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19 December 2015


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Semper Vigilans!


Merry Christmas, Sir. And best wishes and Merry Christmas to everyone at SST. In this season of joy and family my heart goes out to the families caught in the middle of war and intolerance. Be safe all!

The Twisted Genius

Be careful indeed. I remember when the beltway snipers were active around here. I'd stop for gas , check for potential sniper hides and make sure I had cover between myself and those potential hides. Did a lot of bobbing and weaving as well. The good thing was the lack of traffic during that time.

Farmer Don

Be careful to appreciate the ones you love.
Be careful to follow the Golden Rule. What goes around comes around.
Be careful to watch out for drunk drivers this season, and be careful driving yourself.
Be careful not to forget lives in foreign places are real and not just numbers.

Not Serious:
Be careful if you are around Col. Lang this Xmas. With over a million views, he is one old dog our jihadi enemies would like to be rid of.

Best Regards


Farmer Don

12.75 million page views to be precise. I am more afraid of neocons and hasbara than Muslims. pl


Merry Christmas Col.,

I too see this period as a kind of test to see just how many Muslim jihadis want to facilitate their eschatological dreams in our homeland.

Back during the 2002 DC shootings I was much relieved after several months had subsequently passed without replication elsewhere. It was, after all, an easily duplicated terrorist attack that created a great deal of fear and disruption in addition to the loss of innocent life. It would require only two, motivated terrorists with little to no instruction or special materials required. Fortunately, that particular attack approach would be much less useful today as the needed detection tech is, I'm fairly sure, now available on short notice.

My hope is that there are very few of them here. But, who knows. Religion has always been a powerful, cohesive force and too often its extremes have been expressed.


OT, somewhat, but on the SB shooters:


Long story short, you've got visa fraud, straw purchasing, and a ridiculous sap who is the center of an international terrorist incident.


Merry Chrismas,

Rome - Vatican especially as, at least overtly, it lacked any security personnel last time I was there, should be extra-vigilant.


France - a target again.



Just want to say, be extra careful this year, as Mawlid happen one day before Christmas this year, it is an opportunity of propaganda that I am sure Jihadist won't miss.


Be careful- keep your heads on a swivel and check your sixes!!
Frohe Weihnachten für alle!!


In what way can I be more careful? Avoid crowds? Don't go to stores?

I have no idea what I can do to make myself more safe if I have no information about potential attacks.

What are you warning about?


Funny, I was just thinking about this very thing in church today. Fortunately a few of my fellow parishoners are cops and agents but I couldn't help but think that I'd sure rather be in a parish in Texas rather than Massachusetts if some lone jihadi comes with an AK shouting "Allahu ahkbar".



Don't be an idiot. You know what I am talking about. On the other hand... pl


By way of hazards -- people who have a vehicular tantrums while "not under the influence of drugs or alcohol": are they screened for prescription drugs or only illegal ones? What is the drug screening procedure? In chemical analysis as in conversations, answers depend on how the question is asked.



That is something else. He actually posted the following to Facebook a month before the attacks:

"My life turned ridiculous...Involved in terrorist plots, drugs, antisocial behavior, marriage, might go to prison for fraud, etc."

I like how "marriage" is sandwiched in between "terrorist plots" and going to prison.

William Fitzgerald

Pat Lang,

Sometimes a nice piece of irony just isn't appreciated.


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