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09 December 2015


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Saudi (GCC) financed Jihadis


How would creating travel restrictions for AMERICAN CITIZENS of Iranian descent, help in fighting Saudi import Jihad in San Bernardino?

Nevertheless, the law is pushed through the congress in ONE day. The ineffective congress impresses the populous as it seems to be acting decisive. No one is going to ask for more scrutiny of the GCC, which should have been the FIRST thing to do.

As the score stands, 19+2 (911 and SBR) hidden in plain sight ... and I leave the Times Square Bombing, the Boston Marathon Bombing, the Fort Hood, … GCC connections alone.


The age when Saudi/Qatari/UAE and Kuwaiti Elders are allowed to engage in lawful pedophilia is as soon as the female child has her first menses, meaning as young as 10-11 in some cases, if they have premature menses.


Also a way to gain government contracts in Iran. Speaking of personal experience, a cousin who was wearing mini-jupe prior the revolution, refusing to shake the hand of her COUSINS after the revolution…but the husband builds roads and needs government contracts. Keeping up appearances here means bread on the table.


More snowboarding "Hijab-wearing" Unicorns in Tehran: http://burtongirls.burton.com/snowboarding/riding-iran-the-koh-i-noor-project/

Abu Sinan


Define "suspicious"? Sure. As Muslim woman at a gun range, not necessarily. A niqabi (face veil) at a shooting range, as seems to be the case here, is a huge red flag for anyone who has knowledge about the Muslim community.

A guy with a beard and short pants wanting to learn how to thread pipes and buying lots of particular types of chemicals even though he is a software geek? Yeah, I'd report him.

You sink to the lowest common denominator and then ask rhetorical questions. As a person who has been in and around the Muslim/Arab community for some 20 years, there are things that I would indeed find suspicious based on my knowledge of the religion and culture, and you bet I'd drop a dime on it. The lives I save could be mine, could be my children, other people's children. Besides, I feel I have an obligation to do so as an American, and I feel I have a religious obligation to.

The people in the best position to be aware of these things would be people in the Muslim community themselves. Their willingness to "drop a dime" has already stopped those who have been radicalised. This needs to increase.

I know what it is like to be questioned by intelligence and law enforcement agents. When I worked in England I was interviewed by Special Branch at one point for several hours because one of my English co-workers thought I was spending too much time in the "wrong areas" of the north of Ireland. The men were doing their job and I respected them for it. It was annoying, but I fully understood why they were doing what they were doing.

Abu Sinan


It just goes to show us how uneducated and crass a large cross section of American society is. He is not original, both in his rhetoric or in American history. The Know-Nothing Party beat him to it some 160 years ago or so.

What is it with you that you feel you have to make personal attacks on people? Can you stick to the facts and not ad hominem attacks? Thanks.

Abu Sinan


You could be right and that it was out of cultural perception of the men in the bus, or she could honestly believe it. It is the women in these cultures that keep a lot of these practices going on, up to and including FGM. They dont want to rock the boat and want to operate according to what is accepted in local society.

The Beaver

Case in point:


The Beaver

@ Aka

"BTW is that common"

Affirmative amongst the diaspora of the South Asian communities. Before, the parents would seek the help of a matchmaker to get the right person ( caste, family history, how well-to-do the family is, education , you name it - it could be a criterion) to that arranged marriage but these days, with the advent of the web, the youngsters do the search themselves and then get the parents involved if they hit it off.

In Toronto, the Hindu girls are told that, so long the prospective husband is not "BMW" ( I will let you decipher that) it is OK to make your own choice but, in lieu of a loaded dowry, the bridegroom gets to settle in Canada (w/o immigration hassles in a sense).
On one of the travel forum that I subscribe to, a young Indian man who came to the US at age 16 on his mother's fiancée visa ( she was a widow) found out that his prospective wife from Cochin is this third cousin. When we peppered him with questions, he said that he wanted to marry someone from his caste (from Southern India), same religion ( Christian -Syriac) and university educated. So he went on-line to look for his future wife and bingo there was a match. Now the in-laws want to come to the US as immigrants.
For the Muslims, now you see the distinction about whether they are Sunni or Shi'a ( before 2003 this was not even a requirement on those sites). The Ahmaddis have theri own site , ditto the Ismaelis.
There are so many sites available on line, whether one is Muslim or Hindu or Christian.


Abu Sinan, while you may feel you are especially qualified to identify suspicious behavior in the Muslim community your initial statement did not indicate that only qualified people should report suspicious behavior. The fact is, there are many ignorant people who have no idea. These people include many in law enforcement, and such calls can have unfortunate consequences. See, for example the link from The Beaver below, and this link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/02/11/alabama-cops-leave-a-grandfather-partially-paralyzed-after-frisk-goes-awry/



And you think you are so learned because you bring up the Nativists? You pointing and fainting "nuh-nuh-nativist!" doesn't address the salient points at hand that Trump is making, instead its simply an ad hom to distract from the fact that he is right.

There's no personal attacks there. You are often wrong around here and add nothing of value to the conversation more often than not. The fact you think you can puff out your chest like some Deputy Dawg and lay down the terms of engagement is laugh worthy.



Of course not. Its pure rhetoric point&faint or make believe that "American values" are allowing the 3rd World to come to the country because that's what the Founders wanted or some nonsense.



You can't stump the Trump.



You boil a frog slowly. Trump is just edging into his plan right now to Make America Great Again. Its part of why the Borg media is freaking out right now. If We the People accept that, yes, you can indeed halt immigration to the US and foreigners do NOT have a right to come here, well that turns the last 50 years of Statue Poem and "American DREAMerz" on its head. Next thing that happens is Trump restricts Latin American, Asian, and African immigration.

Can't wait for that DEPORTATION FORCE.

Abu Sinan

I realise things like this are going to happen. It is also why I pointed out that this was especially directed towards those within the Muslim community. Muslims know what to look for, know what stands out and what is suspicious.

The Muslim community is the best situated to use this tactic to maximum effect.



hopefully Time's person of the year has some advisors to explain to her how there might be some problems with her immigration plan.

SAC Brat

And Germans.


What is wrong with interning the refugees until the conflict is over?

A slight aside, George Marshall mentioned in the Forrest Pogue interview tapes the need to intern the Japanese immigrants in the US to protect them from the Americans at the time.

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