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30 November 2015


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Not eligible to vote.


r whitman

HRC reluctantly. Male, Texan, over 80


Webb - as unlikely as this might be! Male, close to 70, RVN vet


1 vote for the Socialist Sanders. Neither the Dems nor the Repubs have blown my skirts up over the past 20 years. Registered Independent. Male AARP member.


66 Male Texas Sanders, if all else fails.


Writing in Ron Paul.

Male, 55, California native.

Old Gun Pilot

HRC- Male, 72, RVN 67-68



H. Clinton a very distant second choice.

(Jim Webb is no longer in the race and that re-orders my preferences.)

Female. North Carolina. 68.

Dave Schuler

I doubt like anybody. Webb, when he was still in. Now I guess Kasich not that he has a chance.

I'm a U. S. citizen, male, and I just barely remember when Harry Truman was president.


I will go to the booth and vote Nader


Virginia: will vote Nader, despite him not being on the ballot, as an act of protest

Old Microbiologist

Trump, only because it is disruptional. Eligible although overseas ballots don't count any more, male, 62


51, Male, Texan: O'Malley in primaries, Hillary (nose-held) during the general.


Not voting, because choice is exactly like South Park episode - the choice is equivalent to voting for a Giant Douche or a Turd Sandwich... George Carlin excoriated people for voting when the choices are nearly identical. Obama = perfect example of choosing turds from a punch bowl.

Buzz Meeks

A very qualified Saunders. Until he makes a statement on where he stands on Israel and dual nationals in sensitive positions I will not support him. I am becoming more and more suspicious of him as time goes on with no position on Israel. If he goes the Biden "I am a Zionist" route then I vote Green or for the first time ever,stay home and not be party to any more of this BS.
64,white male, NYS.


Trump, 30, USC, professional lifetaker/lifesaver

Are we voting on actual running candidates or just naming whoever the hell we want?

Larry Kart

HRC, reluctantly. Male, longtime resident of Illinois, age 73.

Whoever is elected president, I'm worried. I'm very worried re: most of the GOP candidates.


I'll vote for Sanders, in the primary, against HRC, and HRC if thats the Dems choice. Or there is always "no one" if all else fails. That may have to be it.


Sanders MD primary - Sanders or Clinton general election - male over 70


Bernie, even as a write in, Gender: Cranky Old Man, Age: 66, USN 1967-1971, Mainer/Mainiac by birth.


Sanders--White Male, 80, MD


Trump or none, male, 45, US


US Male, 55



Hillary Clinton. Texan, over 69

no one

Trump (with reservations) - Male, early 50s, childhood Michigan/Virginia, 20 years + in Arizona, currently NY (Western Upstate).

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