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12 December 2015


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I hope the bulbs just burst on the Kagan Christmas tree..


"A lot of people will not know that in large parts of the ME Christmas is celebrated with vigor and enthusiasm by both Christians and Muslims. Christmas trees are a commonplace and holiday parties common."

I can report as much having lived about 10 months in Turkey a few years back. Only difference there: It's celebrated on New Year's eve, Christmas presents as well as Christmas kitsch and all. Light decorations tend to be up all year round in places (albeit not powered on all the time, of course).

But yes, reports like this should finally put the group-think prevalent in think-tanks and MSM alike to rest. If not, maybe pressure from the public that actually can connect the dots will make them.



Don't post things twice. pl


My wife has been living for month-long periods in Egypt, while researching and writing a book. One of the things she plans to write about is the celebration of Christmas in Egypt- among both Christians and Muslims. And that Mary is respected among Muslims as the mother of Jesus. Isa Ibn Maryam (Jesus, son of Mary)is indeed a significant figure in Islam. I submit that this is news to most Americans- so many are surprised when they hear this. I'm sure General Boykin would be.


OT but of interest:


Long story short DHS whistleblower was told by DHS Office of Civil Rights to knock off investigating the San Berdoo shooters because "muh civil rights" and well you know how the rest went.


I am living in Tehran at the moment and am happy to report seeing large groups of schoolchildren roaming the streets as classes let out with little Santa and Christmas tree dioramas in hand. Christmas trees are for sale in small lots on Armenian street as well.
Ho ho ho.

red brick

Video of celebrations in Homs last night:



I've long been fascinated by Mary's wide appeal across multiple religions. Your point about her place in Islam is mentioned several times in this article from this month's National Geographic...

How the Virgin Mary Became the World’s Most Powerful Woman http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2015/12/virgin-mary-text

alba etie

And all Ms Nuland gets in her Christmas stocking is the ashes of the Color Revolution Playbook ...


Not sure how credible that source is. Have seen a lot of silliness out of Breitbart.


I have seen a lot of silliness here from people with Breitbart without once seeing anyone actually try to refute the argument versus attacking the source, hitting reply and sitting back smugly stating "Well my job here is done".

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