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03 December 2015


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"about Syrian passport dropped by Paris attacker
Police in France have been trying to discern whether a passport used by one of the Paris suicide bombers was stolen from a dead Syrian soldier. Germany's interior minister has suggested it was a ploy to set up refugees."


"Grundboeck's German counterpart, Thomas de Maizière, warned the public about jumping to conclusions about refugees - saying it was possible that the Paris attackers planted the document to make Europeans suspicious of refugees who have fled "Islamic State" (IS)'s terrorist rule.
De Maizière told the press in Berlin that he found it "unusual that such a person was faithfully registered in Greece, Serbia, and Croatia," saying it was likely "a trail that was intentionally laid."



BS. de Maizieres is just trying to cover Merkel's ass. pl

Ken Roberts

Canada took in 259k premanent resident immigrants in 2013 (see stats URL below) of whom about 6k were from Iraq and Syria. We do have the resources -- staffing and knowledge -- to do the screening of an additional 10 percent workload. In 2010, for instance, we admitted 280k permanent residents.

Your larger point -- "attacks in the US are likely" -- I agree with. Also attacks in Canada are likely. Screening, and awareness, does not stop after landing and does not consider only recent arrivals.

I suppose, statistically speaking and considering populations, if in-US attacks are less than 10 times in-Canada attacks, then US agencies could feel they have done their job as well as Canadian agencies. I doubt that is really comforting, or acceptable, though. Had the US suffered 10 incidents like the Air India flight bombing, the reaction would have been considerable -- though perhaps not successful by whatever criteria one wishes to adopt for that.

The question, I think, is whether a society chooses to accept and integrate, or not. Then one considers rates, methods, and such. In Canada we benefit from the arrival of immigrants. And, in the case especially of refugees, they also benefit. Win-win as they say ... though often the "win" is for the next generation. We do not do as good a job as we might of fitting newcomers into roles, early-on, where they can make a more meaningful contribution. But we do not do that job very well with young people either. An ongoing challenge.

Stats on Cdn immigration:



Ah, HUMINT, the magic word. some can do it and some can't. mostly they can't. To be really good at it you must be a hard-hearted empath who actually loves the victim and that is very wearing on the soul. People like Clapped are terrified of those who can do good clandestine HUMINT because they are ultimately uncontrollable. pl


Ken Roberts

So, you really think you are going to catch the dozen or so hidden among the 25,000? You had a quarter of a million immigrants that year. How much did you really screen them aggressively? pl

Ishmael Zechariah

Colonel, SST;
We are now told that Snowden is responsible for the Paris attacks:
Interesting point of view.
Ishmael Zechariah


It will be interesting to see if the warning today by the Anonymous hackers group about attacks tomorrow in several countries has any validity. The specific targets listed by Anonymous are as follow:

Demonstration by Collectif du droit des femmes (Paris)
Cigales Electroniques with Vocodecks, RE-Play & Rawtor at Le Bizen (Paris)
Concrete Invites Drumcode: Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick, Joel Mull at Concrete (Paris)
Feast of Christ the King celebrations (Rome/Worldwide)
Al-Jihad, One Day Juz (Indonesia)
Five Finger Death Punch (Milan)
University Pastoral Day (Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon)


Kim Sky

The Washington Post summed up the situation as follows: “Belgian authorities had close contact with some of the men believed to be behind the bloody terrorist attacks in Paris last week, a pattern that raises questions about how the suspects could slip through the fingers of law enforcement officials.”

These fellows were able to FREELY travel to Syria, return, continue... Lot's of stuff coming out in the media revealing this -- THEY WERE NOT REFUGEES. Takes too long to get folk in position this this way.

Most successful terrorist attacks have taken place with people that were well-funded. Cannot pull this stuff off with out money. i.e. 9/11


Let's watch: No refugees AND STILL attacks will take place. Again, this is a well-trodden-strategy. ISIS has been and will continue Killing moderate Muslims. More terrorist bombings to create a hysterical environment against Islamic people -- in turn forcing people to become radicalized.

If anyone here has not read this book - MUST READ

A Savage War of Peace: Algeria 1954–1962 by Alistair Horne

Ken Roberts

Ok, let's suppose there are 12 hidden among 25,000. Two rules of thumb I use: about 1 percent really off-the-norm people, and about 1 percent of off-the-norm people are enabled by circumstance (their form of off-the-norm-ness, capability, opportunity etc) to murder. Just rules of thumb of course. But, in average group of 25000, might expect 2.5 murderers. So maybe 12 is reasonable number assuming attempt to "salt" the refugee population. All right, I'll go with 12.

Will we catch them all (12) BEFORE they do damage? Unlikely, very unlikely. But we will surely try. What is the alternative? Shut down our society? Let them win by redefining who we are?


Ken Roberts

Canada leaks people to the US all the time. The emigration rate to the US exceeds net immigration to Canada. what are you going to do to keep the magic twelve out of the US? pl


kim sky

You do-gooders are hung up on the word, "refugees." I don't give a s--t about that. I am interested in the attacks. pl


Syrian Christian & Yazidi refugees comprise about 3.7% of refugees recommended by the U.N for relocation to the U.S. The State Dept still
has not declared their massacres, torment & enslavement as genocide. IMO
that declaration should be made immediately which would greatly increase their chances of being brought state side. Allentown, Pa is home to
many Syrian Christians & in Lincoln, NB the Yazidi population is well established.

However President Obama seems to have his mind made up to give priority
to unvetted Muslims & kissing up to the U.N. I guess he feels "an ill wind is blowing..." & has long ago made up his mind whose side he is on. Perhaps
he suffers Christian/Yazidiaphobia &/or genocidal denial. I've heard the U.N.
only wants to prioritize refugees from refugee camps where Christian & Yazidis are rarely housed as attacks against them there have been rampant.

Ken Roberts

I didn't know that: "The emigration rate to the US exceeds net immigration to Canada." Interesting. Some idea material there for stories (TV series, etc).

Yes, the border is semi-open. There is considerable sharing of info, and in any specific situation, close cooperation. But ultimately, Canada does not have any restrictions as-such on departure -- other than pay small toll upon entering the bridge. It is the US which has to perform screening of arrivals. I think you would not want it otherwise. It is like that around the world: If a Canadian goes to work in some countries, they want to do their own HIV testing, not rely upon a certificate from a Canadian health care agency.

As somebody pointed out, it is not the "magic twelve" we should be concerned about. It is sort of an ecology of outlooks that we perhaps have to address. It would be very good non-news, for instance, if some planted person were to be turned once they arrived in Canada and saw we were not the "lesser Satan" or whatever is the ideology being infused.

In trying to get stats on the point you made about migration from Canada to US, I ran across a stat that suggests about 13 percent of US population was born outside the US. In Canada, it is about 20 percent born outside Canada. We are just more "worldly" here. It means, in practical terms, that we have a lot of very loyal people in government service, from diverse origins. Hence maybe we have more facility at thinking laterally and identifying high risks.

Good conversation. Signing off now. Weekend activities beckon! Ciao!


Albayim, possible attacks within the US by disaffected elements now are far more probable than prospective refugees from Syria waiting to be vetted for their papers for anywhere between 1 to 3 years. The prospective sleepers or brainwashed disaffected youth within US who will do ISIS bidding need not to be Syrians, they could be Iraqis, Saudis, Tunisians, Palestinians, Moroccans etc. Not to mention the mislead, disaffected native born Americans, white or black, male or female. I would like to know how tedious US law enforcement agencies are in infiltrating, keeping watch, and holding the pulse of the communities where the radicals "swim like fish", as the good old chairman would say. Because this is where the EU agencies seem to fail miserably before anything happens. They seem to be comfortable with the ghetto concept, let them be where they live, as long as they don't come out too often.



Quite a few. How do you think we got caught up in this misadventure in the first place.

Babak Makkinejad

The man responsible for the 2014 incident was indeed an unstable Iranian who had been granted political asylum in Australia. He was a noted poet and had religious training and was married into a well-known religious family. Based on what I read by those who knew him in Iran, I came to the conclusion that he was probably a Maniac-Depressive.

I think Australian Government ought to have deported him back to Iran but their Iran policy blinded them to the most sensible course of action.

I would not include that man and the incident he caused to have been related to ISIS - he was just plain deranged.



And at a wrestling match in Atlanta GA.


Actually, you are more likely to be shot accidentally by your dog.

You should worry far more about the idiot in the next car, the degradation of our health care system for the non-1%, and the likelihood that the ambulance will not get you to a hospital in time.

And if you really want to actually worry about something serious rather than the ninny cr-p on the TV, visit your doctor for a checkup regularly - heart attack and cancer gets almost everyone by far.

Oh, and dont watch TV, read SST.


The Millennium Bomber was caught by the Border Patrol, entered from Canada.

You know what biometrics are? They're gonna take fingerprints and run them through a database and see if there's a hit. That's it, but some of you think this means brain scans.

"Against our values" Lmao. More retarded special pleading. Like I told CP the basis of a nation is to protect its citizens, not balm the conscience of wealthy white liberals.

Maybe some of you haven't noticed, but Brussels is under siege because, like many of you, they were so open minded their brains fell out. You want that for the US?



Dogs do not shoot or blow up people. pl


Cee -

I did see a report that the Atlanta FBI office had indicated they are taking this threat very seriously.

Babak Makkinejad

I think the old joke was "Keep yourself open-minded and it would soon to be filled with rubbish."


Not knowingly, of course


Babak Makkinejad

All of them, per the Makkinejad Theses, would be hailing from outside of the old Seljuk Lands - there will no Turk, Turcoman, Iranian, Azeri, or Hazara among the potential perpetrators. One requires expertise in the sociology of Islamic Lands to be able to distinguish among all these varied peoples.



"There is also no history of radicalism within the muslim communities in Canada.

You have a short memory.

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