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20 December 2015


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Trey N

Wow, thanx for the heads-up on the Sodgians! I'm absolutely fascinated by living links like this to such an esoteric past.
The "telephone game" the interviewers had to play reminds me of when I went to Czechoslovakia in 1986 to climb my family tree. On the train back to Prague from Moravia we were sharing a compartment with a young man who grew up in North Vietnam. He spoke French to a Czech engineer, who spoke Czech to my companion, who told me what was said in English -- and back went the chain. Hearing his side of the Vietnam war when he was a child was quite an experience.

robt willmann


The U.S. State Department has a section called the Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR)--


At the time of the Iraq debacle, I think Carl Ford there spoke out prior to his retirement. After the fraudulent National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq, Thomas Fingar, who had been at the INR, was selected to clean up the mess and produced the 2007 NIE which appears to have stopped Bush jr. and Cheney from launching a war on Iran. Fingar had also been at Stanford University off and on where I think he is now. For the NY Times article, you may have to turn on cookies on the web browser--



Here is a talk Fingar gave about the National Intelligence Estimate and the process involved that is worth listening to--


dilbert dogbert,

Regarding Gen. Stilwell, a relative in the army during World War 2 was sent to the Pacific and was also in the army of occupation in Japan. He would talk about Gen. Stilwell and he also stated the position that Chiang Kai-shek and his wife swallowed the Lend Lease money (meaning, stole it), which was a large sum even by today's standards. He said they called Chiang Kai-shek's wife, "Madame Cash My Check". I wish Gen. Stilwell's papers and diary were published in an unedited form; I don't know whether they have been or where they might be, whether his family has them, or a university, or the National Archives, or they are somewhere else.

The Kulak

BradRHoff -- Schindler's is losing his Twitter wars, in case nobody noticed that little mishap that got him fired, ok forced to resign from the US Naval War College in Newport, RI back in 2014.


The Kulak

Israeli air strike was probably a stand off weapon, even though some are gonna gloat Russia's S400 crews stood down. I've seen evidence from Putin's remarks to the Defense Ministry that they're cooperating with the Israelis and have a hot line, which probably means strict orders not to shoot at Israeli jets unless they pose a threat to Russian jets/advisers and Russian forces alone. Still the real problem for the Israelis beyond a certain range from the Golan is the fact that Syria's S-300s are likely to be data linked to the S400 beast in Latakia, meaning that S400 radar data could be used by the upgraded Syrian S300s to shoot down IAF or Turkish jets.

If I were the Turkish general in charge of Erdogan's new base near Mosul I'd be worried about more than GRADs fired by ISIS. I'd be sweating about all those Tochkas that have been lobbed by the Houthis at Saudi bases over the last week. Iraq would not need very many of those from Russia checked out by Iranian technicians to take out the Turkish base without a single Iraqi Shi'a militiaman having to enter the Barzani Kurds' turf.

alba etie

Might it be possible that President Obama starting from the time that he went to Congress to get the AUMF to bomb Syria for the alleged chemical weapons use that there has been a walk back of removing Assad ? That even though General Dunford views Russia in committe hearings as an existential threat , that there is an easing of the neocons supposed noose around Assad . That possibly this walk back from removing Assad was to be accomplished over the last few years of the BHO administration in the context of a national election upcoming and against entrenched neocon interest here and abroad. My working theory 'here in the cheap seats " is that we should look at what our current administration has done up to now - notwithstanding trying to arm and train the unicorns. There is not a no fly zone over Syria - admittedly a moot issue once the Russian military came on the scene in Syria. My question is if the rhetoric of the BHO administration still sounds like its all neocon all the time - does the current actions of the administration suggest a course correction that would at least allow for Assad to stand for election in Syria? I would also hope to believe that the Secretary of State Kerry 's recent work to start some type of transitional political process for an end to the Syrian Civil War has the blessing of President Obama and that this further action vs the neocon rhetoric of Ms Nuland and company . We shall see.

alba etie

On this one we agree . I have resolved to build comity for 2016 wherever I can ;so I thought I get a jump on it with you regarding the NSA 's overreach into our affairs.

alba etie

Col Lang
A recent FP article stated that former Secretary of Defense Hagel thought the US should have bombed Assad for the alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians. Further the article states that Sec Def Hagel cited this as one more reason he resigned his post . I am wondering how accurate that FP article is regarding Sec Def Hagel wanting to intervene more actively in Syria . I had always though that Sec Defense Hagel was against military action in Syria - as he was opposed to the no fly zone that Erdogan wanted to oppose before the Russians were invited to intervene by Assad .


IZ, I was a bit puzzled by that too. He writes: Israel, Germany and Russia, to be more precise.

For whatever reason I vaguely assumed that the classified intelligence doc that surfaced on the Syrian context we discussed here had Israeli input. Strictly, not only considering they treated wounded fighters would have allowed them to gather information on the ground. ...

The only other context, this nitwit on matters has stumbled across Germany in this context, was what I took as an ironic comment by Pat Lang. But then maybe I misread context or allusion.

Russia no doubt wouldn't seem surprising in the larger context of relations Seymour outlines in his article. But yes, he is relying on information, but apparently informed one.


In other words, you like to ignore TTG's quite rational assessment?


Tyler, I agree with Laguerre the last paragraph seems to be some type of cliffhanger. Hang on ...;)

"Because they're true believers in blank slate CultMarx globalism."

"globalism", has many faces now (jihad globalism) the dominant one seems to be market globalism. My basic take is that anti-Globalists at least the organized crowd are predominently lefties, or at least anti market globalization. Thus at least for me: "CultMarx globalism" as fighting term makes only limited sense.

William R. Cumming

A newly published work describes the lives of A. Dulles, Helms. Colby, and Casey. May have some insights.


I would appreciate it if David could enlighten us in this context, Pat. Meanwhile I'll try to at least occasionally his comments.

"The Peaceable Kingdom." This "holy" quest drives them in directions that coincide nicely with the desires of the Likud."

I have seen among non-Likudniks quite a bit of attraction to the idea of "the light unto the nations", which may point in the same direction.

But yes, I realize that David may be able to tell us more about earlier intellectual endeavors in the UK, for loss of another way to put it, then what caught my attention in the context of the Euston Manifesto.

William R. Cumming

Always remember the real driver for HRC is her desire to have a larger place in the history books than WJC!


Is there an easy way to find a link? Two different hearings? What keywords would help me find it?


forget my question above. Pat, gemini33. That's a good start. ;)



Hersh's piece specifically names Germany, Israel and Russia as the three countries through which information was passed. DIA has a long standing liaison relationship with the BND. pl


his lady?


Remember Robert Conquest's Third Law, that bureaucracies behave as if controlled by a cabal of their enemies.

Allen Thomson

Is there any indication that the National Intelligence Council has been tasked to produce an interagency assessment (NIE, SNIE, IIA etc.) on the current Syria/ISIS situation? Hersh's article makes me think that the answer may be no, in accordance with the principle "Don't ask the question if you think you won't be able to stand the answer."

Also, see http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/quitting-over-syria/



Don't be obtuse. I was trying to be funny in referring to Graham. pl

Richard Sale

Sy hersh and I were close friends in the late 80s and through the early 2000s.

In 1988 I published an article for UPI, presenting evidence that Mossad was heavily infiltrated by the Soviets. Sy called me that afternoon. Soon after, we had lunch.

During the early 2000s, we protected your backs from attacks.

He has integrity and the courage to be unpopular.

Richard Sale


Too bad that the Syrians don't tell the Israelis that if they're going to fire into Syrian airspace, then they will fire into Israeli airspace. And let this 'red line' be known to all parties and Overlords. All it would take would be one or two downed Israeli jets, and they'd back off from striking inside Syria. The Overlords have no intention of letting the children as it were start Armageddon on their watch.

Syria needs to start negating Israeli encroachments, all the Israelis understand is a hard slap in their face a time or two to bring them down off their high-horses.

Trey N

No, I haven't, but I'll put it on my radar. Thanx for the tip!

And I finally came up with that book I read earlier this year. It's "The Burma Campaign" by Frank McLynn, published 2010 in Britain and 2011 in the US. My apologies to all that were interested here that I couldn't recall the title earlier.


Robert Willman wrt Stilwell paper archive.


Just in case you or others were not aware of this resource.


Supporting that "holy quest" as you describe would certainly appear to be a serious violation of Obama's directive to "don't do stupid sh_t". And yet the quest persists, seemingly above all else. Would be interesting to know who got to the administration and was able to convince them to join the holy quest, as most of them surely didn't come into office holding those views. Difficult to imagine but seems to fit the facts -- somehow I'm reminded of some of the amazing things we heard from Sibel some years ago...

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