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12 November 2015


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William R. Cumming

More and more talk of a brokered Republican Convention. There has not been one since Dewey selected in 1948. Clearly the MSM would be delighted.

Wondering how many voters in the NONE OF THE ABOVE category for both parties self-selected candidates and thus low turnout. Always dangerous for the DEMS IMO.

87 days to to the New Hampshire Primary.



Imagine a Mideast free of the House of Saud's corruption. Imagine a Mideast where Mecca and Medina and sites scared to Islam are taken away from the House of Saud and turned over to be governed by the descents of Mohammad, namely the King of Jordan. Imagine a Mideast free of the turmoil that the House of Saud has sown these past many years. Imagine a Mideast where Israeli corruption is brought to a complete standstill, and their mischief is put into a penalty box. Imagine a Mideast where the faithful of all the religions are allowed to make pilgrimage to their sacred sites unencumbered by the threat of terrorism and carnage and corruption.

To achieve these aims above, I propose that a concerted combined effort be put forth by the world's major powers to depose the House of Saud's steely grip, and allow the various tribes to whom the House of Saud has trampled upon these many years allowed to seek justice and recompense from the House of Saud for the ills they have caused.

I understand what I'm proposing would create a firestorm in the Mideast, but the only way to cure or at least seek to cure its current ills would be to perform cancer surgery upon its growing major tumors.

A Mideast at peace would be a major benefit for all mankind.

William R. Cumming

Russian [Putin?] opposition to the International Sports organization on Russian doping getting more press than Russian efforts in Syria?

Not a single member of either sex of Russian Olympians in the Melbourne Games in 1956 alive. Established beyond doubt all were doped up.


How important is the recapturing of the Kweires air base by the Syrian Army?

Babak Makkinejad


FYI: http://artoffuturewarfare.org/


This first article discusses the Iranian “mosaic strategy”. Am curious what the folks here with military background think of it in general, and as utilized in Syria.

Has Syria been a military success for Iran? http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2015/11/iran-syria-army.html
Indeed, the independent and “mosaic” nature of the advisory unit of the IRGC’s foreign operations branch — the Quds Force — as well as the Fatemiyoun, Hezbollah of Lebanon and Defenders of the Shrine Brigades shows that Iran has indeed implanted a so-called “mosaic” strategy in Syria. This strategy, which has been implemented by the IRGC in Iran, refers to a flexible and layered tactic with divided command and control. The aim is to “strengthen unit cohesion at the local level and give commanders more latitude to respond to potential threats.”

The Syrian army has experienced extensive sieges in various areas, including Aleppo Prison. These experiences have shown that its units are not capable of carrying out offensive and defensive operations. At the same time, Hezbollah forces as well as the Fatemiyoun have made it apparent during numerous conflicts, such as the one that took place in the Zainabia region of Damascus, that by using a mosaic strategy, they can resist and maintain defense lines without having to depend on backup units. Therefore, it is probable that instead of continuing with the traditional style of dividing the army into infantry, armor and artillery, the Syrian army has now decided to use a combination of infantry forces, rangers, armor and artillery forces in each region alongside independent Hezbollah and Fatemiyoun battalions as well as Iranian commanders.

Doctors Without Borders releases it’s investigation on the bombing of their hospital at Kunduz http://kunduz.msf.org/

Interesting piece on Putin’s Defense Minister…
Russia’s Sergei Shoigu, Master of emergencies - The trusty defence minister is the only person to serve in every government since the fall of the Soviet Union. He could be the next president http://econ.st/1MZxJF7

Taking the fight to ISIS? Here's a free rifle http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2015/11/10/taking-fight-to-isis-heres-free-rifle.html
The M600 SR retails for $9995, while the M800 DMR will be available for $15,995. If you’re an interested civilian, TrackingPoint says the weapons are available to “select non-military U.S. individuals.” On Dec. 5, the company will begin shipping the free rifles to the chosen qualified U.S, citizens who can bring the guns into the fight against terrorism legally.

For those of you here who are better informed on gun laws than I... is it even possible for US citizens to "bring the guns into the fight against terrorism legally"?


Inside Al-Nusra?


I feel this is part of someone's communication plans.

J Villain

Interesting times in the KSA.

"Saudi Royal Advisor Says the Kingdom is Ready to Make Peace With Israel"


Saudi FM Voices Support for Yemen Peace Talks



@j where is the khedive when you really need him?
he had to do it twice
hope the Col's new book on the Khedive has a few words on kicking Wahabii Xss
what are the circumstances where the civilized word would bring modernity to the medieval Gulf states?




IMO it is very important. SITREP to follow. pl

The Beaver

South Beirut Bombing:


ISIS is claiming responsibility but it would be interesting to hear the views of Nasrallah on this.

After Russia, now Hizb'Allah, wonder whether someone is following the threats made by Bandar 2 years ago now that they are losing control of the rebels doing their dirty work


Perhaps in the final presidential election next November, the write-in candidate "Ms. Neither One" might turn out winning.


Did Russia Just “gently” Threaten the USA


Interesting photos on site after the Kweires airbase capture at http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/ These might provide some insight into the morale of the Syrian Army forces used.


Great piece on Gen. Hal Moore (USA, ret.). Loved his book, loved the movie. A truly great man.

Hal Moore: From Kentucky boyhood to very good soldier at West Point

"Moore loved the days when his class would visit the Abbey of Gethsemane 15 miles away. Hal loved going, praying and enjoying the silence and solitude. He and his father also would make quick trips there just to pray. He loved the monks, and these visits would serve as a challenge to his career choices – becoming a priest and monk or becoming a soldier.
On one such visit, he met and spent time with the famous monk Thomas Merton. Merton is buried there and Merton’s hermitage is a couple of miles up the hill behind the abbey. Having spent time at the abbey and the hermitage, I came to appreciate what the young Moore had in common with Father Merton – a mutual love of God and a curiosity about the mystery. There was something within Moore that was different, especially when he craved solitude...

...From day one at West Point, he knew why he was born -- to become a soldier. Having moved on from thinking of becoming a priest to serve his God, to wanting to serve his nation, he was in the perfect place to become the best soldier he could be."

Paul Escobar


Picture sums it up: https://twitter.com/Zinvor/status/664204527516692481

Three years. Geez.



Looking forward to it. In the meantime, here's Whitney over at Counterpunch taking a stab at the question. In brief, for him it's big, both as a serious defeat for ISIS and also blocking Turkish moves. Hope you concur.




Brokered convention? Fat chance. The "establishment" is rather upset about the voters not agreeing with their agenda. That problem is that Democracy thing getting in the way of someone's agenda.



I think that "free gun to fight ISIS" is what is known as a puff piece to get free advertising. No one over there needs another sniper rifle.


Kweires and next ?

What about an offensive pushing south lake Jabbul toward Euphrates ? Seems a lot more easy way to cut IS from Turkey than along the frontier : gap about 20/25 km, flat and desertic terrain...

Suggestions & critics welcome



You can if you can. You may have noticed that we did a war game... pl


Oh yeah, Fred, I get that it's a marketing ploy. I included the link for entertainment value.

Some of the comments are pretty funny... "I would use a satellite with a death ray on the entire Middle East"... There are days I feel that way myself :)

The question I asked is what I am curious about... is it even possible for US citizens to "bring the guns into the fight against terrorism legally"?

Can people legally travel with powerful sniper rifle like that? Probably can't bring it on a plane. Is there a way ship something like that legally?


Curious how the 300 or so Syrian soldiers at the base were supplied and how they managed to hold at bay the hordes of liver eaters for 3 years?


Thanks for your comment, pl.

Sure, concerning the war game, there were a lot of ideas about the closing of the frontier.

That said, as you mention, "You can if you can". And for sure, there are more urgent tasks for the loyalist coalition, as evidently widening a safe zone around Latakia (no need to mention the recent shelling), cleaning pockets north of Homs, east of Damas, and so on...

Nevertheless, looking at the map around Kweires, this Euphrates's option seems suddenly an interesting one.

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