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18 October 2015


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No, that's what they actually believe. If you tell them they're being manipulated, they call you an evil fascist racist kkkkonservative Hitler and double down on their idiocy.



Well the difference now is that if a priest in full sacraments blessing a US missile the entire Borg/MSM would be screaming full throated ISLAMOPHOBIA GENOCIDE RACIST HITLERS and how this is proof of evil white patriarchy and on and on.

As I said before, the marxists lost the economic war in the West but won the cultural one. However looks like they lost both wars in the East with Russia, and Round II is going to be different.



Gnostics? Too esoteric. Technocrats? Too benign. Neocohens? Too meme culture.

Globalists is benign but you've just gotta infuse it with the right amount of invective. Glad to see how many people around here are beginning to become based.

James Doleman

Very interesting video footage of a Russian/SSA combined arms operation in Syria


different clue


Plutons? Kleptons? The OPOOPOOP? ( One Percent Of One Percent Of One Percent)?


"Globalists" was double plus unbenign for people old enough to remember "Tomorrow the World" - but that is only their intent. By their works ye shall know them --- Havocateurs.

havoc (n.) early 15c., from the expression cry havoc "give the signal to pillage" ... General sense of "devastation" first recorded late 15c.

Paul Escobar


I remember some years ago, when I was in highschool, the news would go on & on about how Russian WMD's could easily enter the black market (and Jihadi hands) through theft or corruption. This was attributed to the poverty and weakness of the Russian state and its institutions.

Fast forward. Look at that article Jack shared above. Look at what's going on in terms of economic warfare. We have politicians and pundits proudly salivating at the prospect of economic meltdown in Russia.

In the event of such a collapse, what do we think desperate & hungry Russians (inevitably led by thugs and warlords)...will do with all that nuclear technology and know-how?




The Syrian Alawites (whom you are presumably rooting for) are in fact one of the last survivals of "Gnosticism".

Please do not confuse them with obama-bot interventionists!




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