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13 November 2015


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The Beaver


This is a live update from Libération:


Col: Congratulations to our most recent Medal of Honor winner, French-born American Capt. Florent Groberg. I notice he has a French-Algerian mother.

Lord Curzon

Two terrorists got the good news at the Bataclan Concert Centre, but many reported killed and wounded inside.

Bill Herschel

Of all world leaders, I would place my support behind Vladimir Putin in the face of what has happened and is happening in France. It is he who fought Chechnya II. It is he who is attempting to establish order in Syria and killing any "jihadist" who gets in the way.

Those who want a fight to the death shall get what they want. Hollande has closed the borders. May they remain closed.


Terrible- as of 1940 tonight- at least 140 dead- mostly at Bataclan Music Hall. At least 7 separate blasts- three at the Stade de France for the Germany-France football game.


NATO Treaty, Article 5


Good news, Col. I wish the Hunters speedy success, and may the craven cowards they track make a very quick - and permanent - appointment with Allah.

Expect the refugee issue will heat up as a result of this mayhem.


Will this be an excuse to send more U.S. troops into Syria?


Sad to D say but one should start planning for the prevention of the next attac by dealing with the real root of the problem.

From bombings on the beaches of Bali to theater terror in Paris, infanticide in Beslan Russia to pediophelia by West African Boko Haram, 911 in N.Y. to the Syrian slaughter, the common thread seems to be Al Saud family's support for this Wahhabi abomination.

Time to get serious and set out an ultimatum to that retched family, move into the modernity or be moved into the modernity. There is no need for cheap machismo, just a full economic embargo will do, if universally organized. They just have to many enemies now... may something good come out of this!


There's a facebook page where people can be marked safe. Was relieved to know my friends there are OK. Deep condolences to the victims.

Matt Drudge, who can be very ignorant and pernicious, headlines
160+ DEAD

Yep, it would be the same as headlining the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing as "Christian Fundamentalist Rampage in Oklahoma" leaves hundreds dead.

But then again, maybe he's not clever enough to know what a jihadist, a takfiri, or a takfiri jihadist is?

The Israeli Firster media keeps on trucking.


Bingo. My question is what has to occur before modernity can be brought to the KSA and the Gulf? Instead of fighting the takfiri jihadists, we are actively bringing down the secular regimes that are fighting the takfiri jihadist. Another question: Cui bono from mayhem, chaos, & havoc in the MENA?


Schengen treaty is now dead.


Not sure if the Zionists would approve, but Amir's right.
Something serious needs to be done with/to "our friends," the Saudi royals.
Given Russia's exposure to the jihadists and Putin's perceived role as defender of the faith (not to mention the "cui bono" of foreseeable higher oil prices) and the emerging Russian/Persian axis, a serious snap-back against the wahhabis may be anticipated. I'm sure the FSB has some useful presents in its D'yed Moroz bag.

A. Pols

I remain baffled as to why the liquidation of Saudi Arabia wasn't undertaken over 40 years ago. They are the well-spring of militant and fanatical Islam.
All the campaigns of conquest against other Muslim countries and yet we leave the nest intact. They would be the easiest to conquer, for their economic zones are not populous, and their population centers easy to wall off.
Why not? It seems to make sense.
As for Europe, they should have seen this coming...


Who cares. Give netanyahu my money please, and the title to my house, and car now. Thanks.

Babak Makkinejad

Let us also include the attacks in Beirut yesterday as well as the attack against the Russian Metrojet flight 9268.

Babak Makkinejad

And who is the enemy this time?

Another noun?

Or would it be an adjective this time?


France, I hope you deal with the traitors in Calais and elsewhere as well as the invaders who have come to your country to kill your innocents.

Now we see if the people are serious or we're going to get another series of BS "solidarity marches" while Hollande continues to import a gorillion feral Third Worlders.

Medicine Man

Bon chance mes frères.

Bill Herschel

Economic embargo? Cruise missiles and A-10's. We attacked Afghanistan because it was the seat of terror. Not so. Saudi Arabia is the seat of terror.

robt willmann

Off topic, but Sec. of Defense Ash Carter has "removed" his senior military assistant, Lt. Gen. Ron Lewis, for not maintaining "standards of conduct". Carter has referred the matter to the Inspector General of the Defense Department. Alleged misconduct of some sort by a general in the Army, who is the top assistant to the Secretary of Defense, is referred to the Inspector General? I am not familiar with the internal operating procedures in the Defense Department or the Uniform Code of Military Justice, but it strikes me as unusual that this personnel matter is given to the Inspector General--





How about into Saudi Arabia?


I sit here with a feeling of "you reap what you sow".


"Jaafari also rebuked French President Francois Hollande for calling for a regime change in Syria on Sunday, saying such a call was in contradiction with the UN charter."

Will France now see the light and drop the Syrian rebels?


And let us hope that France finally drops its post-imperial illusions that it still rules Syria, its implacable opposition to Assad, and its endless meddling with various groups, including jihadis, to overthrow him.

If it wants to stop this insanity it is going to have to shed its extremely close ties with Israel, especially within its ruling elite, and join with Vlad in ridding the world of the jihadi menace and in his defence of the secular state and its borders.


Good hunting for our French friends.

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