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04 December 2015


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The site to bookmark for polls this election cycle. This is the go-to site for all broadcast and independent political operatives, whether Fox News, TMP Café, or some local TV in AZ. You can get a snapshot of the daily polls and capture the mood of the country. Rasmussen polls considered less reliable than most because of the survey questions (which they will go into later in the election cycle). The polls go up and down like a toilet seat, and will until we hit the General.

realclearpolitics.com: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/latest_polls/

Buzz Meeks

So he didn't attend the Yahoo's forced visit to the Congress. Perhaps just an act. My earlier stated only objection to Saunders is his silence on most things Israel or Zionist.

On the Clinton front, I have now had a second life long friendship end due to the lock step "she deserves her turn" attitude and early endorsements from the American Teachers Federation. Curious that head of ATF is jewish female. Sure that is just an unfortunate coincidence.

Chris Chuba

Regarding Obama, I agree regarding all of the comments regarding his shortcomings, temperament and personality flaws but I have to ask if anyone else has any thoughts on how someone like this was able to produce the Iranian Nuclear Agreement (JPOA).
The reason that it puzzles me is not only that it involved an agreement with Iran when there were so few willing go through the effort to negotiate anything close to a reasonable agreement but that the President had such a startingly good temperament.
1. He correctly focused on the nuclear aspects of the treaty and completely avoided all of the emotional aspects of Iran's 'bad behavior' which is irrelevant but he often indulges in this type of digression. However, in this case he would have none of it.
2. He did something completely out of character. He exhibited the ability to see things from Iran's point of view and did not take offense at any of their statements. On every other occasion he immediately bristles when he is even indirectly attacked. On the Fareed Zakaria show, the host specifically asked Obama about the infamous tweet from the Ayatollah showing the gun to Obama's head. Obama just laughed and said that the Ayatollah was responding to threat of military force and being a politician as well as a religious leader was having to respond in kind. The expression on Obama's face did not show any of the usual condescension that he displays for Putin, Republicans, or the usuals suspects.

I actually thought that Obama had grown in office but now I see a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide persona and now he is all Mr. Hide. Any comments regarding my observation would be appreciated. Again, I am more bewildered by his ability to be an exceptionally good statesman in this case and a, I'll use the term narcissist in every other case. This truly baffles me.


That comment makes me think one thing: "Go back to Europe, Tubaab." You can have your USA, if you can salvage it, good luck with that.


Yees. If they can't get my wife to vote for Hilary, they are screwed. She is a very conservative democrat who sees that Hillary is a twit and that Bernie is an honorable human. People from Vermont like Vermont, and no, most of them are Cow farmers, not Hippies. If the country was more like vermont things could improve. We are Democrats, tuned out and tuning out. As far as we are concerned the USA is trashed and we will just do what we can to survive as it crashes and burns. Whatever, who cares anymore. Our generation doesn't. We are 47. We do NOT assume the USA will be anything like this in 50 years. A full on Dictatorship is much more likely as the environment and the monetary situation collapses and we start a war with our owners in China.


How would a replacement be any better? The next President will have the exact same situation. Whatever. Give it to Carson. That will be entertaining at least. This is no longer a serious country. Maybe we should colonize Madagascar and head on over.


Hi Tyler - I think it makes perfect sense. For many years now, polling on individual issues such as healthcare, militarism, the environment, and the like have shown decent pluralities or majorities in favor of positions to the left of the Democratic Party positions, which they respond to by ignoring and further embracing their new corporate overlords. Bernie losing to Hillary in the poll - among Democrats - reflects the assumption that he is extreme and/or unelectable, which the other part of the poll - head to head against different Republicans - suggests is incorrect. IMO, anyway.

-- sixpacksongs


Hi glupi - Indeed, I heard a BBC report from the by-election campaign which was clearly designed to suggest that Corbyn was damaging the Labor propsects there, including some asinine and frankly lying comments from the UKIP candidate in conversation with a voters in the local market. As Mrs. Thatcher said and has been taken to heart by our "free and independent" media, There Is No Alternative.

-- sixpacksongs


In 2008, Obama was the first dem presidential candidate to receive a majority of the white vote since LBJ.


I think you guys are a bit over-subscribed to psycho-dynamic analysis of the prez. {and that's coming from someone who likes to do that} Going into his last year, one may understand some exhaustion of character... the tank's warning light is flickering on, but I suspect he will calculate how to make it to his destination w/o stopping to fill-up. Let's not forget, ours is an Empire having tremendous momentum, & expecting a prez, any modern prez, to do much about its course is a bit idealistic.
As to Hillary, I find her grating, and she pretty clearly hates campaigning ( that was Bill's forte). So, unlike Trump, who feeds on it (& God knows what else). I think of them this way... Trump would be as bad a pres as Hillary is a happy campaigner.

Babak Makkinejad

JCOPA was a failure for NATO states and Russia; short of war, they did all they could to wreck Iran, ; pushed Iranians too far, and to what end?

Furthermore, JCOPA was negotiated when it became also clear that the project of wounding Iran through destroying Syria had failed; with the emergence of a Jihadi state in the Middle East.

All of that only to finally settle for the same agreement that Gareth Evans - the former Australian Foreign Minister - had put on the table in 2006.

To me, that is not the definition of success.

But, the largest failure by Mr. Obama in connection with JCOPA, was his government's failure to reach strategic understanding with Iranian government. That was a lost opportunity that I do not think would be available for some time.



It would not be "a replacement" it would be the Vice President assuming the office exactly the same as if he had been impeached and convicted by the Senate.


That observation about Vermont is right on the nose. The state still has more cows than people, has had a concealed carry without permit law for decades, lets you pump your own gas, won't build another inch of interstate for any reason, treats the LBG community with respect, thought Bernie was a good mayor and that Howard Dean was a very good governor. If I hadn't finally got tired of bone breaking winters, we still might live there.


Carson? We already have plenty of grain storage silos. Not sure they are hermetically sealed though.



Talk about the 25th amendment is interesting to say the least. Given the recent executive direction to the military on combat rolls I'm wondering what other executive actions in pursuit of "social" justice outcomes the president is going to impose on our society on the way out. The latest trial balloon from the left, using the "no fly list" to deny gun purchaser being just one of many. The democratic party once denounced that as an infringement of civil liberties now they want to increase the number of constitutional rights that can be denied without due process of law.



One of the interesting lacunae in the political babbling over San Bernardino is the fact that for the police and intelligence people Farooq was invisible. He was not on any watch list, was not on a "no fly" list, had no criminal record or record of mental illness. Therefore all the BS about passing laws against people on various lists means nothing. He was on NO LIST. He bought firearms legally from someone with an FFL or was given them by someone who had purchased them legally in California. pl



I gathered as much too. I'm working in a building that colt easily have a half-dozen or more people that could fit his (and his wife's) profile. The senior managers and hr staff seem entirely clueless about any possible threats to employees.

Chris Chuba

"they did all they could to wreck Iran,"
Babak, the neocons in the U.S. argue convincingly that we could have continued to injure Iran by using our economic status to keep sanctions against Iran in place forever. IMO the neocons just wanted to use sanctions to harm Iran in perpetuity on behalf of Saudi Arabia and to appease the Sunnis, hope for their govt to collapse and said as much. Their theory goes something like this 'fear of Iran is driving moderate Sunni's to extremism'. Not only do I disagree with the Neocon logic but I find their reasoning morally reprehensible. In effect they are saying that a country's well being should be sacrificed and a treaty abandoned, not on its merits but just for geopolitical gain. That some of these people consider themselves devout Christians sickens me even more.

I am not familiar with the pre-2008 negotiations but I have no doubt that opportunities were missed. I did here of the fax sent by Iran that was ignored by Cheney and opposed by Bolton before GWB made his 'axis of evil speech'. However, once Obama took office I believe that the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) was the best that could have been achieved given the mindset of U.S. citizens. I would say that the average U.S. citizen falsely believes Iran to be what ISIS actually is.



"he was on NO List" also speaks volumes to the vaunted surveillance, security state the likes of Brennan and Hayden have built. I wonder if anyone will take this on?

No. We'll be diverted from this by continued hysteria over gun laws or lack thereof.


different clue

Nancy K,

Why do you buy into the "not electable" narrative? I believe the "not electable" narrative is deliberately fostered by the Elite Overlords and their MSM to discourage people from trying to get what they want to have.
If the MSM noise machine can convince enough people that Sanders is unelectable . . . to where those people give up even trying to get him nominated to even run the experiment . . . then of course he will be pre-unelectable-ized through the clever method of being wet-blanketed out of even getting the nomination.

Since I don't know for a fact that he IS electable, I will not try to make that argument. I will just say that I don't CARE if Sanders is unelectable. I want my Sanders! And I want it NOW! And that's how I'll vote in Michigan's primary if he is still on the ballot. If he isn't, then I'll vote for Trump in the R's primary. I would rather lose with Sanders than win with Clinton.

different clue

Buzz Meeks,
The only candidate less silent on most things Israel or Zionist than Sanders is Trump. Every other candidate, either R or D, is more supportive of Israel than Sanders is. If that is your reason for rejecting Sanders, that reason isn't going to get you anything better ( except maybe Trump on that issue). And if you want a New Deal Restoration in American policy and practice, Sanders is the only candidate offering to seek such a thing.

different clue

Christopher Fay,

That's why the MSM will work its hardest to keep Sanders off the screen and off the front page. The Sanders folks will have to figure out how to use You Tube and other end-runs to get around the MSM blackout on all things Sanders.

different clue


We can only hope that the relevant person ( whomever that may be) is prepared to play "Hague" to Obama's "Nixon" in the event of such an order being given by the Obamanator.

Babak Makkinejad

Neocons are an alibi of an alliance-wide policy.

EU spearheaded, designed, and executed the full financial and economic war against Iran.

EU leaders know the damages that they have caused - both to themselves and to Iran - and that their war of choice was a very costly one in order to finally settle for the "delayed-limited enrichment" of Gareth Evans that had been on the table since 2006.

Jack Tarr

Col.Lang says Obama is not functioning well. He does look sad, put upon. But I wish Pat would expand on this rather newsy point.

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