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06 November 2015


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I don't think he should fired. I think he should be saluted for tearing off the mask of superficial, happy diplomatic talk, and revealing, for all to see, and contemplate, the real face of the present Israeli political establishment. We all can see it and contemplate it. It is the ugly and dangerous place we have arrived at.

(although ya got to hand it to him re Kerry comments. Any asshole whose reaction to the attacks in Paris...bring out a jet lagged, burnt out, shit voice singin James Taylor to play "you got a friend" as our response....well, ya gotta admit Bartz got that right"

alba etie

We need also to return to non partisan congressional district - the self selecting gerrymandering both parties do is strangling our Comity .



I think you mean New England Congregationalists. not Episcopalians. The latter were in charge in Virginia. pl

Babak Makkinejad

I wrote those on this forum before; they do not like US, they find her to be decadent; they like Germany and her Orderly Ways.

On the other hand, according to their own statistics, 25% of Israeli passport holders live abroad - mostly in US.

Those must be the sane Israelis.

Babak Makkinejad

I thought without that clause Baptists would have been official US religion.


how do you perceive the comments you exchanged in 2011 at mondoweiss's site at this point in time?


@Jack: I submit: We actually live in a theocracy. God gave people a drive to serve, contribute, be part of something bigger than themselves. Soldiers & politicians have a part of them that is a servant_leader. There is a place in hell for leaders who abuse that trust of their soldiers. There is a place in hell on earth for soldiers who wake up too late and find their trust has been abused; hence high suicide rate. There is a special place in Hell for religious leaders who abuse their trust in their followers, and order them into apartheid and massacres. And there is a special place in hell on earth, as Judas found, for those who take the 30 pieces of silver and follow the leadership of false religious leaders blindly without questioning. One day they wake up from sleepwalking with blood all over their hands, and no scrubbing can get it off.

America believes in the shining city on the hill, the Santa Claus image of Jerusalem. We thus live in a theocracy, against the Founders' wishes. With all its inherent baggage.

America is complicit in the concentration camp of over a million women and children refugees; in perpetuating apartheid of "inconvenient sub-humans"; and in blowing away the MENWFZ. As a result, we have lost the respect of the rest of the world. Liberty, justice: travesties. We struggle in suffering as we sleepwalk.

Those who do not question the Santa Claus abomination of desolation are already getting what they create and deserve. No international respect, no rule of law, and worldwide turmoil. What goes around, comes around: cosmic law.

we need to stop living in a theocracy and wake up.


It could go the other way on loyalty too. The Demagogue telling US citizens that in these apocalyptic times you are either for Zionist Israel or an enemy of the state.



Baptists are the largest set of related sects now, but in colonial timse the Anglicans (Episcopalians), Presbyterians and Quakers pretty much ran everything. pl

different clue


Another question occurs to me. If speaking peace in mixed political company in Israel is to "invite" vicious derogatory abuse or sometimes physical attacks, why don't the targets of vicious derogatory abuse practice vicious derogatory abuse right back? Why don't the targets of physical attacks physically attack right back, and so much harder as to shut down the physical-attack attempt? The lack of any such response encourages the vicious verbal derogator and/or the physical attacker to continue such behavior in order to keep getting the payoffs and rewards of such behavior.

So if the Rabinist in mixed political company is physically attacked, why doesn't the targetted-Rabinist pick up a mug or a barstool if any are handy? Why don't the Rabinists bring a pool cue or a tire iron to politically mixed social gatherings, "just in case"?

Buzz Meeks

Yet another reason there is little critical response to Israel's overt and covert destruction of this country. I recently saw this PR handout regarding high school teachers "to bring the lessons of the Holocaust to their classrooms" and was dumbfounded any school board or HS principal would let this brainwashing/Zio-propaganda through their front doors and let this pap be "taught" to students.

Can you imagine the hue and cry if someone tried to bring in a Saudi sponsored Islam primer? Students will unquestioningly swallow this shit and the next time there is a USS Liberty like incident in the ME, the Israelis will get away with a too bad or use their Holocaust BS to free Pollard because he has "suffered enough". This last quote from Schumer.


Buzz Meeks


It is unfortunate that "Greater Israel" Zionist extremists learned from the neocons that the best policy is demolition by outrageous insult. But it is they who wrote in AZURE, the Israeli right-wing journal, that Israel is "losing its minds," exsanguinating its highly educated Sabras to the West and acquiring inadequate amounts "olims" from the Diaspora to replace them. Israel is meant to be the land between the two rivers-- Nile and Euphrates-- and so it is the only nation that refuses to state its official borders.The attempt to chase out the Palestinians and replace them with the current stock of "Kosher Jihadis" has proven more of a burden that an assistance, for they take much from the country and give very little of what being Israeli costs the Sabras. And still, they are not enough to expand Israel even into Gaza and the West Bank. The policy of treating Palestinians as close to how the Tzar's Cossacks treated the Russian Jews is bankrupt and could bankrupt Israel. And so, anyone who is critical or even hesitant is immediately deemed an anti-Semite. But be sure that this in no way reflects what they think motivates their critics. It only serves as an hysterical device in the face of massive Diasporic Jewish satisfaction with life in their own native lands with an ever declining tie to Israel. So, like a Jewish mother who lost her grip on her adolescent son and daughter, Netanyahu desperately shouts "anti-Semitism, anti-Semitsm," not because he thinks this "hasbara" would improve his image with us "dumb goyim," but rather he hopes this will provoke a sense of guilt among American Jews so that they no longer celebrate with pride that the nation for which they fought in the frontlines to integrate racially and elected the first black President, but rather see him as that Trumpian "Muslim anti-Semite" whose crimes against Israel's financial and military security demand that they NOT do what the American Jews of 1930s America did-- remain silent while the US did nothing about Nazi anti-Semitism-- and instead mobilize to paralyze American policy so that he, Netanyahu, can come to America and dictate Middle East policy to Wash DC. But American Jews are indeed as American as apple pie and paid the price in Iraq and Afghanistan like other Americans and no more want their nation drawn into war as in Iraq than any other American. And so, with chutzpah deflated, we now hear tactical apologies. Alas, the apologies are directed at the wrong people. They should be directed at American Jews for they were the intended victims of this slander. In conclusion it should never be forgotten that to many of the Aliyah fanatics, American anti-Semitism is not so bad as it would cause American Jews to stampede to Israel in fear. Thus, calling the US President an anti-Semite won't hurt him but at best mobilizes American Jews or, at worst, provokes anti-Semitism that may cause a great aliyah to Israel. Alas for Likud, it won't because American Jews are root-stem-and flower so American that, to the chagrin of some, they dilute themselves through intermarriage with the dreaded Goyim.

Kyle Pearson

It took me a while to formulate my thoughts on the 2d round of war games, and i am sorry i could not do it sooner - i feel like i have let you down.

I offer up this late entry knowing that you review all posts to every thread. I don't know if this will be of any help, nor if you will find it valuable, but after a few days of thought, this is what i came up with:

"Taiwan elects a strongly pro-independence President, known worldwide as both inexperienced not only in domestic legislative tactics, but widely known as utterly inexperienced in international relations - except for her education by Dept. of State.

After the recent talks by the KMT president, Ma Yingjiu, seeds are set for a rebellion within the ranks of Taiwan's military and police.

The United States intelligence apparatus recognizes that pushing a rebellion in Taiwan is a Very Bad Idea, at this point - caught between the rock of MENA destabilization, and the Hard Place of provoking a hot conflict in SE Asia, the United States opts to continue stirring the pot and provoking propaganda victories, rather than committing to a showdown in Asia.

This, also, limits its capacity to respond to the MENA theater - as Russia ramps up its activities in the MENA region, the US is forced to restrain its military response out of concerns for Chinese diplomatic objections, and potential economic retaliation. With the Russian military running forward operations, the Chinese signal - via diplomatic channels - that they are ready and willing to force a strong decline in the dollar at the first critical trade opportunity.

China further demonstrates that it has been in direct communication with Germany and, via Russia, much of Eastern Europe, and has secured confident guarantees that trade between the rest of Asia and Western Europe will not be disrupted, provided Western Europe refrains from backing a stronger US role in the MENA theater."


If Obama had any sense tempered with nerve he would follow in the foot steps of James Baker when it comes to arrogant and stupid Israelis like Netanyahu. What's good about this is it is about Netanyahu himself!

I was watching one of the news show awhile back and Baker was being inteviewed. The subject of Obama and Netanayahu was broached. Baker told how he dealt with Netanyahu's obnoxious statements about US Middle East policy while serving as assistant foreign minister in the early 1990s:


In this case I use CNS Levin link because of the video clip. The fact that the "American patriot" impersonator Levin was so mad over this is further proof that Baker is being truthful while Levin is lying.

As a sidenote it is funny to hear Levin complain about Baker being tight with the Arabs, seeing how Israel has climbed in bed with them.

"Mr. Netanyahu’s nominee, Ran Baratz, is a conservative academic who lives in a settlement in the occupied West Bank. Just last week, he insulted Israel’s president, Reuven Rivlin, in a Facebook post, and a decade ago he expressed his wish to see the building of a third Jewish temple on a contested Old City compound that has been a focal point of the recent wave of Palestinian attacks against Israeli Jews."

This alone is grounds to keep him out of the US. America has enough religious nuts running loose without importing more of the same. This guy will go around stirring up trouble.

Obama should do as Baker but take it a step higher and bar him from entering the US.


Remember FBI Director Comey's remarks about the Holocaust being the most "significant incident in human history." In the same vein.



I think the US Constitution was written in a context of "it's none of our business what form of religious structure other states have".


Yet another Israeli 5:00AM goon squad trashes 'Youth Against Settlements' nonviolent activist press office, destroys all cameras and microphones, steals all computers, falsely-imprisons students in a room without charges, takes over home as a military base to house soldiers, for 24 hrs:

which is why the Founders came up with the 3rd amendment, as well as the 1st, 4th, & 5th.


Aside from political and diplomatic pressure, the issuance of visas is discretionary. No one has a "right" to enter the US except US citizens and permanent residents. This is true whether you are Mr. and Mrs. Townsley arriving in Orlando from Shropshire or Mr. Baratz.

And I am virtually certain that whatever visa agreements the US has with various countries contains a clause reserving this discretion.

The Beaver


Just have to read this piece:

"The notorious disagreement over Israel’s attempt to sell the Phalcon early warning system to China in 2000, as well as more recent reports that Israel’s head of defense exports sold U.S. missile technology to China, demonstrate the conflicts that are likely to arise as Israel grows closer to China." without forgetting Israel - KSA relation:


different clue


Not all the Christian Fundamentalists are "on" their side. Some of them support Revisionist Greater Israel in order to get an Israel which maneuvers itself into the kind of war which the Fundies hope will lead to the War at Armaggedon, nuclear war all over the earth, and the return of Christ to rule His thousand year kingdom here on earth. These Fundies "support" Israel as a tool in the pursuit of these Fundies' own Rapturanian Armaggedonite goals.

David Habakkuk


I have mixed feelings about Philip Weiss' blog. While I can see a great deal to admire, I have enormous difficulty seeing how a 'one state solution' could be made to work.

But then, for almost fifty years 'liberal Zionists' in the United States – and Britain – have talked about the 'two state solution'. But very few of them have lifted a finger to stop the process of settlement in the West Bank, which was always likely to make such a solution, difficult enough at the best of times, simply impossible.

And I now simply cannot see a way out of this mess.

If you want an idea of how envenomed these disputes are becoming over here, have a look at responses to recent comments by the veteran Labour MP Sir Gerald Kaufman – both his remarks about the influence of Jewish money on the Tory Party, and his suggestion that knife attacks by Palestinians have been fabricated.

These provoked the following comment by Daniel Finkelstein in the 'Jewish Chronicle':

'Gerald Kaufman's comments are outrageous and it is quite right that community leaders have demanded disciplinary action. The comments are clearly antisemitic. I think it is worth adding they are also idiotic.'

(See http://tinyurl.com/qh2t744 .)

But this is actually idiotic. Sir Gerald is a lifelong Zionist, the child of Polish immigrants, whose grandmother was murdered in Staszow. He has done what he can to prevent Israel heading down a suicidal course, but if the Israelis can't be saved from themselves has no desire to see the position of Jews in Britain compromised. And he has absolutely horrified by the identification of Jews with figures like Sharon or Netanyahu.

Indeed, to trivialise the taboo on anti-Semitism, as Finkelstein does, and talk in terms of some kind of Jewish 'community', united in devotion to Israel, enforcing 'disciplinary action' on dissenters, is a good enough way to encourage anti-Semitism.

And it is deeply ironic, precisely because so much of the – very great – contribution of Jewish immigrants to British culture has been bound up with the idiosyncracy and independence of mind which has been a defining feature of so many of them.

The attempt to equate Jewish identity with support for Israel is also brutally unfair to very many British Jews, and perhaps in particular to those who are caught between a commitment to that country they find it enormously difficult to abandon, and a horror at what it has become.



The Baptists of Danbury, Conn. were a religious minority that sent a letter to Pres. Jefferson voicing their fear that their state would create a official religion that would make it illegal for them to worship as they pleased. The returning letter from Jefferson declaring he, and the hope all Americans, believed in "thus building a wall of separation between Church and State." Some of the present day Baptists believe the US was founded as a Christian nation and want the wall dismantled. Today we have Christians mad at Starbucks for not putting an "8 lb. 4 oz baby Jesus" on its their coffee cups. They are in the same category as the Yale students saying the are afraid for their lives because a white student on campus wore a sombrero on Halloween. These Rococo Marxists are our future leaders.


You wrote:

"I read this with utter amazement. Is this man such an over-educated ass that he cannot grasp that – precisely because of the truths you are telling – such danger there is to Jews outside Israel in today's world lies primarily in the fact that people may come to believe that what that country has become is the 'self-expression' of some kind of authentic Jewish identity?"

Great paragraph. . . .



"Rococo Marxists." I like that. pl



I should have put it in quotes; I stoled it from Tom Wolfe. I like it too.

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