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14 November 2015


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The Twisted Genius


I'm not saying this plan will happen. This is what I want to happen, but I don't always get what I want. A declaration of war would go beyond just not getting in the way of the Syria/Russia/Iran/Hezbollah. We should actively and vigorously support what they're doing while actively and vigorously deterring Saudi, Turkish and others support for IS and their allies.

sans racine

Actually a certain amount of migration and transfer of ideas is how things work


Did President Jefferson 'declare war' against the Barbary coast pirates?


Here is a good history lesson by Professor Juan Cole...
This will provide a good perspective to few on this thread..

The Twisted Genius


I thought of this when I wrote the post. The Pasha of Tripoli did declare war on the US when Jefferson refused to pay tribute. Jefferson asked Congress for a declaration of war, but all he got was something like an AUMF. One of our SST historians probably knows the full story.


"Why bring them here?"

Out of a sense of responsibility towards Iraqis and now Syrians. Like the Marielitos (125k) shared cultures has little to do with the decision to accept asylum seekers in such numbers. It is a quiet admission of failed interventionist policies. Our non-apology apology.


Juan Cole's is a remarkably uninformed comment.

When he writes: "I don’t figure that Muslims killed more than a 2 million people or so in political violence in the entire twentieth century, and that mainly in the Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988 and the Soviet and post-Soviet wars in Afghanistan"

He omits the genocide in Bangladesh in 1971 perpetrated by the West Pakistanis; and the Partition violence of 1947 when British India was partitioned into India & Pakistan. He omits the Sudan civil war, where the central government was trying to impose sharia on the periphery. He omits the Indonesian civil war. Each of these numbers in the order of millions.



Dying to see new issue of Sharlie Hebdo

Me too. The cretins just mocked the victims of the downed Russian plane.


Oh, and the Armenian genocide by the Turks, that's left out too, by the oh-so-informed Professor Juan Cole.

robt willmann

Something has been left out of the wall-to-wall television coverage in the U.S.A. of the tragic violence in France on 13 November 2015, with its attendant death, injury, and property damage. What is not being talked about is a similar event in Beirut, Lebanon on 12 November, in which it is said that at least 41 people were killed and over 200 wounded. There seem to have been three suicide bombers; two detonated their explosives and the third was killed by one of the other blasts and was not able to explode his. Apparently, ISIS has "claimed responsibility" for that event.

Also left off of U.S. television is a discussion of the biggest "State sponsor" of "terrorism" based in Islam in the world. That would be Saudi Arabia, of course.

But who has just appeared on television this morning on the NBC Meet the Press program? None other than John Ellis "Jeb?" Bush, who, after being asked what president Obama should do now, said that Obama should establish a no-fly zone over Syria, etc. etc. This is real desperation, as J.E. Bush has recently been given more and more free television time as the media tries to prop up his Republican presidential primary campaign.

There may be attempts to pass a United Nations resolution about the violence in Syria, or create some other "agreement" among various countries about it. Watch out for and be careful about the wording and language to be used. Russia and China were being set up in that communique of 30 October after the recent meeting in Vienna over Syria.



"Consider the compromise the US had to make to win the war against the Nazis.... The necessary compromises ... will leave some large swath of the Middle East un-free for a couple of generations."

These regions were hardly free before.The main monetary sponsors of Whahhabist ideology are not free now nor have they been free for generations.



Thanks for pointing this out. These are parts of history glossed over, if mentioned at all, in the US education system.


And in further news, imprisoned traitor, Jomathan Pollard, is scheduled for release next week. Talk about doing your frenemies bidding, & neglecting your own interests...


b: Agree 100% about Following the Money. Let's loose some predator drones on a few billionare financiers of the Daesh. Or, better yet, a hand-delivered bomb to their villa, or an AK ambush on their wives' shopping trips.

Amir: Yes, the name Abu Taymiyyah is interesting. Would there be any propaganda benefit in broadcasting to these young angry jihadi males that he was named after a woman????



Stereotypes are useful when dealing with a large sample. Steve Jobs, afterall, was Syria.

That being said an overwhelming majority of those coming to Europe have an 8th grade education (If they are lucky!) and do nothing other than drain Europe's wealth and treasure.



We will send them to your neighborhood and you can feel better about it then. Otherwise shut up with your ridiculous female emotionalism. You and Mutti Merkel ain't that far apart in how you think.



"We" didn't do anything. Your Pontius Pilate reference is pretty apt though - it was the NeoCohens who demanded we bomb, and then washed their hands with the collateral damage.

History doesn't repeat, but it does rhyme.



"Europe can't stop it".

Uh I'd say Hungary proved you can. As did the Australians.

They've just got to get some steel in their spines vs 100% emotional reaction to every event.


On Sept 11, 2001, a team of mostly Saudi terrorists successfully inflicted a major dramatic attack on American soil. As designed, this caused the American population to become enraged. America became furious to attack something, ANYTHING, to prove our machismo.

Neo-cons, primarily Cheney, had prepared plans for a war ahead of time. They used general ignorance; rage; and the inability of Americans to tell the difference between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, to launch a war of choice against Iraq. This cost the American public $1T-$6T (estimates vary), over 1,000 killed, with hundreds of thousands suffering major disruptions in their lives. Millions of Iraqis were also affected. The resulting power vacuum contributed to the establishment of ISIS, with repercussions still being felt. Iraq is generally acknowledged as a major strategic mistake/FUBAR.

Enraged people can be counted on as unable to do cool cost/benefit analysis. The forces of war get the forces of peace off-balance, then the avalanche cascade takes over. It's like judo.

I see the potential for similar FUBARs with the France tragedy, which to a certain extent parallels our 9/11. If a blank check were to be given to gather a posse and stomp "someone", this could easily again be misdirected by the forces of war.

I advocate the Powell doctrine. If you're going to stomp someone, know who you're stomping and why; keep your thinking cool, clean, limited, and overpowering; get in, and get out when it's over. Otherwise I fear NATO going up against Russia in Syria, which would open a can of worms. If anything, this is an opportunity for NATO to cooperate with Russia in planning for and achieving a common goal.


Sans racine,

"Sans race?" Well I know I'm dealing with a real thinker here.

A certain amount is not "millions pouring uncontrollably into your country", you disingenuous fool.


So the lawgic here is that starting seven wars in the MENA to defeat terrorism once and for all is totes doable and possible, but enforcing borders and sending illegal aliens back to where they came (or at least not letting them into Europe) is impossible and can't be done and how will we get our authentic falafel?

I must have wandered into the comments section of The Economist by mistake.


Colonel, I am not so sure about your juydgement this time. If ISIS says jump, don't do it. But what do I know, I just read things. Of course some kind of response is needed, but, maybe it is less militarism. Sure we can reinvade Iraq and Syria or have our proxies mess around, the end result will be a huge cache of weapons for ISIS again. Umm, maybe we should justy stay home and use solar energy and let Putin do it. Or Nuke them. We cant, wont, and most Americans would rather think there is an easy answer. Colonialism reaps its rewards, its blowback time, nd I am afraid we may just be seeing the tiop of the Icveberg. Let's hope not. These people may be all around and among us. If I killed your mother, what would you do? Well, somewhere I read there are somewhere near a gazillion widows in Iraq, thanks to the us, so invade more, send iSIS more weapons, do whatever youw ant. Kumop when ISIS says so, they can always use more of our supplies. We could always just sell it to them instead of giving it to them for free. Just a thought. This is like alcoholism, there is a solution, but more Vodka isn't the answer, unless you're tapering. I am a Democrat who understads that Hilary is a recipe for more of the same. As I see it, the USA is obliterating itself, with ISIS, or whatever enemey those popel in Virginia can come up with. Its been that w ay since I was in 7th grade, an endless parade af fake pentagon generated fiascos, raytheon generated wars and Oliver North like situations. Well I'm off to see the Grateful Dead again, they are the true americans, headed to Atlanta and Nashville. They get it, and so do some others who have lived as adults over the past 50 years. American Express now loves them. The problem is this generation thinks we are the only country on earth, and they have no idea at all what our Military is up to. If they did know, they'd retch. A Salute to Raytheon is no way to raise thinking patriotic americans. War is not the answer, and F-17's and drones are useless. Viet Cong means what? Viet means people, dunno what Cong means. Get your fur boots ready, we will insert the teenage american soldiers (800,000 of them plus 37 of Honduras's special forces) into the battleground, and tell them to put their damn cell phones away and Pokemon cards away for a minute.


I live near Boston and thought those bombings were stupid. No one here knows anything about Chechnya, for the most part. If there was any message behind those bombings from the perpetrators perspective, it didn't get through. If they just think America sucks, well, who the hell cares what they think. They could have left a note ion the MBTA instead of ruining these peoples lives. I know people that think america sucks, but they don't run around talking about it.They were idiots and that is what I learned from their actions. I know Chechnya is hurting, so what? I agree with the idea that 7 more wars would be great, and lets start by sending McCain into Syria. If we have learned anything it is that the NeoCons and their rabbis should all be in jail by now. They are not, and america is bossing China around, when China owns the United States and can crash our economy whenever they feel the urge. Americans should get used to living in a second world country, all we have is our weapons.


we are not united at all, understand?

The Twisted Genius


Don't blame Colonel Lang's judgement. This post is my idea. Declaring war does not mean a repeat of our last Iraqi invasion and occupation. That would be poor judgement and damned stupid. Enabling the R+6 and disabling the IS enablers is a better way to destroy IS in Iraq and Syria. Oh yes, cong means communist as in "Sat Cong" (Kill the Communists). In any event, enjoy the Grateful Dead. TTG

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