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18 November 2015


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Great effort in providing a "Grand Unification Theory" of US foreign policy strategy. I submit that the US has had no discernable strategy post-Cold War. It could be considered that we did not have much of strategy other than the great rivalry once the Cold War began in great ernest.

I think what we have seen since the Carter presidency is more hubris and interventions both covert and overt simply because that's what the political and governmental apparatus does. There's an inertia where the ball in motion keeps going.

I also submit that we should examine the role or lack thereof of the majority of our people to understand why our actions have devolved to incoherence. Maybe the answer lies in the changing character of the American people as my Dad believes. In his opinion from his generation (born early 30s) on the majority have become more self-centered and feel more entitled and demand instant gratification. This has led to belief in magical theories of free lunches with no consequence. One of the outcomes is our evolution to hyper partisan politics largely driven by social and cultural wars on both the right and left. This identity politics is the lens from which the world is viewed. I also submit that these factors lead to great spoils from political influence. So elites gain from using the coercive power of government to further entrench their power and wealth. Consequently the scale and scope of government grows. The revolving door of political and financial elites results in groupthink and short termism. That's probably why there is no overarching strategy that lasts over a long period and we get a series of disconnected tactics. IMO our path cannot change until there is a significant systemic shock that alters perception and psychology of the middle and working classes.

J Villain

Hanlon's razor:

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."


I meant to thank you for the info on Clarridge. Pardon the mental distraction on my part. It would be interesting to do a bit more digging to discover if any other Apostles of the PNAC are FP advisors and such...........and for who.
Origin...........very interesting article. Glad to find out that I am not alone in the .."is it only me" syndrome.



I thought Dewey Clarridge was dead. pl


J Vilain

"Hanlon? pl


What may have miss lead us was the stench. A live and kicking I fear. The Hand thing blew me away....and as a DoD contractor type. Already in my "Ya can't make this Sh&t Up! File. Wonders never cease.

William R. Cumming

See also C. Vann Woodward's 1955 POWER ELITE!

William R. Cumming

NO the Chinese will exploit US natural resources including US adopted Chinese girls all grown up and running Wall Street. Perfectly marriageable for all those available Chinese men without women.

William R. Cumming

The real class struggle in American history is over selection of FSOs in the State Department.


To Bill H on South America. While it may seem increasingly irrelevant, that appearance probably means it is effectively under control through total Borg domination of its banking system. Those who have not cooperated such as Venezuela have been effectively punished.

Ghost ship posited that there is an alternative explanation, “ no conspiracy, just a cock-up on a truly monumental/global scale. A conspiracy would require too many people with disparate positions but common objectives to come together to make it work and could not be kept secret.” A. Pols alluded to a “fiendish plot…But most of the time I think the policies of both subverting and supporting various actors, to all work at cross purposes, are a reflection of the seriously schizoid character of our national culture.” Others have also questioned my designation of the circumstances as a conspiracy theory and blamed the situation on a myriad of causes such as a simple desire for power, hubris, arrogance, ignorance, incompetence, delusion, infantilism, and vanity among the Washington Borg.

I have never been much of a conspiracy theorist because the idea of a conspiracy is hard to fit into a context of complex facts. However, in the context of the Cabal as a name for the group who have been the deciders for so many years, in number, they are actually very few, probably less than twenty really key individuals the idea probably fits. These key deciders are surrounded by a circle of followers who follow-up to implement the broader policies. The short list of deciders includes, the Presidents, National Security Advisors, Secretaries of State, and Presidential Chiefs of Staff. These are counselled by a few Deciders-Emirates, first among them are probably Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Like in the formation of our country that was mostly the work of the Charlottesville, Va. and Quincy, Ma. neighborhood associations, the group in control is mostly a self-aggrandizing and self-deceiving group of friends. If one studies the backgrounds and contacts of these people, it is quite clear that they have long, intertwined histories and resumes in and out of government. Are they a conspiracy? Perhaps yes or no depending on one’s view. However, an examination of their works, speeches, and activities shows a great commonality of belief and action that has probably coalesced from their close social interactions. The Cabal arises at least subconsciously as the members adopt the attitudes of their peers mostly—a real sort of group-think and as they fondly follow their Emeriti. It is as if the group has found such success in the strategy of destabilization that it has become habitual. They have fully failed to see that when dosed too many times, the side-effects of destabilization may be fatal. This Kissinger video is a prime example of how Uncle Henry influences thinking. It is long, but worth an hour’s entertainment to hear it through. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VMmnWuCneg&feature=player_embedded

Euclid Creed and WF questioned whether the planting of missiles in former Warsaw Pact countries is a destabilization effort. The actions probably are. If the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction (“MAD”) is considered to be a valuable protector against nuclear war, then the placing of the missile defense missiles in the area is completely destabilizing because Russia clearly views it as an action that deters Russia first strike MAD capacity to its detriment. Hence, the rumors of Russian’s new nuclear torpedo and another round of expensive defense upgrades by Russia. Russia’s economy is much, much smaller than the US’s. So like Reagan’s Star Wars, the new arms race to re-establish a credible MAD deterrent cannot do anything except to weaken Russian.

WRC raised the question as to whether there is a longer range goal of the balkanization of Russia itself. A fair observer will probably come to that conclusion. There is a substantial body of information suggesting that the Balkan wars were classic Colour Revolutions targeted at destabilizing Russia by destabilizing its ally, Serbia. The links to Andrew Horybko’s works in my piece discuss the Balkan wars in some detail. Further information is easily found on Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yugoslav_Wars There is strong evidence that the war was started as a destabilization effort against Serbia that was expanded to a NATO military action to become, using Andrew Horybko’s term, a Hybrid War. The ultimate consequence was successfully to lessen Russian influence in the Balkans. As for the Balkanization of Russia itself, already largely successful, but still in process. After all, the USSR was Balkanized. Now, the luring of Russia into Serbia, is probably one of the intended consequences of the Chaos tactics in the MENA. We will soon see whether Russia’s entry into the Syrian theater weakens or strengthens it.

Tim and several others have raised questions about Israel in all of this, some suggesting that since so many of the deciders are Israel-Firsters the battles in the Middle East are at Israel’s behest. I used to think that, but do not any more. It seems to me that Israel is just another tool to be used to further the ultimate world order of total domination. My analogy of the three fires seems best to describe the issue. While we have provided billions for Israel, I think our money has mostly destabilized Israel by promoting its drift toward a Jewish Likud state and Apartheid. In my view, this tack taken by the Likud will untimately prove suicidal for the State of Israel. Ultimately, the Karma of its founding based upon a terrorist ethnic cleansing and its continued creation of a prison farm for the Palestinians will ultimately prove fatal. If, for example Israel and the KSA join together too effectively so as to threaten real Hegemony in the Levant, I think the Cabal will follow Kissinger’s theorem of not letting any state, even Israel, get too uppity. My guess is that the greater group of deciders already know Israel has no loyalty to the U.S., so why give them any special pass if they get too big for their britches. Of course the form of destabilization of Israel will be a sophisticated operation such as to swamp them with so much money and arms that they destroy themselves in short order by blow-back.

I like Herodotus’s characterization the PNAC approach as the "Who's On First" strategy. I think to a large extent it is that simple. Compare it to taking Ibuprofen for a herniated disk in the back. The Ibuprofen will relieve the pain and allow the sufferer to continue her activities, but will not cure anything. Over the last few decades, the Cabal has learned that the best, simple “Who’s On First” quick treatment of pesky opponents is simply to use a dose of destabilization. It usually works, but leaves that crumbling disk problem worsening. Now, it seems that so many doses of destabilization treatment have been administered that the US is beginning to suffer overdose side-effects and general declining health caused by the crumbling disk.

In all, it is important that we Americans recognize that the war in Syria and Iraq are essentially destabilization operations. The US has no intention to and will not crush ISIS. The U.S. will not crush Iran or the Shias in Syria or join with Russian to form any sort of stasis in the region. The U.S. will continue to pay and play Israel to insure there is adequate fuel to inspire continued Chaos and to counterbalance Iran and KSA. Instead, the U.S. will simply continue to stoke and damp the fires to keep them burning brightly so that the entire Levant remains emasculated for generations to come. This is the reality-peace and stability is not a goal sought.

If it is really established and becomes a general meme that, indeed, the goal of U.S. foreign policy is simply to destabilize the world, there remain independent actors who are affected, particularly in Europe. It is my view that the Europe has been played by the Balkanize-the-Crescent as much as anybody and is now in the throes of a struggle for its cultural identity along with Russia.

Now, France is proposing a grand coalition with Russia. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/as-france-seeks-a-grand-coalition-obama-is-wary-of-allying-with-russia/2015/11/18/c2f98030-8e1d-11e5-baf4-bdf37355da0c_story.html It could happen that Europe and Russia might decide together that a Europe-Russia alliance might be more beneficial to both than the U.S. controlled Atlantic Alliance that seems to have no interest in preserving overall peace on the Eurasian Continent as its goal, but instead seeks total US domination. Perhaps, the support and subversion of all sides in Syria is that one too many dose of destabilization strategy that results in a fundamental realignment of the world players away from the Atlantic Alliance.

It is a dangerous game and the gambit could collapse in a moment with a realignment of the European and Russian players-- or it could simply blow up in a nuclear exchange. The Sunnis and Israel have bombs and the Shia might also.




He is alive. “In 2015, Clarridge was a top adviser to the Ben Carson presidential campaign on terrorism and national security.” Conspiracy is an old farts’ term. Today it is called networking. Better description is racketeering with no fear of jail time.



"Are they a conspiracy?"

No, by definition "a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful." They are very public with what they are doing. A place to look at for the start of this is the University of Chicago's Great Books program. Overall it is a metamorphosis of the Bolshevik mask, power for the sake of power but make it sound good for the "masses".

Also, Benjamin Netanyahu is a fully made member of the Cabal so I would argue Israel is not a play piece for this Global Game, but a prime objective in keeping the diaspora community from questioning the rationale of what is going on(communal security needs worldwide) and for the Cabal's psyche in believing they are performing an existential task for humanity. The latter being important for looking in the mirror and never having to face the question of "am I Man or Monster?".


I think Origin has encapsulated what is going on rather well. I don't think one needs to call it a "conspiracy" rather call it the mindset of a ruling class. I am reminded of the Nineteenth Century British ruling class and its desire to civilise the rest of the planet. This was code for a mercantilist colonial policy that only began to unravel during WWII and took another twenty years or so to disintegrate. There are many books detailing what it felt like to be British as their empire fell apart that I have not read, but perhaps the American ruling class did….

So what should have happened at the end of the Cold War? Lets explore that a little. I agree that we would still need armed forces - "Rough men" who let us sleep safely at night, but the sheer weight of the American defence budget and its social impact should have been lessened and the money either returned to the taxpayer or expended on worthwhile social projects, there are such things. We could then have pursued a foreign policy designed to strengthen the worlds political infrastructure, perhaps aspiring to be first among equals, perhaps thinking about planetary good.

But what did we do? We thought about what it might be like living in a world where we were NOT the dominant actor and we didn't like that idea very much at all. We thought about a world where the purchasing power of Chinese and Indian middle classes would dwarf Americas. We thought about increasing competition for scarce resources - all that "limits to growth" stuff. We decided that we liked the status quo just fine. No conspiracy theory is necessary, taking the line of least resistance works just as well.

Out of that thread we wove exactly the same cloth as the British Empire - an indispensable, exceptional, nation whose God given mission is to Freedomize (™) the planet - a modern White Mans Burden, you can hear it echo in almost every utterance from D.C., think tanks and all. That is why no competing foreign policy narratives can gain traction, the proposers - all of us have "gone native" to use the perforative british empire epithet. That is why we are ignored, scorned derided and shunned. We have the temerity to suggest that perhaps the citizens of lesser countries should perhaps be consulted about their wishes before we act, what a funny notion!

Hence we must put Russia and China in their place. Hence we must destabilise anyone who is not suitably obedient to our wishes. That is the source of the craven cowardice of Europe, Britain, Australia, Canada, ,Japan and a host of other countries. When Washington says "Jump" we ask how high? If we do not pay due respect to Americas ruling class and its notions then to borrow a Mafia term "bad things can happen". The power inside that velvet glove is not just military, ask the South Americans. Watch your economy crumble if you don't comply. Australia copped a bit of that too in the 1990s under a socialist Government that was less than compliant with some of Washingtons requests.

What now needs to be understood are the dynamics of Americas ruling elite,, it's unspoken rules and potential behaviour.


A commentary on history/catastrophe/progress via the literary critic Walter Benjamin. Citing it seems appropriate given the topic of this thread. From "Illuminations"--'These on the Philosophy of History'

My wing is ready for flight,
I would like to turn back.If I stayed timeless time,
I would have little luck.

Mein Flügel ist zum Schwung bereit,
ich kehrte gern zurück,
denn blieb ich auch lebendige Zeit,
ich hätte wenig Glück.

Gerherd Scholem,
‘Gruss vom Angelus’

A Klee painting named ‘Angelus Novus’ shows an angel looking as though he is about to move away from something he is fixedly contemplating. His eyes are staring, his mouth is open, his wings are spread. This is how one pictures the angel of history. His face is turned toward the past. Where we perceive a chain of events, he sees one single catastrophe which keeps piling wreckage and hurls it in front of his feet. The angel would like to stay, awaken the dead, and make whole what has been smashed. But a storm is blowing in from Paradise; it has got caught in his wings with such a violence that the angel can no longer close them. The storm irresistibly propels him into the future to which his back is turned, while the pile of debris before him grows skyward. This storm is what we call progress.

Babak Makkinejad

Nah, the Storm is the Fall of Man.

Progress is what has been achieved in spite of the Fall of Man by a few visionaries and geniuses - like Pasteur, or Salk, or Watt, or Newton or Machiavelli, or Abol Ala Al Ma'ari.

Ex-PFC Chuck

Peter Butt had best watch his back.

Ex-PFC Chuck



Perhaps if everyone comes from the same schools, goes to the same parties, and reads the same junk, then the resultant errant thoughts could easily be the result of combined stupidity and cultural isolation. So, if everyone suffers from the same group-think and fosters the same policies, is it any less a Cabal if done by the group's actions than if they got into a room and planned out doing bad? Not much difference, the resulting mess can be the same.

BTW, I did not publish your earlier post because I did not understand it.


The Borg will have nothing of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=z8VffVs3bAg http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2015/10/19/us/elections/presidential-candidates-on-syria-no-fly-zone.html?_r=0


In the film of Hand taken by the Aussie 60 Minutes crew, he was wearing a neck brace. I have to wonder if the problem is from looking over his shoulder for decades. He might think of getting rearview mirrors mounted on his head because there have to be a few people with tightened sphincters now that he has been located and exposed. I wonder how long it's been since he and Dewey shared a few drinks. I don't think everything happening these days is the result of a grand conspiracy. However, the fact that so many of the guys like Hand and Dewey keep popping up in positions of influence is hard to ignore. Most of those guys knew each other "back when". Secord, Abrahms...etc....they were all buds or at least had operated with each other. It's like the old Saturday Matinee serials........the bad guys just keep showing back up......doing bad things. The stench I used in referring to Dewey was a metaphor not an assessment of his hygiene. Seems that where ever he goes or has been.......bodies seem to stack up. Just my two cents. Some may think all of this is "Off topic" but it's damned hard to give all of these guys the benefit of doubt...as in Luck or change of fortune. It would seem that capitol crimes such as lying to Congressional investigations can pay off handsomely. I wonder if they all get together and celebrate Ted's Birthday? I would like to be wrong in thinking these guys are still someone's "go to" for dirty work. Like hiring Trade Journeymen "Off the bench". Need a hole dug....some bricks laid?


I was aiming more at the idea of "messianic catastrophe" as ironic price paid for "progress."



I disagree with a few points you are trying to make. Brzezinski’s key idea of a “Balkanized Crescent” is simply a modernized concept of what had previously happened in a different time to a different group of peoples centuries ago. The “cabal” as you named them has taken advantage of circumstances; they did not create all of the circumstances by a well thought out policy. After the destruction of Sadaam’s Iraq and the one functional national institution that could have stabilized the country - the army - that was when chaos, if not already started, accelerated. This was done not for destabilization within the concept of Brzezinski's idea but was done because of a monumental misunderstanding of humanity and of the nature of peoples now living within the region.

“neocon colonialism” Again I disagree. The only places being colonized are Westernized nations. From Sweden to South Dakota there are no Europeans or Americans leaving home in numbers and arriving in the Middle East to make a future. It is the reverse that is occurring. That happened due to immigration. For most of the previous 1,000 years Sweden had been almost entirely Christian. Now twenty percent are Muslim and are first or second generation immigrants. Colonists, to use your chose word.

What is happening in the "Balkanized Crescent" is not due to this "strategy" of the borg but is an extension of one of the many possible post Iraq War outcomes due to the continued enactment of neocon policies by these incompetents in office. A rational policy is precisely what we saw the Syrian Arab Republic implement from at least 2004 to now.

Even more rational are the actions of the Russian Federation and Iran. The former USSR - at least the Russian Federation - was destabilized for only a short period by the ideas of the borg and the actions of those who looted a generation's material wealth. Russia now is certainly not the former USSR nor is she enslaved to that image of herself. What is resurgent there are the Westernized elements of Russian society that had been suppressed or held in check by the ideology of the communists and later those of the borg.

At home it is the principles of American civilization that are under attack. For example just look at the presumption of innocence and the temper and conduct of college administrations relating to “sexual assault on campus”. UVA as described by Rolling Stone being a prime example. Then there is the concept of a free speech and of a free press. From the campuses of Dartmouth to University of Missouri: It is the fomenting of an American Color Revolution, brought to you by Black Lives Matter and that is only one part of the rainbow of such NGOs on campus. What the borg are trying to do with them is provoke a 1950-1960's style response (to domestic provocations) to discredit government - and society - in general. What they fear is a true resurgence of traditional western values within the US and other Western (European) nations.


"...the seriously schizoid character of our national culture."
Most likely, just the random spikes during interaction of competing actors longing for money and power. Though the abundance of self-defeating actions is astonishing; makes one thinking of a host led to demise by a parasite. Blackmail, self-serving security apparatus, war-profiteering, and, most of all, the corruption due to unaccountability have been ruining this country. A lack of dignity among those in the top echelon is quite disturbing.


Fred and Origin,

The number of billionaires is limited.


They and their staffs’ network. There are political, cultural and religious divisions but they are never reported. Common to all is greed. They steal each other’s wealth and resources and all exploit the lower classes. Immediate gratification is the norm. They’ve seized power. Politicians are their paid followers.

The contradictions are becoming evident as World War III escalates. Most can be explained by the wealthy’s use of mercenaries and true believers to fight their wars for profit. The thing is everything is getting out of hand. Thus, the White House’s dogged determination to take down Assad at the same time as the French ally with Russia and the Eurozone collapses from Austerity and millions of refugees


Mr. Cumming,

I beg to differ...

After decades of growing up in your United States, those Chink wenches will see & think themselves as "Americans" & [sadly] end up belittling those Chink men from the Mainland...

I seriously doubt they will marry someone who speaks English with a "sing-song" accent.

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