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18 December 2015


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The US does not control Iraq's airspace. pl

different clue

The Beaver,

I note that both Foreign Policy magazine website and its reporter Dan de Luce both propagate the lie that Assad used the Sarin. By now they are in a position to know better, so I think that Foreign Policy and Luce are both lying about who used the Sarin. (That is different than Hagel himself believeing at-the-time that it was Assad who used the Sarin. These are two completely different issues).

different clue


Did the Canadian soldiers blow up the houses as "retribution" for shots which hit no one? Or did they blow up the houses as "cover denial" to make sure that no further shots could come from the area of those houses and hit someone? "Retribution"? Or safety-assurance?


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It was routine before 1949 to blow up houses and shoot civilians in reprisal for what was a called a levee en masse,. Pl


I would not equate disenfranchisement and as you say "resignation" leads to sustainable active support. Some think that the option you put in brackets is feasible, I tend to agree with them, though I think the timeline will be longer.


ISIL's capacity to defend territory is limited and will one day be exhausted. Mid-term ISIL in Iraq and Syria will go back into the underground and take the same route as Al-Qaida after the Taliban with their "Amir al-Muminin" Mullah Omar got kicked out of Afghanistan. Threats will then come out of the underground in a variety of shapes, with a attempt to relaunch in a couple of years.

Maybe they already have their sanctuaries for the really important people in neighbouring countries?


"It has been U.S. neoliberals themselves who have catalyzed the emerging independent Eurasian bloc."
On point.
"The more nakedly self-serving and geopolitical U.S. policy is ... the greater the catalytic pressure is growing for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, AIIB and related Eurasian institutions to break free of the post-1945 Bretton Woods system run by the U.S. State, Defense and Treasury Departments and NATO superstructure."
Unfortunately, the System wants to control and expropriate everything for itself by any means and for whatever cost for "biomass." This is why the ongoing Clowns for Prez show is frightening.


Apologise for posting this here - this was meant to be an answer to different clue's comment above saying I gave too much respect to the Iraqi Government.


Aye, Col. sir.

Now a great many [Chinks] fear a "sh*tstorm" near their Lake...

Trey N

Absolutely outstanding article by Cockburn! One of the the very few Western journalists to actually travel in that part of the world and honestly report what he see and hears, to boot.

I especially loved this quote:

"in Syria, a Saudi talk-show host lamented that “our children are fighting on both sides... the Saudis...are killing one another!”

What excellent news! Now if we could only bring the Zionists into the picture and get them to all utterly exterminate each other, maybe there could finally be some peace and quiet in that godforsaken corner of the planet....


I was unaware of that.

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