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15 November 2015


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Well to be fair, I don't think the Russians would waste time hash tagging things and holding candlelight vigils and solidarity marches.


Or could it be that some of the "simple" solutions are afer a more closer look BS?

You still do not provide any good suggestions how one can handle an issue that is to 50% homegrown as war. How one can destroy the structures of a non-state actor in ME with a war to an extend that moer terror acts are not possible.

alba etie

Hi Tyler,
Putin said today the Russian airliner out of Sharm el Sheikh was brought down by a terrorist attack . Furthermore Russia has requested direct coordination with France as the Russian Navy engages Daesh with submarine launched cruise missiles. Then the USAF destroyed 100 oil tanker trucks yesterday that appeared to originate from Erdogan's LOC with Daesh . Pray that we are moving beyond hash tags and candlelight vigils ... ( Too bad we could not have given just a little bit of the F35's cost overrides to the A-10's to keep them flying. Is the Pentagon really going to mothball the Warthogs ?)



I have been otherwise engaged but I guess I miss your point about the NATO Treaty. Article 4 calls for consultations. Article 5 requires all to treat an attack on one as an attack on all. pl



I have. Deportation by force. Burn out the rot.

Or are you telling me that its impossible for a country to ship out 6 million people it doesn't want? Isn't that illegal in your neck of the woods?



The perfumed princes talk a good game but there's no way the A-10 is going anywhere. Their excuses become more and more farcical each time they think up an excuse.

The A-10s will keep flying, never fear. The idea that the F-35 can be an A2A interceptor, a CAS support and a fighter is laffo.

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