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01 December 2015


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ex-PFC Chuck

AL Monitor headline: "Turkish military says MIT shipped weapons to al-Qaeda"

ex-PFC Chuck

Laws regulating elections and political parties are, for the most part, determined by the individual states rather than the federal government. Many states have adopted measures that in effect make it very difficult for third parties and their candidates to get traction. For the establishment this is a feature, not a bug.

During times of deep dissatisfaction, or when an especially charismatic person arrives on the scene, is when third parties and their candidates make an impact. Most recently this happened in 2000, when Ralph Nader attracted enough votes from people in Florida who otherwise would have voted for Al Gore to throw that state's, and thereby the country's, electoral outcome into the court system. The issue should have been decided within the Florida state court system but the US Supreme court, against precedent, grabbed the decision away from the state when the Republicans filed a federal suit. The tell that their decision was effectively a coup d'etat was in the majority opinion, which explicitly stated that the decision should not serve as a future precedent.

The shoe was on the other foot when Ross Perot ran as a third party candidate in the 1992 election that put Clinton in the Whitehouse, and he garnered a much larger percentage of the nation's popular vote than did Nader eight years later. A substantial majority of Perot's voters would likely have gone Republican if he had not been running, in which case George H. W. Bush would almost certainly have reelected.

Babak Makkinejad

It means what it says.


In case no one noticed, Montenegro has been invited to join NATO.

What is this madness that has overcome Europe? We're on a crash course for a conflict with Russia and the fallout will be felt in western Europe, not the US.

ex-PFC Chuck

Oops! The last sentence should read, "The total popular votes for Democratic candidates for the 435 seats in the US House of Representatives exceeded the total for Republican candidates by almost 1.5 million votes (1.2%) however the Republicans had a 33 seat majority (234 vs 201).


Look up "defaulting" on debt. Quite different than a debt ceiling, which means something entirely different than what you imply.

Babak Makkinejad

And she was going to "obliterate Iran" on behalf of Israel.


On the job training for a patently unqualified anti-American with no record of significant achievement.
People get the government they deserve...........and the rest of us suffer.


Considering that I have dreamed of coming to Istanbul for years, the decline of Turkey into madness is tragic.

Babak Makkinejad

In a conversation with Malraux, shortly before his death, de Gaulle mentioned several historical incidences of powerlessness of political leaders to affect changes - including himself on connection with Les Halls.

The Beaver

Welcome to the new version of the Pink Panthers :-)

William Fitzgerald

That was not terribly coherent. I meant to say, and came away with the same impression. (as in your post)


different clue

He smoked in high school, was part of a "smokers club" (can't remember the name). People form clubs around core beliefs and activities.

I have nothing against adults smoking weed, have smoked plenty myself (college was more like Animal House than Mr. Chips). When I moved to California I met people my age who had started smoking in 6th grade. I noticed the difference. Studies have also shown that watching too much television at a young age is harmful to emotional and cognitive development. Alcohol also harms developing minds and bodies. As our environment changes so do we.


Bush is a dry drunk. Some recovering alcoholics discard their drunken ways when they sober up and change their way of thinking but a dry drunk doesn't. I associate Obama's inability to see and understand the reality of the world and the effects of his meddling to be, in part, a result of his early stonerismatic lifestyle. Couple that with a Saul Alinsky education and we got trouble in Ribar City.

Recreational pot is legal in Oregon. I smoked pot this last Thanksgiving. Most people I know smoke it.I don't drink much and I like most human type people like to every once-and-a-while change my consciousness. I could chant but don't. There is a difference between a social drinker and drunk. The same goes with pot.


+100... a most excellent comment, Hank, which can't be repeated enough!

This is realism about Pax Americana. I am frankly surprised by how many people think that somehow this is a fixable/solvable situation, or that we can put "better" people in charge and that will somehow magically make the US a "nice" country. It's like a drop in the ocean thinking it can control the waves.

What people can do is speak out against the neocon/neolib strategies and try to educate others about what's going on behind the curtain, as is done here at SST and other places on the internet to minimally counteract the MSM propaganda. Truth is worth pursing and sharing as maybe someday it will have a small effect, and in the meantime keeps us sane. Once the right to dissent disappears we are in really big totalitarian trouble.


I think most people have unrealistic expectations of the government and those who run it. Also know as the fantasy of "if only". Historic trends are what they are.

OTOH, I think you are correct about Obama being unqualified and having no significant achievements. Indeed those are a couple of reasons I didn't vote for him. I just don't think that having someone with a better resume would necessarily have produced better results given the overall nature of the Borg.


There has always been a third party in American electoral politics: the party of "we don't like them both" and this party has often been significant in shaping American history, when they feel that they had been pushed enough from the status quo. The problem is that, by nature, this party lacks both a concrete agenda and staying power: it is largely made up of those who either don't care too much about politics or care too much and became jaded for all manner of reasons. Naturally, very few issues or interests, naturally, unite the members of this party other than dislike of the status quo.

I suppose this follows up on the flare up in the aftermath of Richard Sale post about Trump: this "party" is the prime recruiting grounds for the unsavory opportunistic characters. This is, however, where transformative movements in American politics starts. Whether they are proto-fascists or proto-prophets, a leader that can successfully appeal to and mobilize this group can change the political landscape. If they fail in the attempt and splinter this group in multiple directions (people forget that the election of 1860 was a four-way race, not a three-way one--the Northern and Southern Whigs, as well as Northern and Southern Democrats, nominated separate candidates.), we may well have a repeat of 1850s, with all the misfortunes that followed....


Yet down in the straw poll thread we can see how many people are shouting "FOOL ME AGAIN!" and wanting to vote for Big Grandma.


Will Reks,

I agree with you that Ebola wasn't the driving force behind the 2014 losses (Eric Cantor didn't get dethroned cause of Ebola), but the calling Ebola "media hysteria" is a little ridiculous. Stuff has an amazingly high mortality rate, is incredibly infectious, and has many permanent side effects that persist even after one is cured. We were also dealing with the horde of illegal aliens pouring across the border, and it would have been nothing for an Ebola infection to cut through them.

It was in many ways the same story we see with IS: "Ebola will never arrive here/IS is contained" followed by an infection in a major metro area/major terror attacks. The paucity and arrogance of the people nominally in charge was amazing to behold then as it is now. Maybe you don't remember the amazing hair splitting about how "no Ebola isn't airborne just don't let anyone cough/sneeze near you because microdroplets may carry the disease BUT THAT'S NOT THE SAME AS AIRBORNE ALRIGHT", or arguments from assumption about how "its impossible for Ebola to come across the US/Mexican border with illegal aliens because its impossible you bigot do you hate undocumented border crossers, racist".

As someone who was on the front lines of this stuff in the US perhaps I see it a little differently.



I'm pretty amazed myself when the Numinous Negro fanboys around here think a guy who's job as a youth was racial grievance agitator can hang with the guy who made his bones making bodies go cold in communist Berlin and all points east.

And that's saying nothing about the US coterie of highly educated idiots running the show nowadays.



And the devil is in the details,

One needs to take the given list, wiki the groups, then drill down through the Campaigns to see who they fought against, who they fought alongside, and what war crimes were committed.



I think you're right, though I haven't read his book "The Audacity of Dope" to better understand the importance of his father leaving.


@Tyler - wrt Ebola "scare". EXACTLY!!!!!!

scott s.

ex-PFC Chuck:

Cannot agree with your reading of the US Constitution. Art II/1 expressly posits the selection off Presidential electors with the state legislatures -- there is no provision for state courts involvement. Art II/1 and Amndt XII provide that acceptance of the vote of electors is solely the function of the US Congress with the President of the Senate presiding. As was the case in 1876. In that election the Florida state canvassing board, per law, awarded electors to the Republicans, who cast their ballots for Hayes. The Democrats ran to the courts and got a Writ of Mandamus under which they convened a new canvassing board, and this one awarded electors to the Democrats who cast their ballots for Tildon. So there were competing sets of electoral votes laid before the Congress on the day appointed for unsealing the elector's votes (Congress met in joint session 1 Feb 1877).

different clue


Reading the text itself, it reads as if Obama is perhaps too mentally frivolous to recognize what he was saying in an international setting. If so, no President has spoken so frivolously in an international setting in a long while. But perhaps he was not calling overtly or covertly for a Dparty successor in the way that he could certainly seem to be doing.

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