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05 November 2015


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How do you think Hillary will act towards Russia and China? Realpolitik or Neocon?


thanks for the feedback, IZ, it does have the feel and touch of lenght=weight. Never mind the repetitions.Is there anything about Turkey Watchers. Irony Alert: was the publication some type of donation drive?

I am a complete blank page on US-Turkey or the other way relations, only got glimpses of neocon-turkey relations and surely never heard "tayyiban operation" before. Any hints?

But thanks for the link.


Fred, that's surely not why I avoided your challenge, put another way, I am surely disgusted that it happened at all, the way it was dealt with and so on. Is that what you would have expected from me?

I am also pretty sure that, never mind their public share, and related interests, and their respective limited capacities, that VW is in dire straights as a result. Way beyond the respective customers, once shareholders unite and demand compensation, in the US and maybe Germany via class action and beyond worldwide.

Will they terminate loads of employee contracts? Without any doubt. That is the usual way to deal with it. Did these employees cause it? Hardly.

But strictly the scandal has moved beyond VW, to other German car brands by now. I guess you noticed? Didn't you?


"How do you think Hillary will act towards Russia and China? Realpolitik or Neocon?"

Neither. Nuland is one of Clnton's protegees at State. Given the extent to which Nuland enthuses over Nato enlargemement, screwing over Russia that suggests Clinton shares such views. If she wasn't ideologically reliable Clinton would not have groomed her.

Clinton's preferences, if her record as Secretary of State is any indication, are staunchly hawkish-neoliberal. She buys into R2P to some extent and likes regime change the soft and hard power way the and buys into the Freedomizing agenda. She is also heavily pro-Israel no matter what they do.

IMO she will probably be hostile to Russia and probably China.

Just as bad, if not worse, under her, Nuland, heaven forbid, might just make it to Secretary of State.



What we have here is a failure to communicate. I made no challenge. I compared Hilary Clinton's reputation for integrity with VW's most recent revelation of deceitful conduct; conduct that had been going on for years. Hilary Clinton's integrity is the subject.

different clue


Which globalists would a President Hillary try to rout out? Certainly not Free Trade globalists. She absolutely supports the Free Trade Globalists.


afterthought, not "Turkey Watchers" but:


Ishmael Zechariah

Turkey is one of the semi-autonomous pawns in the Great Game which is sometimes visible (https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/bolivian-presidents-plane-forced-to-land-in-austria-in-hunt-for-snowden/2013/07/03/c281c2f4-e3eb-11e2-a11e-c2ea876a8f30_story.html) but more often not.
Over the past 90+ years various groups and governments have tried to exacerbate ethnic and religious divisions in the Turkish Republic, providing significant financial and political support to convenient tools such as separatist Kurds, Islamists, etc. The link I sent provides an apologia for the support provided to the “tayyiban” by the snout-counters. The desire was “a Greater Kurdistan” plus a “Mild Islamic Sunni Turkey”. It would have been convenient but, since it was unrealistic, we have the current, massive, clusterfxxk.
Ishmael Zechariah
P.s: Here is a good picture of Merkel: http://www.timesofisrael.com/germany-turkey-hail-progress-in-handling-refugee-crisis/

Babak Makkinejad

Palestinians are not in the way of Israelis; Islam is.


@CP WRT "We came, we saw, ...."

Problem with that is, it didn't ring true. She's not very good at faking it. She is not a politician.




As the yuppies say "OMG" Nuland as SecOState. Which begs the question, who/whom will HC appoint as her Defense Sec?

Isn't her support for Israel related to the BIG $$$ from the pro-Israel crowd? The poor Palestinians who live on just $3 to $5 a day are really screwed.


"Until the "Tunisians" are overthrown, the Palestinians won't make any progress."

And anyone that would follow Fatah could easily get the Palestinians out of their Catch22 setting of the earlier A, B, C zone straitjacket framework?

Maybe, it feels to me, this is a point in time where you better reflect on collaboration versus the propaganda value or use of no doubt more or less corruption considering circumstances.


Matthew, I wondered why I didn't pay more attention to what you wrote. I noticed "Tunisians".

Thanks for the explanation. But one of the things I remember, or one point that made me decide I better open up the narrow focus Israel/Palestine, were assaults of Abu Mazen. Any Palestinians room for maneuver is rather limited. Would the framework disappear if you get rid of the "Tunesians"?

And I agree with some, mainly based on my deep dislike of the highly emotionalized discourse, the only way out would be international law.

Interestingly, exactly the framework that has been under assault in recent decades, including attempts to change it via action.

Not too long ago, I stumbled across the argument that refugees from Syria use their children as "human shields", in other words they aren't worried that there children's dead bodies are washed up on the shores of Greek Islands as long as they themselves make it into Europe.


CP. are these facts or TAT-type assertions? By way of a reality check, what was your take on the 2008 election? Am too lazy to go into the archives and sort out who were the dewy-eyed, hankie-clenching celebrants of the US having elected itself a Negro.

TAT = thematic apperception test


" Once you liberate yourself from the shackles of believing that Israeli actions are motivated by Palestinian conduct as opposed to deep-seeded Zionist ideology, then you realize it doesn't really matter what the Palestinians do."

The "Zionist ideology" over the times of its genesis, and would include its roots here, aren't as simple as they look today.

One can no doubt get this idea from taking history, thus action and reaction, out of the focus. Problems and Solutions offered?

And there is absolutely no doubt at one point in time the Zionists even mirrored their Nazi opponents, and one way or another collaborated with the Nazis.

Historically the "Zionist ideology" is not a good argument as score scapegoat if you leave out its genesis in time and space. ...

The only thing I accept thoroughly based on historical facts, is that Europe (including Russia, thus not necessarily within Babak's geographical lines) exported their respective problem with the other to the ME.


what's your problem? Clinton's record is freely available and her patronage of Nuland is well known. The Libya war, short of killing Ghaddafi, didn't achieve its aims - and was something Clinton heartily endorsed and publicly rejoiced over.

That was the new Obama type of war - deftly led from behind, multilateral and for humanitarian reasons - and still about regime change, involving use of force and illegal - it exceeded UN mandates every bit as much as Bush's war on Iraq did. D's have always liked regime change every bit as much as the R's, while disagreeing over tactics. But that is a matter of flavour.

Faced with the option between the Republican dream team John 'Bomber' McCain & Sarah Palin (dumb as a brick, and one stroke away from becoming commander in chief - who could forget her campaign performances, or Tina Fey's spoofs), Obama was the better choice.

That said, given the extent to which American foreign policy is consensus driven, I didn't expect hope and change and didn't get my hopes up. I was temporarily deceived by the Kairo speech. The differences between Bush and Obama are about methods, not goals - the pivot to Asia being the one exception.

Clinton's and Obama's war to save 'the Libyan people' from Ghaddafi probably killed considerably more Libyans than Ghaddafi did. It becomes somewhat hard in face of such aspects to see humanitarian benefits, and it becomes all the more difficult to justify in light of what Libya has become. Libya is Clinton's legacy, and so is Nuland and people like her.

That doesn't mean that in the lunatic asylum that is US politics, she won't be preferrable over whatever moron the R's happen to pit against her.

different clue


If the Rs nominate a non-moron I will feel free to vote Third Party. If the Rs nominate a Rapturanian Armaggedonite, then I will vote for Clinton. If the Rs nominate a harmless moron, then I will have to think about what I will do.



I was sent the following which I got a laugh over:

An interesting observation:

Basketball is the game of choice for the urban poor.

The sport of choice for maintenance level employees is bowling.

The sport of choice for front-line workers is football.

The sport of choice for supervisors is baseball.

The sport of choice for middle management is tennis.

The sport of choice for corporate executives and officers is golf.

The amazing facts are:

The higher you go in the corporate structure, the smaller your balls become.

There must be a boatload of people in Washington playing marbles.

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