of ISIS oil smuggling and their correspondent basically huffed and said that it's well known that there is a black market for ISIS oil in Turkey but no one has tied it to the Turkish govt. They were discussing the issue in regard to Putin's recent allegations about the Erdogan govt being complicit in this trafficking.

CNN was rather dismissive of Putin's allegation but how credible is it that a large number of oil trucks can be moving into Turkey without their knowledge? A tanker truck is very large, impossible to disguise, and has to use roads. If trucks are entering Turkey from ISIS held territory then there is no way to deny that Erdogan knew about it. The only way that Erdogan's govt could theoretically be innocent would be if oil was smuggled through Kurdish territory and to have been disguised as Kurdish oil.



Is there no possibility of a third political party in the USA?
Col Lang?
(would vote for the committee members in 2 shakes of a lamb's tail)

Also, why isn't the American electorate in the streets over whats happening?


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