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20 November 2015


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robt willmann


Yes, the parole law that is in effect when the final court order in a criminal case is made is supposed to govern that person's parole. Since a parole board is an "administrative law" group, it is very difficult, if not almost impossible, to overturn its decisions. If the Obama administration wanted to oppose Pollard's release based on the options in the parole law, and loaded up its objections well, the board probably would not have released him.

I agree with the idea that if a "deal" was to be made about Pollard it should have included the release and transfer of Vanunu as a refugee to the U.S., and I think I mentioned that a while back. Vanunu could do some educational good in this country.

Anyone in the Obama administration who thinks that not objecting to Pollard's release will result in concessions from the Israeli government on Iran or anything else really is dumber than a fence post.

Although Pollard will be financially taken care of in the U.S., I am in favor of not letting him leave the country and that he should be monitored as closely as the parole rules provide. That will create at least a little inconvenience for him and his handlers.

The question remains as to who were the dirty moles in the U.S. government higher up who assisted the process Pollard was involved in.


Colonel, TTG,

Pollard could prove useful bait.


Has the investment banking firm been identified?


"...while the second there are people who don't seem to comprehend the simple English of the first commandment in their devotion to all things Israel."

Well said.


Yeah -- there any number of scenarios that would reflect well upon the interests of the American people, once the hiring institution is identified and acquired as a target of interest. Give it some thought.




This is exactly what happened. Laws were changed after Pollard.

Ship him back to Israel.

In a pine box.


Both points are excellent. Let me toss in a link to a summation by Seymour Hersh of Pollard's crimes, first appearing in the New Yorker in 1999.

What Swartz went through trying to give the public access to academic journals was simply outrageous. Hard copy academic publishing is a dying mastodon at the point of collapse, and first it crushed him. Terribly sad.

The Beaver

I was reading about him and decided to check wikipedia:


My surprise to see all those "good patriots" inside the beltway and on the Hill who, over the years, asked, wrote, phoned for his release.

Really !!! that many who don't want to see how bad his actions were. Mind boggling .


I was commenting on the fact that parole was available, and did not mean to suggest it was mandatory. As summarized in military.com:

Under federal sentencing rules in place at the time, he became eligible for parole in November, the 30th anniversary of his arrest. A three-member panel of the U.S. Parole Commission unanimously voted to grant him parole, effective Nov. 21, according to a statement from his attorneys, and the Justice Department did not raise objections to his release.

18 USC s 4206 was repealed in 1987 as part of the change we are discussing. 28 CFR s 2.53 remains to govern parole for prisoners still eligible because their offense predated the change.

alba etie

The traitor Pollard should have rotted in jail forever ...

differenc clue

Allen Thomson,

If they are afraid the ankle cuff would aggravate the circulation-difficulties imposed by severe diabetes, they should be able to design a circulation-friendly ankle-cuff. Perhaps make the "bracelet-band" part of the cuff several times wider so the wrap-around force is dispersed to be several times weaker . . . hence nowhere strong enough to impede circulation. Easily fixed, if that "really IS" the problem.


Nothing, prominently displayed, about the release on the ADL website. Someone IS gauging the mood right

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