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15 November 2015


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ex-PFC Chuck

A good start would be the declassification and publication of the section of the 9/11 "Investigation" Report on KSA involvement.



What is getting missed here is that there are a lot of fully assimilated North Africans and Africans. it is the others who are a problem. pl

Babak Makkinejad

I think the actual Muslim population of France is between 7 to 10 million souls.

There is a large assimilated Franco-Muslim population in France; you can deduce their existence from the availability of high-quality halal foods in the French supermarkets.

And this assimilated population holds managerial, administrative, and professional positions in France.

But I do not know how large that population is.

Jihadists are exploiting the Republican diversity of France, in my opinion.



No we'll send them to your living room since you seem so hot to moral status signal.

Well dressed well fed "refugees" with better electronic toys than I have. Your stupid sentimentality is going to doom Europe to years of Paris style attacks.



Another European country managed to ship a few million people out of their lands not too long ago. Are you saying it can't be done now?

The Beaver


I am afraid the GCC has learnt how to use expensive PR firms both on the east coast and London to make them look like choir boys.



The UAE Ambassador in DC is a very good example, now that BandarBush and the Chihuahua are not in town anymore.


Winter is coming. Heavy, bulky clothes; perfect for concealing suicide belts. God help us.

Will Reks

Just want to note here that there's enough of a pool of radicalized Muslims already living in Europe (and the US to a lesser extent) who can carry out Paris-style attacks without the need for any refugee infiltrators. Europe can end the refugee plan and still be doomed to years of Paris-style attacks.

I see no reason why refugees need to be admitted to EU nations. They should probably keep them in camps at the EU borders and return them to their countries of origin when things have re-stabilized. This is what Syria and Jordan did, in large numbers, when we caused a refugee crisis by invading Iraq.


This article notes that all the IS recruits don't want to meet the virgins.


These boys came of age under the disastrous American occupation after 2003, in the chaotic and violent Arab part of Iraq, ruled by the viciously sectarian Shia government of Nouri al-Maliki. Growing up Sunni Arab was no fun. A later interviewee described his life growing up under American occupation: He couldn’t go out, he didn’t have a life, and he specifically mentioned that he didn’t have girlfriends. An Islamic State fighter’s biggest resentment was the lack of an adolescence. Another of the interviewees was displaced at the critical age of 13, when his family fled to Kirkuk from Diyala province at the height of Iraq’s sectarian civil war. They are children of the occupation, many with missing fathers at crucial periods (through jail, death from execution, or fighting in the insurgency), filled with rage against America and their own government. They are not fueled by the idea of an Islamic caliphate without borders; rather, ISIS is the first group since the crushed Al Qaeda to offer these humiliated and enraged young men a way to defend their dignity, family, and tribe. This is not radicalization to the ISIS way of life, but the promise of a way out of their insecure and undignified lives; the promise of living in pride as Iraqi Sunni Arabs, which is not just a religious identity but cultural, tribal, and land-based, too.


Not at all.. But what I am saying with such a large extremist population France is a target rich country. I believe we now have an opportunity and momentum to decapitate the monster and kill it. The question is will we coordinate with the Russians and Syrians and get the job done? Otherwise the question will be asked by ISIS. Is Paris burning? Is Paris burning?


Thank you Colonel I hadn't considered that...


haven't seen that man or woman or group of them that would do that, outside of this band of correspondents. I can't imagine our political system producing such..."

Sadly there are few. From what I have been seeing from my friends on the left, which includes a number of elected officials at the state and local level, getting the facts across will be one tuff slog. One college VP here has taken to berating those that disagree with him on FB as idiots and bigots. (It hasn't even taken 48 hours for that.) Sadly that echo chamber he works in resonates loudly with approbation and praise. Needless to say none of the flotsam and jetsam of this diaspora are going to live in his neighborhood nor work in his offices. (One of those nice advantages of living in a gated community and working where you have your own special police force. Not to mention the pc conformity brigades)



you mean they will not fight for "freedom" if they are properly trained, led and supported by others who have been in the fight a long, long, time? Just what are they willing to fight for besides a free ride?


Wasn't France already bombing ISIS? How can they invoke the right of self defense (Article 5) when ISIS bombs back?


J Villain, the US will close ranks with France.


I agree with you about declassifying the 9/11 report. This would reopen the discussion that Americans know they need to have with themselves.


Fr. Gabriel Dawood, a Syriac Orthodox priest of the Cathedral of St. George in Damascus, with Syrian pro-government Sootoro (Gozarto Protection Force) light infantrymen at the ancient village of Sadad in Homs Governorate. Dated 10NOV15.




France is at a crossroads. Does it want to live under dhimmitude or does it want its country back?

We shall see what it chooses, but they're not going to beat the threat from within with candlelight vigils and playing Imagine on a piano.


Tyler, why don't you get hard data? What is the share of Muslims with EU citizenship? What is the share of perpetrators with EU citizenship? What does this mean for some of the suggestions?


I would add one further action to what Col. Lang has wisely proposed. Go to the heart of the Wahhabist-Salafist disease and drop any pretenses that the Saudis are our allies. Immediately declassify the 28 pages from the original Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11, co-chaired by Sen. Bob Graham and Rep. Porter Goss. All participants insist the chapter, which dealt with Saudi funding of the 9/11 hijackers, must be declassified. Obama/Brennan block its release to this day, but Congress on its own can release it to the public. It was a Congressional document, it is held by Congress, and it was only as a courtesy that Bush was given the opportunity to review it. The big banks of the US, Europe, and the Gulf, are involved in the laundering of the funds the fuel the jihadist upsurge, so crack down on the bankers. Frog-march a few Wall Street, Riyad and London CEOs to jail and dry up the ability of the terrorists to run their black market operations. This is a total war approach that is needed, and it goes with any competent planning based on invoking Article V. Putin has openly called for a World War II style alliance between the US and Russia to defeat this scourge, and his offer should be considered real and taken seriously. Moscow is more vulnerable than Paris, given there are one million Muslims in the vicinity. Never mind the Caucasus, which is a breeding ground.

alba etie

Patrick Bahzad
Does it mean anything that President Hollande in his address to Parliament today invoked the EU Charter for each members state to come to the aide of France - instead of Article # 5 ? Turkey is not an EU member yes ?



Because hard data isn't going to convince you that something can be done. Ergo why waste my time?


Nor will sending 10 jets to drop 20 bombs...


Ali Soufan put the ISIS strategy on target.

Shia vs. Sunna
Arab vs. Persian
Kurds vs. Kurds
Refugees vs. Locals
Muslims vs. Others
Chaos through suspicions, hatred & Mistrust....

alba etie


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