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06 November 2015


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Schroeder's objection to the planned war was one big reason for his reelection in late 2002.

He lost his "job" due to his ill-guided belief in gambling with an early re-elections before his term ended in 2005. I forget, but the context where completely based on interior troubles, the SPD had lost its majority in the Bundesrat, due to some states turning black (CDU/CSU) versus red (SPD) and not least due to the reactions to his huge social spending cuts reform agenda. Agenda 2010, Hartz Reform. The Green Party his coalition partner also lost.




Centrally, concerning your initial comment, cp.

International law, and legal restrictions to the right to return to the country you were born in? What would be the UN's take on it?

Besides, if you offer this "special treatment" to refugees in Lebanon, what about Jordan, Turkey, Europe?

Over here the hawks are in the process of discussion a limited status for Syrian refugees. What legal consequences would a limited offer by the Assad regime in Lebanon have on refugees elsewhere? I am sure Assad has a legal adviser that is aware of UN statues.

What will the Assad regime's funds once the war ended look like? Will they still be high enough for your group special re-compensation scheme?

What if the government is somewhat modified to integrate one way or another the former fighting parties, would they honor such a contract? ...

"given every assistance to rebuild their lives, property, etc. if the government wins."


Looked like an Ebay script interfered, at least that's what it looked like, sparing you a longer comment ...

But yes, in a nutshell, the European union is in its most serious crisis for a series of reasons, not least the flow of refugees recently. No good times for bold decisions, like provisional membership.

There surely could be a demand for a cease fire addressing both sides, as far as 1) is concerned. ;) But the rest looks way to hopeful considering the interests in the US led combined task force.


The rest of my comment concerned analogous high hopes put in Europe concerning Israel/Palestine.

Europe has limited means in this context, based on its associated state treaty with Israel in its "neighborhood program":

One is its position on products produced in the occupied territories, or Judea and Samaria, or land up for grabs based on a terra nullius argument from the hawkish pro-Israel side:



Why would you want to bring in Seymour Hersh? Beyond putting words into his mouth? Wouldn't have an anonymous profession journalist or prominent citizen journalist been quite enough?

I can see you are able to set your imagination free easily. Impressive.

not important, but associatively on my mind now:

Ages ago, I discovered software that apparently seems to be able to compare writing styles. If I am not hallucinating, of course. Joke. No doubt within limits it would be possible to compare your supposed article by Seymour Hersh with other likely professional journalists maybe even some prominent citizen journalists on linguistics grounds and filter out lower versus higher chances. ;)


Ok, rat-line/red line association.


I like Seymour too, by the way. But the Turkish influence, its prominence and agency in our larger context feels to be a bit too hyped around here lately. This is a purely aesthetic grasp of matters.

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