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04 December 2015


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Shaun, sometimes i wonder whether the RichQuick camarilla haven't already prepared on the sly another planet of Eclipse yachts, where they can comfortably relocate once this planet is eaten up. The 0.001% behave increasingly as if there is no tomorrow

different clue


Nothing? Not even the money waiting for him after his return to private life? Not even the beautiful money?

different clue


The first step towards getting that particular issue taken on is getting it named and described in some public space, however small that public space may be. This you have now done.

The second step would be "taking it on" if the right person(s) to take it on see the right opportunity(s) open up and present themselves. Indeed . . . what was all that wall-to-wall NSA spying for? Maybe it never really was ever to spot genuine terrorists to begin with.


Thank you for the laugh, rjj!

Your dead-pan ability to distil the essence is breathtaking

Grandiloquence is indeed best reserved for the triumph. While the centurion whispers 'Memento mori" in your ears


Jack Tarr

Harper is going to put up some links. pl


William Jefferson Blythe III. Clinton (1993 - 2001)

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (2016 - 2020)

Chelsea Victoria Clinton (2023 - 2035)

Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky (2036 -

William R. Cumming

Thanks Steve!

William R. Cumming

Should HRC become President any hint of WJC's role as an advisor?

mistah charley, ph.d.

The Boston Marathon bombing was, in my opinion, a strong piece of evidence that the surveillance state is not for "preventing terrorism." Combine that with how former NY governor Eliot Spitzer was removed from office and I conclude that the purpose of collecting all that information is blackmail in the more general sense of the word.

mistah charley, ph.d.

Ms. Mezvinsky will not reach the age of 35, the current minimum for President, until 2049.

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