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14 November 2015


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Will Reks

Yes... that's the implication of what I said. Did you a greater point?

sans racine

The mass-migration initiated by Turkey is not a natural migration and Germany didn't think forward to the consequences of their actions. But you seem to suggest that a natural state of affairs is for everyone to be siloed in their geographical area of origin. It has never been like that in history, and history is not at an end.



Motherf-cker can I read one post without some SWPL idiot going on about foreign food as a reason to invite a gorillion illiterates into their country. Europe cries out under the mass of the Camp of the Saints, Sweden is up there with South Africa for rapes, Paris bleeds, and Malmo is a war zone.

But you have some ridiculous, unverifiable anecdotes about children and "yummy" falafel so that makes it all okay. You are literally Esau selling his birthright for a bowl of pottage, you cloying fool.


If there's one thing these posts show its that 90% of the hard ass strategic thinkers in FP threads turn into the same globalist they rail against when it turns to domestic policy.


What a joke some of you are. You deserve to pay the jizya, have your women stuffed into hijabs, and your daughters sold into harems cause you're so terrified of going against the reigning postmodern orthodoxy pushed by overeducated idiots and their globalist masters.

Europe isn't worth the bones of one American paratrooper if you supine cowards are unwilling to fight for yourselves.


Sans racine,

Yet that is what we are discussing and you are being willfully obtuse by trying to conflate the two.

Babak Makkinejad

You are only partially correct.

Would Mexico be the way she is today without drug appetite of North Americans?

Would the mess in the Middle East been what it is today without NATO states interventions over the decades?

You cannot protect people against the consequences of their own policies over decades.

And the short election cycles in representative systems mitigates against long-term thinking and introspection.


"without roots" not without race which would be more akin to "sans racisme" or some such

sans racine

Maybe I made an overly literal or out of context interpretation of your post? Apologies if so, but rather than worrying about the side-effect could it be that we have more to worry about in the shape of the political actors who supported the conflict in the first place, as they arguably represent a greater issue for their countries (especially as they seem to like to repeat their 'successes').

different clue


Their people would create a more effective jihadogenic state than what now exists there, because their people would divert all the money currently supporting royalty and princedom . . . into jihad. If there were somehow a way to impoverish the petro-gulfie people and governments into a state of malnourished impotence and physical weakness without changing the governments there . . . so that the governments and their jihadist people would be equally helpless . . . that would be better. I wonder if that understanding isn't part of what animates TTG's advice to strip them of their money.

different clue


The Angry Arab seems like many brilliant intellectuals in that he wants to keep his precious vision of a Syria without Assad, which is why he says no outside help to the rebels OR to Assad. Like many left-wing intellectual ditherizers, he doesn't want to face up to the fact of the Hobson's choice facing him and everyone else. SOMEone is GOing to rule and possess Syria. It will either be Assad and whatever secular Baathist succession Assad is involved in transitioning to, OR it WILL be the jihadists. And all his brilliantly fiery rhetoric won't mask the fact of his feckless ditherization on that key point.

I agree with others who say that the SAR and SAA should be given all the total all out support they need to work with the Russians/Iranians/Hezbollah/etc. to conquer and eliminate every last trace of rebellion in Syria. Or to confine rebellion to the most worthless and uninhabitable Western Desert if the SAR considers that to be the better approach.

The Angry Arab can either be with Assad or he can be with the terrorists. That is the choice he doesn't want to face up to.

different clue


Why do you think that it would be the US which would be holding that land?
Why do you not think that it would be the SAR holding the Syrian part of that land if it is given all the assistance it requests in stamping out the rebellion and disinfecting the re-taken land on its own?

different clue

A. Pols,

Professor Kiracofe used to call it the Wabbintern in these threads.


Sans racine,

You act as if this is only a foreign component. The terrorists didn't appear in Paris via paratroop insertion - they were invited in by the globalist leaders of Europe.

Its pretty simple - you close the borders and stop letting in everyone with a sob story, then you kick everyone who shouldn't be there out.



Ah, a rootless cosmopolitan. Well then.


"A dark Illimitable ocean, without bound,
Without dimension, where length, breadth, and height,
And time, and place, are lost: where eldest Night
And Chaos, ancestors of Nature, hold
Eternal anarchy, amidst the noise
Of endless wars, and by confusion stand."


Stuff the apology. They need a remedy.

sans racine

Well what? I lost my family when young, hence rootless. I have travelled far and wide showing kindness to strangers and receiving kindness in return. Do you have a problem with that? Why do you fear what is different, unknown or 'foreign' and wish to denigrate it? Why?


Or perhaps an orphan and a country boy, like my father.

sans racine

I wonder - possibly... what I do know is that labels lead us astray by obscuring the humanity of the target - they are insidious because they come easily and quickly when we are under duress - it isn't easy to keep in mind in such circumstances that we are all individuals, who deserve to be judged as such - on our merits and failings.



Because adults realize when people want to kill you and do their best to prevent that - not worry about hedonistic pursuits like their stomachs. Try to grow up.

sans racine

Every country has plenty of psychopaths, gangs and local mafia who will be only too happy to remove anyone who crosses them - I've met those characters, those aren't unicorns. The USA loses 30 thousand individuals every year just to road accidents. If a terrorist network can't make it to your country they can choose to attack your nationals abroad instead. So I'm just saying, I appreciate the risk and I can see where you're coming from, but I'm putting it in perspective - life is a dangerous business.


An ugly sequence, Tyler. Even were one to accept that what you're proposing is realism, it needn't preclude simple civility.

sans racine

Have you not lashed out when taken by anger at what people will do to those you would protect? The hardest thing is sometimes identifying the enemy, the real problem, and the solution. I take it that Tyler is proposing his solution and debating it using 'riled-up like a flung hornet's nest' rules. I have taken no offence.

sans racine

Tyler et al,
Suggest we leave this thread where it stands for now - how about it?

sans racine

Just to clarify I think that in this case the migrants should go back soon to reconstruct their country once R+6 have stabilised it, especially so if they include doctors, teachers, engineers, architects, construction machine operators etc. etc. and secondly that I feared that what has happened was inevitable, which is not a reflection on the nature of the majority of the migrants but based on the likely percentage of jihadis in such great numbers. Two nuanced differences to your position which I hope you'll appreciate.

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