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09 December 2015


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Sorry dude,

Trump is going down with Hillary.

They’ve Nailed Every Presidential Election Since 1975. They Say Our Next President Will Be…



"I just don't agree that she planned to die in this madness." No. She was a standard issue jihadi seeking martyrdom. pl


There is something I'm not getting. If Pakistanis with Syrian passports are traveling through Europe to a country of their choosing, should the authorities of the receiving countries' police authorities not vet them based on the fluency of their Arabic language? The reason I am asking is that they are put in some of quarantine by the state upon arrival, and that would the ideal time to separate them according to their languages, this with the understanding that Pakistan has a baker's dozen of languages. Upon proper filtering,and discovery Of would be Syrians, PNG them to whence they came, family or no family. Is there no one at the controls in Europe.

This reminds me of what happened in Kunduz at the start of the Afghanistan conflict during that operation's imbroglio, where The ISI retrieved their personnel as well as many high high ranking Al Qaeda personnel. Why did the US not stall the evacuation at Bagram aerodrome until US hired Pakistanis familiar with the country's many languages could separate the Arabs from the genuine Pakistanis, and detaining them upon discovery?


Correction--I meant to say: ...the same country that locked up US Citizens of Japanese descent...


Raheel Farook, the older brother, apparently served in the US Navy, and is a decorated war veteran. How much did he know about the woman his brother married?


Apologies for the bad grammar above. I would say revoke my passport, but it's too late.

Babak Makkinejad

Likely nothing.

Guy & gal go visit their in-laws; all the sister-in-laws leave the family living room lest the guy sees their faces.

Babak Makkinejad

Lebanon and Iraq are not examples of open and free societies; far from it.

In US, additionally, there is a generally trusting population - almost naïve - that could be taken advantage of and manipulated by foreigners; look no further than how Israel manipulates the religious sentiments of Protestants.

The cunning manipulative Middle Easterner does not pre-dominate in the United States; at least no yet.


Within the immediate family, the two would be considered "Mahraam" to each other and she is not obliged to cover her face.

Babak Makkinejad

It varies depending on the mores of the family in question.



I commented similarly in a staff meeting at work when one of my counterparts brought the subject up. I received a number of blank stares of incomprehension as a result. I don't believe any of these very intelligent folks have actually given any real concentrated thought on just what is happening. In that regard Richard Sale's posting is quite timely.


Abu Sinan & Babak Makkinejad,

well possible. Most of the time it is the family that arranges the marriage or at least make the "introduction". But here this guy went to a dating site himself (BTW is that common?). What I mean is for a potential female jihadi , he might have seen as a easy a easy target.

In his online bio he basically wanted a hijab wearing, religious but westernized girl who would go snow boarding, camping with him and friends, go out and eat with him and friends and work on vintage cars with him. That is a odd and rare mix of qualities to be find in a (any) girl.


“Lebanon and Iraq are not examples of open and free societies; far from it.”

Babak I agree, and that’s what I meant to say, it happens in these other places too, so being open and free society is not going to prevent it.

Charles Michael

Oh, yes absolutely
I have witnessed the process a lot between Sri Lankan Indian Tamils and from Tamil Nadu, to find matching caste, or from the Bora (small but influent moderate muslims, a lot having choosen to migrate from Mumbai to Colombo at the time of the partition).

I was just refering to the specific case in San Bernardino, certainly not to enforce a general suspicion.



lmao I've never heard of these people but here you are pushing another conspiracy theory.

Go tell me about how it was Darren Wilson who actually did San Berdoo, you nut.

"Western Illinois University" any light at the bottom of a mineshaft, eh?



That's President Trump to you.



Trump has united the Borg on the Right AND the Left against him.

Obviously he's doing something right.


Its like Trump makes a pronouncement, the Borg finds it fainting couches while screaming TRUMP HAS GONE TOO FAR and then the next day Trump is vindicated by what he said. Yet some of you still want to "Feel da Burn" ahahah.

President Putin, as a chess player, would appreciate the gambit that Trump has put his opponents in. Either they side with Obama or they follow his lead. Trump has drop kicked the Overton Window so hard and so fast to the right on so many issues the damn thing has a hamstring.

Be lucky you live in such an exciting time!

William R. Cumming

I have long believed the VISA program generally is corrupted and penetrated, but hoping I an wrong. Notice that policy and administration located in two different Executive Branch Departments, perhaps three.

I have heard the MSM use the figure 125 for number of countries with various kinds of visa waiver by the USA. not sure if correct?

Almost no public examination of dual-citizenship issues or numbers!

Abu Sinan

No one said to lock anyone up. That is a knee jerk reaction. It seems to me rather clear that had someone reported this couple there could be some 14 more people alive today.

People report suspicious stuff all of the time. There are already anonymous phone lines to report such activity. It would not be anything new. I am aware of what happened to the Japanese. I am an American Muslim married to a immigrant from Yemen. So I am aware of what can happen, and would be directly impacted by it if it did.

However, I am an American and I have a duty to my country and my fellow citizens. As a Muslim I feel I have a religious obligation to stand against injustice and I feel there is nothing more unjust than those that would kill innocents in my name and in the name of my religion. So with my friends, family and the community around me, I always push the idea that we have an obligation to keep an eye out and report things that are suspicious.

Abu Sinan

He's either doing something right, or just he is just a complete idiot. Occam's razor would suggest the later.

Abu Sinan

Going online to find spouses is very common amoungst younger Muslims, yes. As to being seen as a target, very well could be, but going abroad to find a bride or using online matrimonial services are very common and neither should raise any flags at all.

His online bio seems like he is looking for a unicorn. If he wanted a westernized girl, you dont look outside the west for her generally. As for snowboarding, camping and vintage cars, I am sure there are some westernized Muslim women who like these things, but my 20 years in the Western Muslim community tells me there are not many.

Abu Sinan

The only one he would potentially see the face of would be his bride to be. Anyone he could potentially marry would have to cover in front of him, whether that means hijab or niqab. So all females in his bride to be family would have to cover, including his soon to be mother in law, until they actually marry. Until that time his mother in law covers. His sister in laws, and other female members of the family will always cover in front of him even after the marriage.

If the females of the family wear niqab, it is unlikely that they would have met at all.

Babak Makkinejad

I agree with Abu Sinan.

There are many Muslim & Hindu & Sikh matrimonial sites - just search the public Internet; many of them in English

Often, the parents are advertising their sons and daughters.

These are not "Mail-Order-Bride" sites.

Babak Makkinejad

Yup, it is the Muslim kitsch, the very essence of that religion to so many Muslim.

You watch young women in US or Canada refusing to shake the hand of the male university Chancellor or Department head when receiving their diplomas - as though they would become ritualistically impure.

Or the Iranian Foreign Ministers clasping the palms of their hands and bowing ever slightly when receiving female officials - as though they are some kind of Buddhists or Hindus.

Stupid as stupid does.

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