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11 November 2015


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Nancy K

Colonel Lang, thank you. SST is a very important part of my quest to understand what is happening in our world. I think my husband gets tired of hearing your name, as I'm always bringing up something you have written. He reads all of your posts also and has brought up your site to his students.
I gladly support SST.

John Kirkman

I do not use Paypal and your site would not accept my Mastercard.It worked OK the last time. Suggestions?

James Vanasek


My contribution has been sent.


Charles I

I'm afraid to comment. Pray continue.


Gatun Lake

Contribution sent. Thanks for this incredibly informative site.


Keep up the good work.

Will Smith

Your hubris is hilarious and your arrogance is seemingly infinite.



I would like to thank you for your contribution to this site and my efforts. We don't agree but your generosity is appreciated.My "hubris" is even greater than your description. I am puzzled by your use of a shared server in central Germany? pl


Done. There are few better places to learn about such a broad range of subjects - to include good Virginia dining recommendations. If you happen to be in Lexington later this month I'ld be happy to tell the Red Hen to set another place, dinner's on me. Thanks again for the blog.

Medicine Man

I can't give much, Col., but a token is sent anyhow.




like Will Smith i suspect, i use something called btguard which encrypts my data stream and allows me to show up as a Canadian or German IP address (VPN). right now, i am just using the encryption.



And why do you hide yourself? pl

Abu Sinan


I gave some, not as much as I wanted to but 50% of my take home goes to my soon to be ex and then there are her attorneys fees. Don't know if you remember me but I am the American married to a Saudi. You took a comment I wrote on learning Arabic and made it into a post a few years back

I don't post much but certainly read all of the time and link on facebook. All the best and how to be able to do more in the future.


Abu Sinan

Of course I remember you. That post is much read. pl


i fantasize that it is useful in downloading educational media at torrent sites. what i fantasize i would do for knowledge has no limit. curiosity is what killed the cat, they say.

طلب العلم ولو في الصين

FB Ali

There seems to be a problem with the Donation button. I have tried several times but always get an error msg. Have submitted a report to TypePad, but so far no rectification.

Alba Etie

Col Lang
I will send what I can on a quarterly basis -starting this quarter . Thank you for your contribution to educating all of us .


Happy to help!a



Your site doesn't seem to do furriners. As far as I'm aware I don't live in any American state but in the UK, but there's no place I can put this nor an acceptable telephone number.


John F

There is a Paypal button on the site. thanks. Pl


Would it be that post?


Been trying to learn Arabic on my own, on and off, for, what, ten years now? Still nowhere near it.

(Although I did spot the missing 1st letter in Will's post just above!)

Nancy K

Col Lang, thank you so much for this site, my husband and I read it daily. Thanks for the reminder to donate.


Paypal worked fine.


Apologies, I'm not on Paypal.

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