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16 December 2015


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different clue


You may be correct in the long run. For now we need to re-assure our survival here on TerraLuna Prime and restore and increase the viability and productivity of our biophysichemical ecol-support systems. Once that is assured, then we will have all the time in the Solar System to go exploring.


I agree with drive for renewable and energy conservation: you know what you can do with 10 hectare of algae:

I got the number regarding extraction costs from an Iranian website. Will do more research and will get back to you.


The fuel source does not need to be fossil fuels though: check out the works of a FEMALE scientist, I happen to personally know:


… and outlawed by Mohammed in 7th Century A.D., leading to a population explosion in Hijaz and the subsequent conquests.


I guess one has to look outside the well: http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/What-Can-We-Do-with-10-Hectares


On the Fission Fusion question I may not have been clear. What I meant was that the risk of nuclear weapons proliferation due to the provision of nuclear power generation to all the Countries in need of water would introduce fissile material into a lot of new parts of the globe. Given how hard it has been for Iran to get to this point why should we not expect that everywhere. I dread to think how many countries Israel would like to veto if we start handing out breeder reactors. My point was this is a fission specific problem. Should fusion ever be perfected the change of fuel would negate it. I had no intention of minimizing the difficulties in achieving this are formidable.

different clue

I just saw a fresh new article at Naked Capitalism claiming that the Eagle Ford shale oil basin in Texas has begun its decline. It seemed plausible to me and it had a neat (if true) chart showing the peaking and falling-off of oil extraction rates.
If this article is correct, we have hit Peak Eagle Ford. If so, then Peak Oil Theory may have been shown to still be limitedly useful for studying particular oil formations or oil-type sectors . . . IF technology stays the same as at the time of the analysis and prediction.

Anyway, here is the link.


Being a crime does not mean it is not an accepted and common practice. "Baby farming" was something akin to prostitution in the more stricter societies. Illegal but common


Iran and Saudi Arabia:
The porosity of permeability of those huge carbonate reservoir is high and resevoir pressure and hydrocarbon viscosity make it easy to reach surface
In North america ( unconnventional reservoir not conventional) they need to frac the shale gas or tight resevoir to be able produce
Heavy oil anothe rstory not easy to being to surface and need to be combined to kight oil for process and refinary

So that is why 20$ for Mid-East still econmical not for North-America w labour cost and the rest.
Above is from an expert.
She did not have the info nor the time for individual reservoirs in M.E. or USA.

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