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07 October 2015


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Paveway Mk IV

I agree, Babak. Dr. Alyami doesn't address this in much detail in this specific interview, but acknowledges it as a near-unsurmountable problem for him and his cause. Indeed, he apparently hasn't had much success in Washington over the years convincing policy-makers who they should be backing.

Politicians and businessmen probably mistakenly seek him out for a quick answer to "What's up with the royals? Who is going to be the next king?" so they can position themselves advantageously. His answer has been consistent over the years: "I don't know and neither does anyone else - the royals don't talk and there are no insiders. But here's what would be good for the Saudi people..." at which point he's probably shown the door.

Abu Sinan

I ran into this one again researching some statements ahead of a meeting with a senator today. It would be a good article/subject to revisit because of the changes the last year that make some of the comments moot. I had a meeting Mr. Alyami the other day on the hill. He is an interesting figure. He had some points here and time has shown them move in the direction he spoke.

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