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12 November 2015


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J Villain

Hats off to every one involved in the op.

FB Ali

Not "Taliban's PUK", but Talibani's PUK - as in Jalal Talibani!

The Twisted Genius

Brigadier Ali,

Thanks for spotting that. I'm sure that error would perplex some readers. I don't know whether it was due to an anti-social spell checker or personal sloppiness. I meant Jalal Talibani. Ahah! The culprit just revealed himself. It was the spell checker.

William R. Cumming

Thanks TTG for this explanatory posting! Very helpful!



Amen, brother. Amen. pl

The Beaver

Surprisingly,if one reads about analysis coming out of Israel, Russia + 6 are failing:

Just an intro since the whole article is behind a pay wall.

And there would be people in the West , like the British FM who would believe such news ( based on his comments for the upcoming Vienna meeting on Syria)


Excellent post, thanks. The NYTimes for once has some detailed coverage of the operation. The bits about weaponry and vehicles available to the Kurds stand out, along with the account of attacking via what sound like very hairy mountain roads.



propaganda competing with reality... wonder how their readers respond? wonder how the editors will respond, but i suppose it is what they get paid for.



How deep is today's real Green Beret bench to cover this kind of action - given the special operations focus on JSOC door kickers over the past decade plus?

It appears that there still are some good ones around..

The Twisted Genius


Our stated deployment of up to 50 or so Green Berets would mean only four 12 man operational detachments (ODAs). That's less than a company (6 ODAs). An SF group now has four battalions with 72 ODAs. The various Kurdish forces involved in this operation number only around 7,500. There are more than enough Green Berets to cover this mission and several others.

r whitman

A year from now, who will own Sinjar??

alba etie

Is there any evidence that some USG Senior Leadership is starting to push back against the neocon narrative ? I wonder what other Green Beret missions might also be taking place ? And would any of the recently stood up Jedburgh teams be involved in this action supporting the Kurds ? I keep praying that someone in position of authority has woke up and decided we need to support all of those killing the liver eaters writ large . Hope Springs Eternal .

The Twisted Genius

r whitman,

Who knows. My money is on the Kurds and Yezidis as long as Russia stays the course. Things aren't looking too rosy for the head choppers and liver eaters, but we can't take our eyes off them.

The Twisted Genius

alba etie,

Green Berets are conducting MTTs (mobile training teams) all over the world and always have been. There may have been a slowdown while we were so focused on Iraq and Afghanistan. My guess is that standard 12 man ODAs are supporting the Kurds. I haven't heard anything about those new Jedburgh-like teams since they were mentioned some time ago. Language training is once again being emphasized and additional training in LLSO (low level source operations) is being conducted. IMO, we are just going back to Aaron Bank's original UW concept.

Babak Makkinejad

Yazidis are Kurds.


al-Jazeera reported that the Daesh made a tactical withdrawal and the Peshmerga entered central Sinjar unopposed. But I think they (al-Jazeera) missed the fact that the fighting has actually gone on for months around Sinjar and this was just the final push. IED clearing operations were key to the advance. Plus, like Kobane, the city is undoubtedly heavuly boobytrapped.

The Twisted Genius


The same kind of IS withdrawal occurred when the YPG took Tal Abyad. I don't know why IS would have given up that border crossing that easily. There must be something else going on. I've heard reports that damned near every building in Sinjar was boobytrapped.

William R. Cumming

MSM reporting Kurd's announcing they have seized Sinjar!

The Twisted Genius


YPG spokesperson Redur Xalil announced YPG took Al Hawl today with the help of US air strikes and "Democratic Syria" Arab militias. Al Hawl was described as an IS transit point between Syria and Iraq.


The current dictator of Iraq's Kurd areas Barzani claims the city for his family gang.

This while the PKK and Yezidis did most of the fighting. Baghdad will also be pissed because the city was under its authority.

This makes it likely that we will see another war over the city. Probably as soon as IS is somewhat defeated.

Barzani is getting a bit too uppity. But he has no money and corruption is eating up his statelet. Either Talibani, or the PKK or Baghdad will take him down.

different clue

I was listening to NPR today or so. They were interviewing some surviving Yazidis living in their tent city. They all said it is good that Sinjar may be retaken, but they are afraid to go back and live there. The reason why they are afraid is that Sinjar remains surrounded by the same Sunni Arab villages that it was surrounded by before. And the Sunni Arabs in those villages had spent the last decades acting like they were the Yazidis' friends and neighbors. But as soon as IS took the area, the surrounding "friends and neighbors" of the Sunni Arab villages eagerly joined right in the raping and killing and burning and looting.

The Yazidis who were interviewed said they can never trust their Sunni Arab "friends and neighbors" ever again. The only way they would feel safe to go back and live in Sinjar is if a UN Peacekeeping Force were kept there to protect Yazidi Sinjar against all its Sunni Arab "friends and neighbors". Some also said there should be a new Yazidi province which could better protect itself and its people against the Sunni Arab "friends and neighbors".

different clue

Babak Makkinejad,

Do Yazidis see themselves as "Kurdish first" or "Yazidi first" or both equally at the same time?

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