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11 December 2015


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"you are entitled to your opinion, you are not entitled to your own facts"

Facts are needed when you are dealing with the reality. Don't the foreign policy "borgists" create their own reality?



No. Carl Rove found that out the hard way. No amount of bullshit creates reality in the face of objective truth. Of course Rove was talking about creating actual reality not BS reality in which you don't recognize that you adversaries just think you are funny. pl

Babak Makkinejad

Col. Lang:

To answer your questions at the end: "No he does not care."

But I have another question: Does the Vatican care about those Christians? Do you know?



It was a rhetorical question. Yes, the Vatican cares. pl

Balint Somkuti

Sir, what is true about the alleged deployment if 90 000 gulf troops into Iraq with US logistical support?


The problem is that they think (imagine, fantasize) that they can create a reality that fits their grandiose dreams. As long as they keep their jobs (and status) and suffer no personal setbacks for their delusions, and they belong to a group that shares their delusions, what is the incentive to be more realistic?

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."
-- Philip K. Dick

"We can avoid reality, but we cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality."
-– Ayn Rand



The Borgists in Washington would love to see that. I will believe it when I see it. What countries would they come from? Saudi Arabia? What a joke! pl

Babak Makkinejad


This is for you - from the font of Liberals:



Obama is a Christian as far as it furthered his goals in Chicago. I would not call him my brother in Christ by any stretch of the term

FB Ali

Col Lang,

It is not only the Christians, the Yazidis, the Alawis, the Shia, etc who would be 'inferior' members of the population in a Syrian Sharia state. Large numbers of Syrian Sunnis would also feel the same way.

This applies to all Muslim countries outside the Wahhabi belt in the ME; in that area they are compelled to become 'hypocrites', who act one way in public and another in private. Not least among them are many members of the ruling class in these states.

The Beaver

"What countries would they come from?"

Most probably: Hired guns from poorer countries from Africa or Pakistan - the middlemen ( aka politicians) will make $$$$, or the resources from R2 in Abu Dhabi.


john kerry could just as easily said there are 'kinks' in the relationship between the usa and saudi arabia... but planning for regime change isn't one of them..


Pn the Riyadh meeting. it is noteworthy that the Ahrar al-Sham leadership disavowed the agreement and proclaimed their true identity. That should complicate KSA efforts to shoe-horn into some Vienna/Geneva conference

Trey N

An even bigger joke was the inclusion of Jordan in that delusional list of unicorns. King Abdullah clearly saw the writing on the wall when Russia deployed in Syria, and he wisely retreated to the sidelines as fast he could run. The man is one of the few ME leaders who is firmly grounded in reality. He wants to keep the crown on his head, and his head on his shoulders, and most assuredly will not be participating in any further "adventures" in neighboring countries.

alba etie

Karl Rove aka turdblossom is now talking up his new book on President Garfield and still spinning the Bushcheney debacle -which left us many problems chief amongst them ISIL . Of course Barry and his Best Girls have only made the MENA more dangerous .


Col. or BH: Have there been any reports of the rebels fleeing positions in numbers where they have columns that are being attacked?


Do the Gulfies even HAVE 90,000 troops, much less be able to spare that number?

FB Ali

Whatever "hired guns" the Wahhabis have been able to get have been sent to Yemen to try and save the young Prince's bacon. They're not having much success.

There are none from Pakistan in this lot. The Saudis asked for troops from Pakistan to go into Yemen but were politely told to go take a hike. As far as hiring retired soldiers from Pakistan, I think whatever numbers were available have been taken by Bahrain and Oman (possibly Qatar, as well) to prop up their rulers.

As for R2, I don't think many Colombian mercenaries would be available after meeting the minimum requirement for 'regime protection'.


AE: They are working very hard to create their own facts.
And they will have a lot of help. See https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2015/12/11/putins-syrian-folly/?postshare=2331449850164997&tid=ss_tw

The Serious People will look very silly if Putin doesn't fail.


US has 3 large Sunni Muslim majority allied countries in the ME area, all three have a very poor and resourceless economies, so they are available to be rented, all three have large armies which haven't won any wars, and are mostly paid by American tax payers, all three are mostly run by their militaries. Non is helping US with boots on the ground to fight ISIL, anyone wonders why? Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan are currently rented to Saudis and Qatar.


Would occupation of Mosul in the North be part of an adjunct plan to the use of the 90k troops, to occupy areas to the West, NW of Baghdad by "Arab forces" and Mosul by Turks?

Ken Roberts

Driving past a church this morning, saw a billboard outside with quote: "Mercy is more important than Judgement -- Pope Francis". This guy is amazing. I watched his talk in Florence on TV -- my Italian is almost nil, so I didn't follow the words, but he seems a genuine person. Just about the only world figure speaking truth about higher ideals -- and meaning it. I wish him well. We need him.

alba etie

..book on President McKinley

alba etie

Trey N
Do you think the Jordanian military might participate later in peace keeping after the Russians et al defeat the Liver Eaters in Syria?

Babak Makkinejad

I think the Wahhabi belt pretty much has spread to all Muslim countries outside of the Old Seljuk Empire.

Organization of Islamic Conference acts as the Branch Office of the Saudi Foreign Ministry and as far as the rest of Muslim world - outside of the Shia Crescent - is concerned there is nothing wrong with bombing the thousands of Yemenis to smithereens.

Nevertheless, US, is the Enemy of Islam for these people because she kills a few Muslims here and there with drones?

I guess this is the Muslim version of "Black Lives Matter" writ large on the planetary scale: if non-Muslim kill Muslims, they are Enemies of Islam and the effigies of their leaders are burnt and the flags of those countries are trampled upon.

But it is all well when Muslims are killed by other Muslims by their hundred - as long as those killed belonged to the Apostate Sects and Governments.

Regrettably, I do not believe that going to the KSA is going to help any longer.

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