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04 December 2015


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Hi Col. Lang - Another poll (Quinnipiac - for what it's worth) shows Bernie beating the Republicans - http://www.alternet.org/election-2016/latest-poll-sanders-handily-trounces-all-top-republicans-yeah-including-trump - but losing to Clinton. Mainstream Dems are shooting themselves in the foot with the unelectability argument against the Bern, but I guess that's not surprising.

-- sixpacksongs



Corbyn, the recently elected Labour leader in UK, provides testing ground for a Bernie Sanders.

Corbyn was elected despite the vehement opposition of the party and general establishment, despite donnors threatening to withdraw, despite being mocked and thoroughly trashed in the party media, etc you know the drill.
Every act of his since has been dogged by resistance from the Establishment

Yesterday, he faced his first back-to-the-voter test, a by-election, in Northern England. And won


I notice Trump got booed at some Republican Jewish event for not supporting Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and for blaming Israel for the failure of the peace process.

Hilary has not been subject to scrutiny, yet, and will also have to contend with a slowing US economy in 2016.



That poll makes zero sense in any context.


The societal pressure these days has an almost physical presence on the skin, things are getting so hairball in Weimar America.

Yes, Big Grandma, please keep talking up gun confiscations. Maybe President Trump will get that 50 state sweep as you guys double down on thinking what America wants is more violent 3rd world refuse imported to their neighborhoods.

Ah well. To be in one's prime in an age where your actions can echo through history! I am fortunate.

Alexander the Great had Aristotle, and I have Colonel Lang!

William R. Cumming

If my information is correct white male voters [those actually voting]- although an aggregate number as a percentage of US population of voters in decline for the last 50 years- has for many years not supported the DEMS, largely since LBJ!

These White male voters no longer can on their own elect a President?


Col, you wrote: "The rumor is around town that President Obama is not functioning well." That is a mighty thought provoking sentence! One which I am inclined to agree with, by the way. Based on recent events. Just would love you to elaborate on it. Speculation based as your sources may be. But it really caught my attention. Cause I've been saying to my wife, the last few months, 'I think there is something up with this guy...beyond the norm'.

The Beaver


Jeffrey Feltman will appear before the House Select Committee on the Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attack in Benghazi, on December 8, after these emails were made public:



Being an USG of Political Affairs, he was using hot mail to communicate with Foggy Bottom after he took the job at th eUN in July 2012.

In one of his missive, he said that he would walk on hot coals for Hillary.

God forbid she is the next POTUS - the same mafia will be in the WH and Foggy Bottom.

Nancy K

Like many Democrats including my children, I like Bernie Sanders, but unfortunately he is unelectable in this country. I imagine the Republicans would have a field day with an elderly socialist who opposes war, thinks the wealthy should be taxed more, is not a Christian, believes in global warming. Need I say more. Oh yes and is not in lock step with Israel.


The DMC would definitely prefer to cut the baby in half rsther than give to Bernie.

Christopher Fay

Sanders, he has said positive things about our responsibilities to our vets, and many other of our Americans

Christopher Fay

If a lot of those Republican voters hear Sanders, they'd go for him too.

Christopher Fay

Hillary is pretty much down with Netanyahoo, how many more times does she have to say it?

Chris Chuba

President Obama has lost control of the narrative and this plays into his biggest personality flaw. I recall one poster calling it Narcissism, I'll be kinder and call it being thin skinned but without a doubt he is not handling it well.
1. Putin's actions in Syria went against his wishes and all of his comments starting with his condescending, personal attacks against Russia at the U.N. from 'they are more isolated and have the economy the size of Spain' and what was the point of that?' up to now have been in the same vein.
2. His insistence that ISIS is contained and under control has been thoroughly and publicly refuted and he knows it yet he is keeping to his narrative. This has to be emotionally draining.

Perhaps narcissism is the better word, in any case, I just hope that he doesn't break down and do something rash like demand a Turkish invasion of Syria or some other counter-productive move. In some respects, having the U.S. stay the course would at least not derail the Russians unless he actually prevents a cease fire between Assad and the FSA because of the 'Assad must go' demand. The Russians might be able to overcome that by helping Assad's forces tame the FSA/Al Nusra coalition first but it will expend needless resources that could be marshaled more quickly against ISIS.


Not challenging, but genuinely curious, where is Bernie 'out of step' with Israel, other than his generic anti defense spending platform?

William Fitzgerald

Pat Lang,

In regard to the president's state of mind, I think that continually defending and advocating for policies that he probably knows are dubious must take a toll. His address and press conference in Paris were dismal and gave me the impression of a man sticking with a program in which he had little faith of commitment.


Nancy K

He didn't attend Netanyahu's speech to congress and he is not a supporter of giving billions of dollars in foreign aid to Israel. He acknowledges that Israel has the right to defend herself and that Israel is a friend of America and an ally. I suppose that does not make him "out of step" but as I said not in lock step. I'm sure he doesn't list Netanyahu as the world's greatest leader as a recent republican poll did.


"The rumor is around town that President Obama is not functioning well. His recent behavior in public supports this rumor."

A pang of conscience over his Chicago Contributors global game plan he is expected to implement? The man has an out, resign for health reasons.



Yes. He is caught in the meshes of his political and financial origins and his continuing desire for their money and patronage or at least toleration in retirement. There has been some discussion of the 25th Amendment. pl


I wonder if Vladimir Vladimirovich told him something in Paris such as "Do you want hear a phone conversation between you and So & So on X topic?" It would be the narcissist nightmare of being caught red handed with potential worldwide humility. It would explain the petulance in his presser.

His saving grace is my suggestion and go live a quiet life for the rest of its natural span.


the prospect of Biden would only add to personal distress.


25th Amendment would be a putsch.


What about the horse Kemo Sabe?



This talk is reflection the collapse of American foreign and military policy that cannot be acknowledged less Americans realize that a World War has started:

If the Oligarchs want the chaos to spread to the USA, Joe Biden for President for less than a year, is guaranteed to do it. There is really not enough time for another replay of the Republican Bill Clinton Impeachment. Besides every Obama supporter would feel stabbed in the back and it would fire up democratic support. A resignation for medical reasons will never happen. All the kickback money for corporate sponsored speeches disappears. Michelle Obama will hold the White House together for a year like Mrs. Woodrow Wilson did.


If Obama is not functioning well then the country is in danger. It has been suggested that the contest between Russia and the West is like a game of chess. A pathological narcissist like Obama, if thwarted, is likely to throw over the chessboard. Narcissists don't take defeat well at all.

The situation now, if I am hearing Col. Lang correctly, is that everyone in the White House is walking on eggshells, waiting for him to lash out. The danger now comes in the form of a Grima Wormtongue perhaps whispering in his ear that what is needed is a "show of force" with the concomitant danger of escalation.

Make no mistake nothing is more important to Obama then his ego. Nothing. Not America. Not anyone.

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