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09 November 2015


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Chris Chuba

What bothers me most about that article is the lack of competence they are demonstrating by not being able to see that the Russians have ALREADY taken the gloves off and ARE going after ISIS. Can't those idiots read a map? How can the Russians use Assad's forces to fight ISIS in a logical manner if the FSA / Islamic Front types have a knife to Assad's throat. If you look at the pattern of air strikes, the Russians are bombing ISIS targets of high value but doing concentrated bombing around Assad's ground forces. How can a coherent military campaign be done in a different manner? If I was in Assad's infantry, I'd be totally demoralized if the Russians were doing most of their bombing 500 miles away instead of supporting me.

Even at this early phase, Assad and the Russians are engaging ISIS on the ground. ISIS obviously sees the Russian led campaign as a threat.


Fred, Thanks. There was a reported attack and infiltration by ISIS into Hafr al Batin near the Saudi borders with Iraq and Kuwait in January of this year where the infiltrators allegedly melted away into the very conservative local population. The Saudis were said to be constructing a fence to run from Turaif down to Hafr al Batin. I do not know if the fence has been built nor how effective it might be if it were. When I worked with the Saudi military a long time ago, Hafr al Batin was considered a punishment post for misbehaving soldiers.


The refinery at Baiji was captured in October 2015 so i don't expect a recapture in 2016.

red brick

Significant developments in Syria: the SAA has ended the ISIS seige of the Kweiris airbase in east Aleppo.

A military campaign in North Latakia has also begun, with the aim of capturing Salma en route to Idlib province.

And SAA and Hezbollah made advances in South Aleppo today.

All reported on Al Masdar news site.


Related topic, but the "Daily Star"(Lebanon) just reported that Syrian army has borken a near two-year siege at the Kweires airpbase near Aleppo.



Chris- the Syrians just took Kuwieres today


A bit of light breaking through:

Syria conflict: Army 'breaks IS siege of Kuwairis airbase'



red brick

Which red brick are we talking about? Kuweiria air base is well outside Aleppo to the east Maybe 20 miles? pl



It seems to me that there has been a good bit of fighting there since then. pl



His name is Bashar, not Bashir. pl

Chris Chuba

[oofda said in reply to Chris Chuba...
Chris- the Syrians just took Kuwieres today]
1. That's good news.
2. Yes, this was sloppy of me, Patrick had declared it secured on turn 2, by secured, I meant a full land corridor since it has been occupied by the SAA since the start of the civil war. The siege has indeed been lifted. I am hoping that it stays secured, ISIS is capable of counter-attacks.


Chris Chuba

I hope I used the word "relieved." Pls don't refer me as "Patrick." It makes for a confusion with Bahzad. Pat will do. pl

J Villain

When we see demonstrations like what ended Vietnam there will be action. When some one running for office is boo'd rather than cheered when talking about going to war there will be a change. Until then nothing is going to happen.



Yes, 2016 is a crucial year. America is replaying the collapse of the Soviet Union. This time instead of the walls coming down they are going up all across Europe. Instead of Boris Yeltsin, Donald Trump will implement the dismemberment chaos.

The media and the politicians are paid to hide it; but, a Middle East regional holy war, declining American White longevity, and 3 million Muslim refugees trekking to Europe, cannot be ignored.


"running the still" "making a still with a ..." moonshine?

Ok, getting closer:

With still being whatever serves de'still'ation.



Yes, we speak English. Are we supposed to dumb down what we write so that you can understand it? pl


Col: Has anyone actually submitted a report/plans for potential future merger of the USMC and USA?

Medicine Man

David Habakkuk:

Calculate the number of western civilians and servicemen that have been killed in the last 15 years by Russia and compare to the number of civilians and servicemen killed by Jihadis. This is the kind of brutal reality that our elites are trying to sweet talk out of existence. I'm glad people aren't buying it.

You can easily make an argument that Russia is potentially a far more serious risk than ISIS et al., but our leaders give no good reasons why that risk is not navigable by diplomacy, while in contrast the Jihadis hardly seem the talking type.


Thank you, Sir. That's really interesting because in my mind, the Byzantine model always seemed pretty good; hefty and locally integrated thematic armies for defense and elite tagmata for expeditions. I guess the one downside is that the themes did seem to rebel against Constantinople a lot, but I don't know if that's because of the system itself or just because Greeks like fighting each other so much.

I really don't know enough about how the different branches' special operations work to say where they fit into things. Would you roll them into the expeditionary force, or keep them as a separate entity? Or would you train up the former Army/Marines a little more in commando and language skills? I'm just wondering because it seems like at least since Hezbollah fought Israel in '06, the really successful forces these days have enough mass for conventional operations but can also fight asymmetrically.



The thematic scheme worked well until the period before Manzikert when the effete court clique gutted the Armenian lords of the east. The SOF function is IMO greatly exaggerated in importance (except for Army Green Berets. The rest are just a SWAT team.). The whole thing should be greatly reduced in size. Conventional forces win wars, not SOF, and I am one (Green Beret). Conventional forces don't need language skills. they can always bring on some linguists. What they need are skills in fighting and winning. I guessed you missed the part in which I have repeatedly said that COIN is an expensive loser. pl



Do you want me to be silent? [;

William Fitzgerald

By late summer Western Syria has been secured by the R+6 coalition and the battle in the south is ending with SNC elements either rallying to the Syrian Government or attempting to escape across borders that are largely closed.

The Syrian Kurds have by, late summer, consolidated their control along the Turkish border.

In September, elections are called, Bashir Al Assad announces that he will not run and gives his endorsement to the Baath Party slate of candidates.

On 1 NOV the new government is in effect and the newly elected U.S. president nad his administration are presented with a fait accomplis.

The Israelis decide to cut their losses and must now accept the reality that they're no longer able to fly over Syria and Lebanon at will.


William Fitzgerald

Sorry, I meant Bashar Al Assad. Wasn't it Bashir Gemayel?



Thanks for pointing that out; yet there's still allot of undefeated ISIS in the area.



"Most of the heavy units I would put in the National Guard."

That's one guaranteed way to keep a president from getting us involved in a foreign war without Congressional approval.

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