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05 November 2015


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raksh wah

noot an excuse but an explanation- Suha arafat's embrace or rant nearly sank Hilary's senate campaign. Like Scarlett O Hara she vowed Never again.


raksh wah

Or George Wallace, "I'll never be out-niggered again." pl


"Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.” - Mark Twain

It's nothing new - but the internet makes it much more apparent if you are choosing to look. I normally vote as it is an expression of my views. However, I do believe that Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park fame got it right a few years back - when they had the student council candidates of Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich.

I do believe we are pretty much right there, right now...


Glenn Greenwald: 'Leaked Emails From Pro-Clinton Group Reveal Censorship of Staff on Israel, AIPAC Pandering ...'

"LEAKED INTERNAL EMAILS from the powerful Democratic think tank Center for American Progress (CAP) shed light on several public controversies involving the organization, particularly in regard to its positioning on Israel. They reveal the lengths to which the group has gone in order to placate AIPAC and long-time Clinton operative and Israel activist Ann Lewis — including censoring its own writers on the topic of Israel.

The emails also provide crucial context for understanding CAP’s controversial decision to host an event next week for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. That event, billed by CAP as “A Conversation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,” will feature CAP President Neera Tanden and Netanyahu together in a Q&A session as they explore “ways to strengthen the partnership between Israel and the United States.” That a group whose core mission is loyalty to the White House and the Democratic Party would roll out the red carpet for a hostile Obama nemesis is bizarre, for reasons the Huffington Post laid out when it reported on the controversy provoked by CAP’s invitation.
The emails, provided to The Intercept by a source authorized to receive them, are particularly illuminating about the actions of Tanden (right), a stalwart Clinton loyalist as well as a former Obama White House official. They show Tanden and key aides engaging in extensive efforts of accommodation in response to AIPAC’s and Lewis’ vehement complaints that CAP is allowing its writers to be “anti-Israel.” "


I thought that sort of pandering is as bad as it gets, but there was surreal worse:

"Other emails show Tanden arguing that Libyans should be forced to turn over large portions of their oil revenues to repay the U.S. for the costs incurred in bombing Libya, on the grounds that Americans will support future wars only if they see that the countries attacked by the U.S. pay for the invasions."

That is probably the most demented reasoning I have seen since the Bushmen went out office. If you thought Obama's harpies were bad - wait for Clinton's Tanden to do them one worse.

And there I my profs taught me in uni that it is the aggressor which is supposed to pay reparations. Boy, how wrong I was.

Come to think of it - indeed - has Iraq ever paid for all the effort the US expended to liberate them and destroy their old government and Iraqi national identity most thoroughly? No! They didn't even give a penny-per-bomb! They kept all that oil revenue (that still fails to pay for reconstruction) for themselves! Deadbeat ingrates is what they are ...


"Other emails show Tanden arguing that Libyans should be forced to turn over large portions of their oil revenues to repay the U.S. for the costs incurred in bombing Libya, on the grounds that Americans will support future wars only if they see that the countries attacked by the U.S. pay for the invasions."

I still can't get over that.

If some comedian had made that up, it would be dismissed as way over the top - and yet, here you have reality handily beating satire in terms of sheer absurdity.

The US **billing** countries on which it (illegally!) inflicts regime changes, because intervention, being expensive, would otherwise have too high a domestic politcal cost??!

Is it something in the water in DC? I once had a superior I knew to take speed and coke. He was able to come up with ideas of that nature at the drop of a hat. He didn't last long, thank God.

If not that, what sort of education process produces superficially rational lunatics like that, and why are they not weeded out in time?


Here's the full quote of what Tanden wrote:

"RE: Should Libya pay us back?

We have a giant deficit. They have a lot of oil. Most Americans would choose not to engage in the world because of all that deficit. If we want to continue to engage in the world, guestures like having oil rich countries partially pay us back doesn't seem crazy to me.

Do we prefer cuts to Head Start? Or WIC? Or Medicaid? Because we live in deficit politics, and that's what's happening and will be happening even more."

Her correspondent Shakir on that thoughtfully replied:

"I don't think it's fair that we create our own domestic political problems and then ask other nations to pay for it.

You see the adverse incentive problem here right? If we think we can make money off an incursion, we'll do it? That's a serious policy/messaging problem for our foreign policy I think."

Oh indeed?


My problem isn't with Clinton and all of the cynical politicians wanting power. It's how little they do with it to advance the nation's interests and the interests of the common people, and how much they do to advance the interests of themselves and the powerful in society once they get it.


Beaver, I looked up her campaign manager and staff too, and the question if the article was part of the larger communication workload entered my mind too. ;)

If you work in that field you usually keep an eye on dates, in this case 11/4 ...


Hmmm? Ideas apparently float easily from the GOP (Wolfowitz, Iraq come to mind) to the Democratic Party. The first time I encountered this idea, I wonder if this wouldn't make US soldiers some type of mercenaries...

"Other emails show Tanden arguing that Libyans should be forced to turn over large portions of their oil revenues to repay the U.S. for the costs incurred in bombing Libya, on the grounds that Americans will support future wars only if they see that the countries attacked by the U.S. pay for the invasions."


I agree.


"Of course, Hillary looks brilliant compared to everyone ..."

I followed hints here, beyond Bernie and think that both Webb and Lessing were interesting. But they obviously have the problem that hardly anyone knows them. ...


Viewed as a brand, Hillary Clinton is considered to be well-established and well-known, having been First Lady and Secretary of State. Professionals in branding and marketing, such as Wendy Clark of Coca Cola, and Roy Spence of GSD&M, have been brought into the campaign to assist with "re-branding" Clinton.[45]"

Nancy K

I don't particularly like Hillary Clinton, would prefer Bernie Sanders, however I am a realistic and Sanders can never win the general election. No one who tells the truth can. I will vote for Clinton because all of the Republican candidates appall me. Also the thought of Republicans controlling the House, Senate and Presidency and possibly the Supreme Court is beyond horrible. I don't like that Hillary panders to Israel but as mentioned in other posts they all do.
I believe she is the most qualified and since the men have not done such a great job lately why not give a woman a chance. Maybe she will surprise us. At least she doesn't think the world is only 5000 or so years old and she hasn't yet mentioned building a wall around the US and she doesn't find it hypocritical that her parents were immigrants but no one else should be allowed in (Cruz and Rubio) and she was born in the USA unlike Cruz who was born in Canada.


Pat, dear,

"In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever."

I am pretty selective with people anywhere, but in spite of the fact that I respect some, lots in the US, since it is a big country, I would never open a category: "greatest people", and that may even include the ones that one way or another were given that title.

Maybe my childhood religion classes left traces, although it got worse after I encountered an absolutely crazy female teacher*, no joke, she disappeared into a mental health institution. After a couple of decades, quite old by then, I suddenly realized what may have been the idea behind the "saints". Not only verbal do-gooders?

* I still wonder if teacher was fastly recruited by the French, they did have some troubles with de-Nazification in that realm.

All that said. Maybe we should reflect if a larger desegregation could work.

Some type of special settlements for all types of misfits, including every shade of color, down to what we commonly call white that is one way or another socially deviant.

The Beaver


"Rational lunatics?"

Here is another one:
The Philosopher $--t disturber , anti-Arab/Muslim Zionist: BHL

Assad created ISIS !
His arguments:

"Mr. Assad, after all, literally unleashed the Islamic State’s current savagery: In May, 2011, he released hundreds of Islamic radicals from prison, quickly supplying the nascent group with fighters and leaders. He then methodically shelled positions held by moderate rebels, while no less methodically sparing the Islamic State’s stronghold in Raqqa. And then, in mid-2014, he allowed Iraqi elements of the Islamic State to find sanctuary in eastern Syria."

I would like to know on whose payroll he is .



It's not really about the Likud anymore, it's about Fatah. Until the "Tunisians" are overthrown, the Palestinians won't make any progress. Why would Israel negotiate when the PA already collaborates in the Occupation? The Europeans pay the salaries of the Palestinians to be their own prison guards.


CP: As in Syria, the DC types fear other countries solving problems without our help.


cp, first time you mention studies. What field?

Of course:
"that it is the aggressor which is supposed to pay reparations."

How could we ever have paid for the Nazi's destruction? Didn't the cold war save us?


Hmm, but thanks Matthew, within my limited perception capacities, I seem to remember that the only one that mentioned Tunesia more recently here was Babak. Tunisia no doubt would fit into his larger Seljuk ME thesis. As being outside of post-good-empire-geographical hope, mainly ;) As I understand.

Are you suggesting, that Tunisia matters. OK, vaguely familiar, and I noticed the hyphens:

OK, I have to admit I love this Jazz standard, as we call this type of tunes over here. Random choice:

Miles Davis & Charly Parker: A Night in Tunesia.


My best wishes go out to Tunesia with this tune.


Hillary will hire the way AIPAC wants her to hire.

It won't just result in bad policy from the top, it will limit the information flow from the bottom. No other narrative (that is, real history from those who aren't drinking the kool-aid) will be tolerated. Those who know history or speak from reality will be fired.

Whatever tiny little wiggle room opened up by Obama between Israeli leaders and US policies will again be firmly closed and sewn up.

The cost to the American people is enormous. Another decade will go by with the focus and budget of their government dedicated to the well-being of another country led by openly racist and extremist leaders.

Charles Michael

(the "Castor" in french)
Most French would also very much like to know; but in fact he inherired quite a pile about 200 millions € from his father wood business in Africa.

BHL is an agent as you said,but its first and permanent assignment is cultivating his nacissisme.


Do you live in a swing state? If like most of us you do not, your vote for President doesn't matter. If you prefer Bernie, then you're likely to prefer the Green Party's Jill Stein. Voting against a party (the Repubs) is not voting for your interests.



She's got the same problem with her "brand" as VW has with theirs.


Thanks, Ismael, slightly verbose, meaning I gave up on page 15 yesterday, was it earlier or later. But thanks anyway, concerning the Turkey Watchers.



Governor Wallace, who made those comments you quote more than half a century ago, was forgiven by those who personally experienced the harmful aspect those policies that time. To put this in 21st century perspective let me paraphrase one of the greatest thinkers of our times, Tai Nehisi: "reparations today, reparations tomorrow, reparations forever." Inheritance of guilt should be perpetual because there can never be redemption or forgiveness for what was done in the past by a people's forefathers.



Yes, you are right. we would have let you Germans starve if it had not been for the USSR. pl



Wallace made his remark about being "out-niggered" in the context of an early attempt he had made to be elected to the US House of
Representatives. In that election his opponent, who won, said that Wallace was soft on Blacks. Understand now? pl

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