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18 December 2015


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IMO, Most important geopolitical zone of this war, from Hendokosh to Mediterranean Sea, is the western coastal area, that's where the concentration is, next are the supply roads from north.



"that's where the concentration is," Concentration of what? pl


Yes, when all else fails Murphy arises....our family lore is while on his stroll from Bad Orb to Luckenwalde in 1945 our father carried a young soldier from Kentucky on a stretcher with a few others but after a day or so he took a turn and they dropped him off at a German hospital along with a number of other POWS and continued their stroll. Not more than a kilometer away a U.S. Fighter bombed the hospital and then the line of gentlemen on their stroll. He would cry about that for another 67 years. Shit is hard.


There was this little incident.


Col. David Glantz, a leading US expert on World War 2 era Soviet military, had written about it. Not very conclusive, but a lot of unanswered questions, though.


I don't subscribe to most conspiracy stories, but I do know where there's suspicion, suspicious looking incidents, intentional or accidental, adds fuel to the fire. Trust is a commodity easily lost and hard to rebuild, something that our leaders are too quick to forget, it seems.


Col. I meant where the concentration of R+6 defenses are



I wouldn't take this too seriously. Dave Glantz was a couple of years behind me at VMI and in my company. I know him well, a great scholar but very much a detail man. Things like this happen in war. There is no hidden meaning, just
"stuff that happened."

Someone here has started using R+6+1. What is the "1?" pl


On PBS Newshour they just reported that the Pentagon has initiated an investigation.


When I read that FP article, I found that I wished I could read the actual transcript of the interview, not just the way it was put together by the author.


I thought the following might be helpful in understanding the different streaming within Islam:

a diagram of the gross subdivision within Islam:


It was Iraqi troops that called in the air strike. So who knows what happened.


Someone here has started using R+6+1. What is the "1?"

Col. could that be Putin' new body,Trump he's one alright, just wondering


Whew: This is by Harpers... not the content, but a big minor leaguer (been to the show, but is currently playing in 3A) in the MSM printed it.




My bad. When I used R6+1 I mixed it somehow up, likely from R4+1 and R+6. What I mean is: The armed forces of Russia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, YPG and their rebel allies, PUK-Kurds + Hizbollah and international Shia militia

The numbers in R+6 is a bit unclear, though, since the forces in the decription I listed above overlap a bit in multiple instances like armed forces of Iran and international Shia militia under Iranian command may be effectively the same units in the fight.


Thanks Amir... that's very helpful!

Bill Herschel

Surrogate, surrogate, who's got the surrogate. Israel now has Turkey. The U.S. already had Turkey.

How very, very interesting. At a time when Turkey was still mildly Westernized, Sarkozy won the Presidency of France in part on a platform of never letting Turkey into the European Union. He actually said some fairly controversial things about Western traditions, even Christian traditions.

Does anyone seriously believe that Europe is now going to welcome Turkey? Ukraine, maybe. Turkey, no. And, in fact, I would say that the great, great majority of the French people would bring Russia into the European Union an eternity before they would admit Turkey. Russian is taught in a great many Lycées. I don't think Turkish is taught in any.

If there are puppeteers, they are having a much, much harder time at their work than they used to before September. The décalage between the people and their leaders is growing by the hour. And the guy who is making out big time is The Donald. Primary season will be really, really interesting.


David Stockman's Contra Corner site also has it.
Symptom of shifting attitudes, methinks.

Charles Michael

about "shit happens"

In my recollection of the Irak I war, the coalition suffered about 500 (478 ?) Dead In Action. On these almost half were attributed to friendly fire, notably on Brits.
It doesnot happens only with air ground support, but also with artillery, specially intense barrage moving forward.


Yes, they said the same when bombs landed on that Chink embassy in Belgrade back in '99...


No GI raped my grandmother. Canadian soldiers blew up by grandparents old house along with the whole main road of the village. Retribution for allegedly shots being fired against them even though the alleged shots hit no one.

The U.S., its agents and forces, do some "shit happens" things deliberately. Just read the current NYT story of seals being on a rampage in Afghanistan.


The whole willful killing of Afghan civilians was covered up by higher commands. That "shit happened" deliberately.

The whole Afghan Local Police program, with terrible consequences everyone was warned of before it launched, happened deliberately.

Was torture at Abu Graibh and elsewhere not a deliberate effort?

William R. Cumming

Thanks for link to this important story!


I have been translating the reports of these frequent "mistakes" from the Iranian media a few times during the past months and posting them here. Obviously the media is biased but the Bashar's supporters choose to report this biased version as opposed to the opposite type of biased version.
Last week RT reported an accident near Raqqa where the uninvited coalition member had hit the SAA prior the Liver Eaters using the occasion's confusion to attach the government's position.

alba etie

The Beaver
Although I have long been an admirer of Sen Hagel- he after all was one of the lone voices speaking out against the Bushcheney invasion of Iraq from the Senate Chambers- I believe that President Obama made the right decision not to bomb Syria over the alleged use of Sarin by the Syrian Government . The off ramp provided by Putin to ship the CW out of Syria was an excellent alternative to possibly starting a generational regional war in the Levant . Its also my opinion that FP these days is nothing but a IO tool for the neocons .


North Germany I suppose. What you don't seem to understand is that military forces are often not under good enough control by higher command and/or do not function the way they were designed to do, Perhaps your attitude has something to do with you being German. I have been told by a good many Italians, French and Germans that soldiers of the Heer were less to be feared by civilians for personal injury and theft than Allied soldiers. The Waffen SS were a different matter. As a force designed by former front line NCOs they were more or less designed to do uncontrolled violence. I must say, though, that in accord with the international law of war at that time, the Heer DID take reprisals against local villages and villagers in the way you describe the Canadians dealing with your grandparents. With regard to Abu Ghraib, I think you have a good case for the Bush Administration and especially Cheney and Rumsfeld having encouraged the abuse of Iraqi prisoners. Once such abuse is encouraged on high the effect rolls downhill until you end by having half trained reservists amusing themselves sadistically. IMO the Bush Administration's behavior in this matter was a violation of international and US law and they should have been held criminally liable. The SEAL incident in Afghanistan is quite different. This is a case of several enlisted men, none of who were probably more than walking muscle and tattoos who misbehaved outside the realm of policy or regulations. Thereafter a junior officer (lieutenant) who probably was as dumb and muscle bound as the sailore decided stupidly to protect his men when they should not have been protected. B, old thing, you need to learn to distinguish between incidents resulting from indiscipline and those are the results of policy. pl



They say it because it does happen all time. pl


The Iranian TV: complaining of dropping of supply packages to DAESH or friends.

I am not stating this is true or not as I am not on the ground. Maybe our GCC friends, the House of Al Saud or Al Thani or our Erdoganist friends are doing this behind the back and should be blocked by whomever controls the Iraki airspace (US?).

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