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14 November 2015


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Babak Makkinejad

What the NATO states have done, in effect, is analogous to if China had cozied up to Kosovo - all the while advising France to model herself after the "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia".



You can stammer "But but you're my pals!" before you're executed by the subhuman ferals you claim to love so much.

Babak Makkinejad

They are not criminal - breaking the law for fun or for game.

They do not recognize the Law of France or any other country.

They are illegal combatants since they are operating under illegitimate authority; which is ISIS.

ISIS is an illegitimate authority since it is claiming Authority on territories of 2 legitimate state authorities - Syria and Iraq.

Babak Makkinejad

On your number 2, that was the decision from which the unraveling of the Middle East started; ganging up on the core state of the Muslim Civilization during her revolutionary phase.

It was a colossal mistake - perhaps rooted in the belief that Iran was just another Arab country.



A bit of truthful raw humor


Babak Makkinejad

There is no solution to the religious war in and over Palestine; in my opinion.

I think the 99-year cease-fire proposal of HAMAS - if it is still on the table - has the merit of suspending the war until, perhaps something else happens a 100 years from its inception.

During that time, the Western Protestants can indulge in their Kitsch and have multiple prayer breakfasts with representatives of other religions - with an imam or two thrown in for good measure, Arabs can continue to daydream about Saladin 2.0 etc., and Germans and other Europeans can continue to visit Yad wa Shim to express enteral remorse for the misdeeds of others.

In the meantime, Palestinians in Occupied Territories can live their lives in a more normal manner without being killed wantonly by Israelis.

This should lower the temperature and help cool things down.

Babak Makkinejad

No, no, no.

Arabs' - largely Gulfies - opposition to Iran is not geopolitical, it is religious.

Gulfies have no geopolitics - only religion.


J Villain,

Yes. Misdirection is an understatement.

I even heard someone say that this massacre was to avenge the death or attempt on the life of Jihad John.

I can't stand the MSM and the whores who appear day in and day out!!


FND and all,

Where was the weeping and wailing for the people killed in Beirut a few days ago?

Not worthy of our thoughts and prayers! I'm sick of the callous disregard for the lives of others and the hypocrisy!!


Brig. Ali

You've hit the nail on the head! There can be no resolution in the long term of the jihadi problem until the US is shorn of Ziocon ownership. That's unfortunately not happening anytime soon.



You have the wrong analogy. The foundation of the immigration problem in Europe and the US is the neocon ideology running most Western governments now. The jihadis just blended in the flow of people so they could arrive where they planned on attacking. BTW I read that the father of that boy removed his life jacket long before the boat capsized. Did anyone arrest him?


FB Ali,

Israel itself has not directly achieved these results

They have many hands in this chaos.

I'd like to know if this is true.




My layman plan which I think many SST correspondents would support.

1. The US, France, UK, Germany should join a military coalition with R+6 to destroy ALL jihadis in Syria and Iraq. This should include insertion of ground forces with all the nasty gear. The goal should be to overrun all of western Iraq and eastern Syria with overwhelming force.
2. Seal the borders of Turkey, Jordan.
3. Instigate regime change in Saud, Gulf, Turkey with military takeover. A general like Sisi runs each of these countries with an iron hand.
4. Move all refugees back to their country of origin.
5. All Borgistas in the media, think tanks, government, Congress, etc exposed for whose water they've been carrying and "retired" from any position of influence.
6. Embargo the Likudniks from creating any further mayhem and force settlement guaranteed by R+6+West.

Now, I realize this is a pipe dream but this layman would like to thank Col. Lang and this Committee for a great education. I'm now completely at odds with my Borg influenced neighbors.

FB Ali

That the ISI had something to do with it is probable, but whether it was officially sponsored or sanctioned, or was an 'opportunist' fling by some persons lower down in the organization, is an open question. That is the trouble with these hush-hush intelligence outfits that get involved in operations - there is scope for a lot of freelancing without the hierarchy knowing about it. I wouldn't be surprised if the CIA has had similar problems.

The Paris attackers may well have studied the Bombay operation since, from the terrorist point of view, it was very successful - lots of civilian casualties in many places, with a huge impact, all done by a handful of men.


alba etie,

They own him. He was a member of PNAC.



I'm wielding the rhetorical shiv here. The idiot emotionalism behind the staged photo of a dead smuggler's child can be linked to what happened in Paris.

That being said, it takes nothing away from the point you're making.

Patrick Bahzad


Thx for your message. Got to say for me this was never a question about if but only when this would happen. Just weird to see Paris look like Beirut in the late 70s. Mind you they hit a residential area of Beirut as well the day before, let's not forget.


Using those ground rules, I see nothing wrong in b's post above and think that you were over reacting to b's implicit criticism of decision makers in the French government.

William R. Cumming

Bernie Sanders in tonight's debate flatly stated he opposed any regime change interventions.


The track record of western powers who claim to follow that focus has not been all the encouraging in the last few years. Why do you think it will be different this time?


My city will shortly have 1500 of these so called "ferals" arriving. We have hosted many such "ferals" in the recent past and many of the previous ones are sponsoring this next crop. I look forward to this new set of "huddled masses" paying taxes for my old age pension.

The street where my brother lives has more skin tones than Dairy Queen has flavours. Pot luck dinners in his neighborhood are really yummy.



When I asked for your proposal I did not anticipate this food fight. I like to deal with actual planning issues. I don't know how to continue the discussion on a rational basis. pl


On picture, worth a 1000 words:
Time to prosecute the terrorist-lovers in our own midst



Lmbo can you moral status signal any harder? You gotta be visible from space at this point.

I'm sure refugees with a elementary school education scamming welfare are paying for your pension and not at all a tax burden.

Selling your country down the road for "pot luck dinners" is LITERALLY Esau selling his inheritance for a bowl of pottage, you ridiculous fool.

Babak Makkinejad

They are outside of Diocletian Line; just like the Belsen attack or the 2002 Nord-Ost siege in Moscow.

The fact is that France has been the central state/territory of the Western Civilization for more than a 1000 years.

Leabanon and Muslims are not part of that.

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