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09 December 2015


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The money apparently came through a peer-to-peer lending site called Prosper.com. The bank in Utah is used by Prosper to make the payments.


"Are there no loan companies in San Bernardino?"

The usual type of loan with interest would be anathema to Muslims of a fundamentalist persuasion. So was this an "Islamic" loan?

Abu Sinan

Lots of good questions. It seems a lot of the initial information in the media was not true. They had initially said that she was living in KSA when he went and met her and that she came here from KSA. Now it emerges she was actually in Pakistan and came from there.

The were reports that she covered her face, I wonder if that is true? If so, I wonder how they could spend any sort of time at local shooting ranges without being reported? Niqabis do not generally go out to public places where they mingle with others, and they generally are not involved in sports of any kind, let alone shooting.

It goes to show you if you think something is suspicious or out of place, it is better to play it safe and call and report it.



The question to be asked is the identity of the lending peer. What a convenient way to launder money. pl


Everyone who supported Hillary or Bernie in the straw poll needs to have their grown up privileges removed



"The practice of illegally crossing the borders of Iran, Turkey and then Greece to enter Europe has been going on for decades in Gujranwala region and the authorities in Pakistan have failed to curb it. It witnessed a sharp increase during the last four to six months after Germany and other European countries had announced asylum for the Syrian, Iraqi and Afghani refugees and, according to an estimate, at least 35,000 Pakistani nationals have so far crossed into Europe in the disguise of Syrian refugees. "

End quote.
Do read the whole article.


if Farook was interested in finding a "religious" bride from the middle-east after spending his whole life in US, that might have been an indication for his views. May be he had "insecurities" and was easy to influenza.

And MSM is focusing too much on Malik's connections to Pakistan. She spent most of her life in KSA. After that, what more "radicalized" views could Pakistan offer to her?


“How many more are there in existence across the country?”

The first number comes to mind is 519. My suspension all along is, these are radical Sunni self-propelled sleeping cells, unfortunately we will see more of these cold blooded killings done by these radicalized ( you read brain washed) jihadist. The innocents who lost their lives for no reason, will never know if the order came for Al Baghdadi, a radical cleric in KSA, or the killers self-radicalized thinking to do their “duty” to protect their religious believes. Unfortunately if that’s correct I can’t see how this phase will end.



Prosper will have the information of all those that provided the funds for the loan. I would hope the FBI is investigating those people.

There are several San Francisco start-ups in this business.


I'd say it's past time to review every K-1 visa issued within the last 5 years, with special attention paid to (apologies) Muslims. Pay them all a visit and ask what they've been doing - shouldn't be so hard.

This Marquez character sure is interesting. He looks like a real-life cartoonish caricature of a super-nerd. Apparently he worked in the local mosque's bookstore, and was indeed a convert. I'd sure like to hear more from that mosque's community about their impressions.


A Pakistani article on the Al-Huda Institute which Tashfeen Malik attended.

John Minnerath

What this brings home is just how easy it is for people like that to remain under the radar.
Our open and free society is being put to a severe test.


Malik came in on a K1 visa? Look at her picture. Are you sure it wasn't a K-9 visa? She's a major bow wow.


Abu Sinan

I have read they arrived in Chicago from Saudi. They apparently were first married there and had another ceremony in California. She apparently grew up in Saudi where her father lives and returned to Pakistan to go to pharmacy school and some kind of religious school. She was known in Pakistan as the Saudi girl and got admission into the school on the basis of an expat quota.



Hillary's for arming the jihadis in Syria and declaring a no-fly zone in Syria to confront Russia and start WWIII. To quote Dan Quayle, "A mind's is a terrible thing to lose. Or rather, to lose one's mind is a terrible thing." Sanders is a little better in that he just wants to arm the rebel-jihadis in violation of international law.

Charles Michael

IMO you have a point there.

Ihad a drinking buddy once in Paris, very nice chap funny, happy and joyfull, very social, and a solid drinker, from algerian origin. No suspect at all, no bitterness, rather success ful.

It surprised me when on the topic on getting a wife, this fully assimilated fellow was relying strongly on his mother approval, and in fact providing and choosing the bride to be.

other culture, other ways.

But I would investigate closely the mother of this pathetic Farood.


Colonel, Jack,

As someone who has an interest in credit/debt markets and neo-economics generally with all its interest tail risks, The Prosper.com p2p lending essentially cuts out the middleman (banks). The actual lending request and transaction will be posted on SEC's Edgar database. It's information is limited to FICO score, State, amount, APR Terms and such. These are posted each day by Prosper.com for the benefit of investors and those seeking loans. It also provides an incredible, current, database of consumer borrowing trends. There's a reason Wall Street hires gazillions of math PhDs.

The loan is entirely within the normal amounts readily available to consumers with reasonable FICO scores and income, job history, that Farook would likely have had. The odds this was money laundering is extremely low.

From Farooks POV, the money was from the perfect source. Stupid Americans.

Abu Sinan

Going back home to find a bride is certainly not an indication of whether or not someone is a religious extremist, or religious at all. Sometimes it is about family connections, other times it is about finding a woman they perceive as "clean" as often the perception of western women, even Muslim women who have lived in the West, is not good.

So going back home to find a bride is very common in Western Muslim societies, for first generation and subsequent generations as well.

Abu Sinan

I dont know how she got it that quick. A couple I know, she is Moroccan (doesnt wear hijab) and he is a white American, took them almost 2 years. She didnt wear hijab and he had no issues with his background and was a PhD student.

It is amazing how some sail quickly through the process and others take much longer.


Guy could at least have signed up for a young one...he could have gotten at least a couple of years out of it...clearly his priorities were in the wrong place.

Babak Makkinejad

Hindu Indians in US do that all the time; go back to India on Mom & Dad's orders and get married and then come back with their wife or husband.

A Brazilian woman once told me about some young Jewish women whom she knew - modern, educated etc. - and once her father told her to come back for marriage, she came back (from some other South American country) and got married to some guy she had not met before.


They did the same thing in Beirut shia area which I am sure it must be tight on security, they do it every day in Baghdad, is not about free and open society test. unfortunately if this grievance between the Sunni radicals and the rest of the word, becomes a personal judgment for revenge and bringing to justice by the any Sunni who feels like he or she has a personal duty to defend the religion, it becomes difficult to stop. My hope is these two killers were tasked and ordered to go on suicidal jihad, if that is to be is easier to identify and find the next suicidal jihadi or to kill “the head of snake” where ever the order comes for this killings comes from.


Abu Sinan, you say:
It goes to show you if you think something is suspicious or out of place, it is better to play it safe and call and report it.

Really? It sounds pretty good on a blog post, but what do you think it would do to our society given the large number of false positives that would no doubt be called in. We are after all the same country that locked up Japanese citizens on the basis of vague suspicions.


That wouldn't stop anyone from supporting Il Donce.


Col. Lang,

IMO the marriage was either arranged by the group specifically to find a path into the US for her or she recognized in this doofus Farooq character a golden opportunity to marry a "magic carpet" that would get her through American border controls.

I agree. I just don't agree that she planned to die in this madness. I get the feeling that she thought she could escape and was abandoned to die with her husband, or was killed before the chase to be discovered in the truck. Useful idiot.
House ransacked! Case closed.

I know, I know, no evidence. Nobody else is supplying us with surveillance footage from the center either. Don't tell me they don't have it since this place was used in the past for Mass Casualty and Active Shooter Drills. Until it is presented I can imagine anything I want until they prove otherwise while they continue to try to scare the crap out of us.
Is another Patriot Act in the wings? I'll oppose that from day one too just as I did before.
I said before on SST that Syrians fighting Addad shouldn't be allowed to return to the US so I must say that I don't have a problem with these visa changes, I just want some of our so-called friends restricted as well.
We know damn well that their governments support ISIS.

U.S. Allies Support the Terrorists We’re Supposedly “Fighting”

The Jerusalem Post reports that an ISIS fighter says that Turkey funds the terrorist group. Turkey is a member of NATO and a close U.S. ally.

Foreign Policy documents that Israel is also treating ISIS terrorists for free in its hospitals:

Israel is … providing medical care and other unidentified supplies to the insurgents …http://foreignpolicy.com/2014/06/11/exclusive-israel-is-tending-to-wounded-syrian-rebels/

Other close U.S. allies – including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar back ISIS – back the ISIS terrorists as well.

If we don't sever our ties with these people we are doomed.

Btw, what does Bibi have on Donald?

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