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06 November 2015


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Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for your comments.



My employer is giving away free tickets for veterans wishing to attend the Detroit Opera. The latest offering is yet another paen to Holocaust survivors. Apparently "free" is the only way to fill the seats.

Abu Sinan

Some of the gains made by the GCC coalition have been rolled back despite the influx of foreign fighters brought in by the coalition. These foreign troops come from places like Columbia, Sudan and Eritrea. Despite optimism that these troops would be of large help, they have not been. In particular the mercenaries from Columbia, despite experience in the military in their home country, are having to be taught, and retaught, basic military skills.

The UAE and Saudi are feuding, with the UAE seemingly drawing down the number of troops in Yemen. The Houthis have made gains in Lahj and are now positioned for action against the Al-Anad airbase. Damt has been retaken by the Houthis. The have also taken ground around the Baab al-Mandaab coast, which could impact the Saudi naval blockade. Gains were also made in Abyan and Shabwa as well.

Reports are that Eritrean troops have taken some heavy casualties. There have actually been some fighting between Hirak factions and the Presidential Guard over pay issues. AQAP is increasing its presence in the south and Aden in particular.

There have been reports that the Houthis have sunk several Saudi warships. I have discarded these claims because I have seen nothing to confirm this outside of heavily partisan media outlets.

That is what I can add, from a non professional stand-point, just someone who is a avid Yemen watcher.

The Beaver

A bit OT:
Wonder if all three of them hold dual citizenship.
There was an article on the one who has fled to Russia in Businessweek Bloomberg wrt his buddy in Florida


Disagree. The only American Jews I see with balls are the Jewish Voices for Peace, and Rabbi Lerner's Tikkun.org. All the rest seem willing to let someone else work it out.

Now that criticism of Israel is so conflated with anti-Semitism that "Israel" and "Jews" become the same, few connect the dots that implicitly supporting the actions of a fascist regime in its oppression is going to have dread implications in America. When the backlash against Israel comes, unless the American Jews lead it, the American Jews will reap the identity with the fascists that has been sown. Look at what's happening with the American Muslims. It would never be fair to have that happen for the American Jews; but it has never been fair to ride on the goodwill of the American Jews and conflate them with Likud. Silence implies endorsement.

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