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31 December 2015


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After 911, they (NSA) took USSID18 which afforded protection for the American Citizenry regarding internal surveillance monitoring, and threw it in the trash can. In effect making U.S. Citizens little more than Russians, or Chinese, or Israelis, or Germans, or other nations around the globe. Was this NSA's way of saying to US the U.S. Citizenry that our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights mattered little anymore? Their actions sadly against U.S. Citizens have been louder than their words where claims are they're doing it for our protections. Didn't we hear similar in the late 30's out of Nazi Germany? And didn't we hear the same during the period of the former Soviet Union with their NKVD?

IMO, and I say IMO after the fall of the former Soviet Union, two monsters should have been dismantled, those being NATO and NSA. The latter should have been run through a gauntlet of 'each and every one of their programs and physical assets they possessed put under the microscope by the Congress and White House jointly -- is by continuing such programs and assets really in our benefit as a nation or not, and does it protect or hurt our citizenry and Constitution and Bill of Rights. NSA is supposed to be 'under' DoD oversight, but they don't act like it do they.

As kids, both you and I played with pellet/bb guns and played with them in public without a care in the world. Today if a American kid has a pellet/bb gun, the Police and Law Enforcement agencies shoot first and ask questions later, instead of using their heads and asking first and shooting last, of is it real or is it a play toy. Same sad errant mindset applies today to how they surveillance the American citizen.

We need to go back to the old days, where common sense mattered and a man's word was his bond.

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