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14 November 2015


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Stop with the Talmudic rhetoric and trying to argue white into black. Its all about proportions. Its the reason why South Africa is more dangerous than Monaco. Not taking proportions into account is either a sign that you're an idiot or trying to virtue signal.

Lecturing me of all people about "life is dangerous". Ahaha. Oh boy.



Disingeneous sophistry isn't polite either.


sans racine,

For my small part, absolutely. I admire your grace and style.


Those bad bad democratically elected and re-elected Neos!

qui tacet consentire videtur


You are what you eat, according to the medical professionals, Tyler. I fear we Homo Sapiens underestimate it at our peril

A young US couple - a soldier who has served as mine sweeper in Afghanistan and Iraq, his body-conscious wife and their months-old baby - relocated to my, small European, non-GMO, less-additives country. They were all plain fat, although they had done their best to eat right and excercise - "the weight just doesn't come off" they said. The baby was a scary sight: a blond blue-eyed angel grossly blown up out of all proportion to its age group. After 1 month of local food things changed


Once upon a time, there was a period of rapid manufacturing growth and relative prosperity. EC business tycoons needed cheap labour for all those nasty low-paying health-engandering jobs the natives could afford not to do.

So,for example, Germany went actively recruiting in Turkey. France had an advantage - as an ex-colonial empire it could tap into a French-speaking multitude and further its desire to keep an influence in its former colonies in the process. Religion, demographic growth, other humanities BS were of no concern for the business moguls.

Unfortunately, this was a time of active human rights propaganda. Aimed at the Soviet bloc it also succeeded too well among the new, yet second-hand European citizens.

Then business tsars outsourced the jobs.
And even truly generous social programs cannot make up for that feeling of achievement and belonging of the employed.
And Ronaldo and Rihanna get paid millions and flaunt it around.
And those newly empoverished, who still remember a better time, firmly believe they are entitled to live

sans racine

Agree on proportionate response - i'm trying to get you to review the balance of emotion and use of proportion in your posts, not playing a game. Agree on lecturing, what right have I to tell you what danger is, you already know. But maybe I do too, so avoid the lecturing already. So then just maybe hold back from making assumprtions about the nature of the migrants - I don't know them so I can't judge, I can only say that it's a screwed-up situation and they are a side-effect. Now let's focus on who caused this and the solutions. Just saying...

William R. Cumming

TTG! Any ideas on why US told France NOT to request a NATO Article Five declaration?

The Twisted Genius

William R. Cumming,

I don't think the Administration's heart is in a war against IS, at least not until DC is hit. The Borg still believes IS is useful in getting rid of Assad for Netanyahu. And that certainly don't want to see NATO on the side of Russia.



So now it's an argument about how to argue. Hello sophistry.



Yes because the Chosen owned media and various laws against hate speech have no effect on one's opinion.

Herp derp indeed.



Are you physically unable to post without either missing the point or referencing an anecdote?


Forgive me, Tyler. Please

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