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01 October 2015


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You do plenty well enough. Glad to have you write here, most of the time. pl

Patrick Bahzad

I think BM's and my comment were not to be taken too seriously either ...

Patrick Bahzad

There are a few pieces on SST that deal extensively with the help given to syrian rebels. Nothing new here.



A Darkh Humor question: Who are the Moderate Jihadis?

A: The queasy ones at a decapitation demonstration.

FB Ali

Moon of Alabama is a site well worth visiting every day. I always find it informative and, often, illuminating.

Thank you for the effort you put into it. I hope you'll keep it up.



One thing you can always be sure of The CIA will arrange to have the better press. pl


b, I can understand your substitution: Moon of Alabama versus Whisky Bar it seemed the obvious change for me at the time. In fact it may have run through my mind too.

Maybe you found your own voice, but this voice never reached billmon's, for the very simply he had many, many questions, and I guess that's why he was attractive, many of us struggled with the many, many questions, while you seem, to the extend I ever looked at your blog; seemed to offer answers. explanations.

I may no doubt do you wrong. That's human isn't it?

Let me repeat: "it was a stupid comment"

But from my own limited perception it has to do with Αισθητική, and/or the basic assumption that no doubt blogs after a while may collect a community. But I do not like it when the community takes over. Besides it reminds me of some other events I watched. And no, I cannot explain it beyond:


My perception is limited no doubt.



"I do not like it when the community takes over" I would love to have someone take over, but only someone I approve of. pl


I can understand that. I am much less sure if it would be the same place after. ;)


thanks, i understand.
just assumed since israel is the jewish state of, by, for only jews, saying jew(s) would be appropriate. and since vast majority of west's jews support the state named for them....


PL, one of the key things I have learned from you is that there is lots of infighting at the high levels of our gov't, and that there is significant rivalry between, for instance, the CIA and DIA. Lots of big egos and ambitions all around. This is the basis of the questions I asked above.

In high tech, some companies will assign different departments the same R&D goals, but each dept. may or may not know it's not the only one working on it. The goal is this is to foster competition to supposedly provide a superior outcome.

Should I assume that something similar is at play here with regards to training to so-called "moderate" rebels? That both the CIA and DoD/Pentagon were competing to do the best job at such? Or was it more of a coordinated and cooperative effort? Or both?


I try not to take anyone or anything too seriously, though I don't always achieve that goal ;)

"To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle." -- George Orwell

different clue


I doubt that Moon of Alabama would have adopted Whiskey Bar's physical screen appearance and style if Billmon had not given overt permission in advance.

(I remembered reading once that Bill Montgomery was some kind of financial analyst for a living. So I felt confident that I just KNEW that
"billmon" stood for "bill-month". Later I learned how wrong I was about that.)


My favorite is the first one. If anyone else has a good answer to this, feel free to share :)

How many jihadis does it take to change a light bulb? Allah them.

How many jihadis does it take to change a light bulb? None, because they want to take everyone to the dark ages.

How many ISIS jihadis does it take to change a light bulb? They keep the light bulb and change the Middle East.

Patrick Bahzad

You're free to have an anti-Israel bias, guess there are plenty of arguments to plead this case. Just don't drift into the antisemitic dribble.

Odin's Raven

My thanks to those who noticed my exuberant little comment.

My ignorance of Arabic grammar leaves me unabashed, particularly as I'm writing English, and even in adopting a foreign word or catchphrase, it would not change someone's name.

However, it seems that the ignorance of some of the cannibal head-choppers fighting under the black banner may not be much less than mine.It is alleged that they don't get their slogan right. Instead of the intended 'Mohammed is the messenger of Allah'. they write 'Allah is the messenger of Mohammed.' Perhaps some unexpected honesty?
Mohammed's seal
'There is another interesting finding in Mohammed’s seal, as it appears on the Islamic State’s flag. The seal incorporates the second part of the Islamic statement of faith (shahada), which reads “Mohammed is the messenger of Allah”, or does it? As a matter of fact, it reads the exact opposite – “Allah is the messenger of Mohammed”! Arabic is read from right to left and from top to bottom, therefore, by observing this rule the writing on the stamp reads: ‘Allah is the messenger of Mohammed’.'

With any luck its the jihadis who will be carried away, now that President Putin appears to have accepted a three months stint as Allah's Appointment Secretary, arranging for these people to have a personal interview a lot sooner than they expected. Maybe HE was displeased by the lack of progress made by the forces of the President who is alleged to be a Muslim, but whose airforce just can't seem to find the terrorists.
'"US and ISIS camps in Syria" The two striking things about the Russian operation are the level of detail provided by Russian officials (unlike the Americans, who try to hide everything as they are rightfully ashamed of the outrages they commit for World Jewry), and the ease with which the Russians are accomplishing military goals which were seemingly beyond the imagination of the great American military machine. How utterly embarrassing to be an American! "Russia inflicted more damage on ISIS in one day than the most powerful and expensive army in the world did in a year" '

As for me being an Israeli, that is really amusing! Thank you for the laugh.Those people may be familiar with Elijah's ravens, Odin's.. not so much.

Less humorously, it is alleged that the Saudi royal family are descended from Jews, and may even be crypto-jews.
More seriously, some say that the latest stampede at the hajj was a cover for a Mossad operation to kidnap Iranian officials, in collaboration with the Saudis, presumably because of differences over Syria.
Mossad at Mecca
Maybe its a Middle Eastern habit to accuse everyone else of being Jews.

Ayatollah Khomeini may have said that 'there is no fun in Islam', but until the cannibals, slavers and head-choppers win, the rest of us may retain a sense of humour, including about Islam.

Babak Makkinejad

Ayatollah Khomeini said: "Islam does not kid with any one..."

We know from both metaphysical ground and empirical grounds that God has a sense of humor: metaphysically since everything must originate from Him and empirically because such as creature as Aardvark exists.


Yes, I was mean, I regret that! Trying to wriggle out of the affair instead of simply admitting: I should have kept my big mouth shut, made matters worse.

I liked billmon's montage/assemblage technique. b, obviously approaches matters pretty differently with a lot more attention on the military. Besides, after all these years ...

Last but not least: our host teaches us to not judge sources the way I did here. Thus sorry b:



With all due respect to all of these learned opinions, we all agree on the red herring of moderate opposition groups. But, so far the Russians (as one would expect) have taken on targets of the most immediate importance to the regime. One effect has been to allow ISIS move into parts of Aleppo and target rebel groups since the pressure is off them for the moment. I'm not sure anyone, including the Russians has a plan for Syria that goes much beyond tomorrow.

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