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03 December 2015


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Essentially no security screening at all. I was afraid of that. What they are going to do is process them administratively for shipment to Canada. pl



The mutawi'een are religious enthusiasts who wander the streets enforcing Wahhabi rules of dress. This has the support of the SA government. IMO they would be integrated into an IS government. pl



I will acknowledge the small but high quality troop contribution in Afghanistan, but what exactly did Canada do in Iraq? What other wars did you have in mind? pl



Students? I'm certain that's a prime cover. They'll have plenty of defenders on college campuses across the Republic given the way those institutions are run now. Probably allot of willing converts too.


In my early morning stop to get the paper and a pack of cigarettes the Syrian storekeeper let me know things are now better in Syria as the Russians & USA are working together to clean up the mess. As he says it's nothing but a bunch wise ass kids who cannot make it in life listening to a few Wackos. Get the Wackos and it will slowly fall apart.
Now on my third cigarette I ponder well If an attack is coming what will our government tell its populace to do in that event. They never told anyone if your plane gets hijacked your not going Cuba well now they should be telling us that if it happens run and if your cornered well don't lay down amongst the others, roust them up and go for the attackers as they have only so many bullets and more than half will miss. Better to go out saving others than laying down amongst the thousands, like in the Bataclan, and get pot shot and have to live with those thoughts the rest of your life. If someone has a better idea please clue us in.


While some seem to think that the US Gov is incapable, when I went to my citizenship interview, I was astonished to see a file on the desk that was started in Stockholm, Sweden in 1965. There are times when I can't find things that I put somewhere last week.

But both qualitative and quantitative analysis should tell you that a young, white male with mental issues is more dangerous than any Syrian refugee. The good news is that down here in Florida, young people are not as numerous.

I think it would help if everybody tried to remember that we are supposed to be the "land of the free" and live in the "home of the brave". Being fearful does not help with either.

In the meantime, I will concentrate on something more important:

Go Navy!

Brad Ruble

I don't know about anyone else, but these people scare me. It doesn't take much for a few guys to go off the grid long enough to plan and execute.
When it comes to targets we need to think outside the box. An airliner goes down or the bomb at the Boston Marathon. OK, but we move on. It's the new normal. We discuss things they have done. In some way's they're acting and creating their own reality while we judiciously study blah blah blah.
What scares me is what they haven't done. Look at the trouble the east coast snipers were able to cause. I don't know if it can be justified in Islamic Law but what happens if they start after individuals. Peoples kids. Look how easy it was to grab Patty Hearst.



You have totally missed the point. So long as the US government continues to vet people as you were vetted there should be no problem from anyone in the Syrian refugee stream. What you obviously want to do is ignore the fact that IS has clearly inserted infiltrators in the Syrian refugee stream. They appeared in recent weeks in western Europe. Canada's declared intention to admit another 25,000 Syrians without adequate screening is a threat to the US because the border between the two countries is just a line drawn on a map. pl


"self radicalisation"

Yes agreed. But we need to consider the domestic groups opposed to the Muslim extremists or what is perceived to be Muslim extremisim....



I don't doubt it. I'm amazed how passports are





And Survive when bone and bodies are dust!

Before I begin, I feel that I must clarify: “false flag” does not mean that the event was faked. It simply means that it was an “inside job” done to accomplish the goals of a Government or another Cabal of people. I am saddened that over 150 people lost their lives in a horrific slaughter. However, the elites created ISIS and allowed the refugee crisis to continue until something finally happened. And it did.

Now, conveniently, French Police have recovered Magic Passports at the scene of 2 suicide bombings.




Agree. I'm starting to wonder the same thing. Tonight will tell.


I am sure you are right, but bathtubs are still more dangerous. As are overreactions. Of all the ironies, some are claiming we have to stop the Syrian refugees because it is too easy for them to obtain guns in the US.

My "vetting" was rather superficial, since at the time any young man from most European countries was a potential soldier for the war in Viet Nam.

Regardless, I am not changing my life one bit and I deplore all the bed wetting that is becoming too obvious. One way to increase the urgency by the ISIS to attack the US would be to put a lot of combat troops into the ME.

If randomness is deployed in checking up on immigrants and tourists, it will become an attack planner's nightmare. It is the static systems that are easier to defeat.

William R. Cumming

If memory serves she [the officer] was a Customs agent!

William R. Cumming

From the BBC, The Inquiry, Can ISIS be Defeated? (23 minutes) http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0388n4p

alba etie

Col Lang
Did not Clapper intentionally lie to the CongressCritters regarding Echelon and other illegal mass surveillance program by the NSA ?

alba etie

Off topic a bit - but is Tayyip really going to be able to form a unity government with no counter balancing Comity ?



"bathtubs are still more dangerous." What an inane thing to say!
the way to destroy IS is to kill it on the battlefields. Then you wait for the next inevitable Sunni revival movement. That will dome when living memory of total defeat dies out. pl


thanks... the last 10 years of harper have been a foreign policy nightmare for most canucks... i am thinking of these bombing missions in libya and now syria where no canuck troops have been involved. in terms of troop contribution, we didn't get involved with iraq as chretien our pm at the time, was opposed to the war.. canada under harper also poured military money into ukraine.. this is another example of a failed regime change policy that probably still has potential for the warmongers from the west.. fortunately chrystia freeland and others like her (who had too much influence with harper), have been sidelined in the new canuck gov't for the most part.. canada needs to be independent from usa group, or unipolar think..

Nancy K

I agree with all that the way to destroy IS is on the battlefields. I cannot say I am not fearful of attacks here in the US by IS, but I am equally fearful of us becoming a police state and of bands of heavily armed couch warriors taking up arms at mosques, such as happened in Texas.


Nancy K

"I am not fearful of attacks here in the US by IS." You are a fool. pl


I am worry that attacks might occur here in the US. I agree about the border. My cousin easily crossed the Canadian border by car when US Immigration disallowed her to come back to the US in time for her wedding (long story). But I am not fearful about such attacks. What I fear the most is a police state we becoming.

Nancy K

I did not mean to imply that I am not fearful, what I meant was I am fearful of attacks but also fearful of the our response to those attacks if they should come. I would be a fool I agree if I thought there would be no attempt by IS to attack here in the US.
I also fear for my children and especially grandchildren every time I hear about a school or theater shooting. It is not just foreign born terrorists that worry me.


Nanacy K

Fear can be healthy if it reflects reality. pl



Sorry, missed your last line. I was disagreeing with your assertion that the US is suddenly unsafe.

By any statistical measure (not the TV news), the US is an overwhelmingly safe country with respect to how people's lives end (with respect to "safety").



Statistics mean nothing. IS is not and cannot be an existential threat to the US but the threat is to the national psyche and that is severe. pl

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